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2002 Tour Dates - Passerby

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Total Shows Played in 2002: 34

December 27, 2002 Bum's
with Drew Nix, Towne Adams
Temple, TX

December 18, 2002 Steamboat
with Resident Hero, Wally's Toy
Austin, TX

December 07, 2002 Bum's
with Merit, Isosceles
Temple, TX

November 23, 2002 Southwestern University
with Merit, Three Nails Short
Georgetown, TX

November 22, 2002 1st United Methodist Church
with Merit, Hallow Sky
Temple, TX

November 19, 2002 The Chapel @ UHMB
with Three Nails Short
Belton, TX

November 15, 2002 The Door
with Rosin Sherwood, Suspicious Delicious
Ft. Worth, TX

November 09, 2002 Yetti Polk Park
with Merit, Faded
Belton, TX

November 02, 2002 Fundraiser
with Merit, Stratford
Taylor, TX

November 01, 2002 Steamboat
with Bowling For Soup, Riddlin Kids, Feeding 5000
Austin, TX

October 26, 2002 Bum's
with Lesermor, Drew Nix, Merit
Temple, TX

October 25, 2002 Club Red Letter
with The Shana Strange Band
Garland, TX

October 19, 2002 6 of Clubs
with Slyder, Krave
Austin, TX

October 12, 2002 Temple Homecoming
with 12 Stair Bail, Native Tourist, Stratford, Rusted, Hallow Sky, Faded
Temple, TX

October 11, 2002 The Vibe
with Cinema West, Picasso's Radio, Common Ground
Austin, TX

October 06, 2002 Yetti Polk Park
with Native Tourist
Belton, TX

September 28, 2002 The Vibe
Austin, TX

September 21, 2002 Keys Valley Baptist
with Faded
Belton, TX

September 13, 2002 The Door
with Downtrend, Still Breathing, SubSeven
Ft. Worth, TX

August 23, 2002 Steamboat
with Drill 187
Austin, TX

August 17, 2002 The Vibe
Austin, TX

August 14, 2002 6 of Clubs
with Bowling For Soup, Lesermor
Austin, TX

July 31, 2002 Cutter's
Harker Heights, TX

July 28, 2002 6 of Clubs
with Deadweight
Austin, TX

July 27, 2002 The Door
Battle of the Bands - Won
Ft. Worth, TX

July 17, 2002 The Vibe
with Satellite 9
Austin, TX

July 04, 2002 Bluebonnet Park
McGregor, TX

June 15, 2002 Sallie Mae
Killeen, TX

June 14, 2002 Evangel Temple Church
with 7X, Unseen, Crimson, Rule1, Erased
Waxahachie, TX

June 08, 2002 Confederate Park
with Eric Pasley, Faded
Belton, TX

May 29, 2002 New Covenant Baptist Church
Temple, TX

May 25, 2002 1st United Methodist Church
Temple, TX

May 21, 2002 Firestone's Roof
Waco, TX

May 04, 2002 1st United Methodist Church
Battle of the Bands - Won
Belton, TX

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