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Wisemen Promotions Interview

Dennis: Flyleaf is a very unique band name and really gives know clue to the style and aggression with the bands music. How did the ban come up with that name?
Lacey: A flyleaf is the blank page in the front and back of a book. It is a moment of clarity before the story begins and after its over. It hints at endless possibility.

Dennis: The last year or so has seen Flyleaf traveling and sharing the stages with some amazing bands of great stature and caliber in the music world such as P.O.D., Staind, Taproot, Smile Empty Soul, Saliva and many many more. What has it been like being the new kids on the block performing around artists such as those mentioned?
Lacey: Well, we go in grateful for the open doors and the opportunities. All of the bands we have toured with have been so good to us. They become protective over our small band status and make sure that we are taken care of. We have been blessed to share the stage with each band we've toured with. The experience feels just like you'd think, a dream come true.

Dennis: With so much competition in the music industry, a female lead singer with a harder style band is very unique and rarely seen. How do you think this is both helping gain exposure for the band and at the same time do you face unfair stereotypes?
Lacey: You know I really don't like to think about the fact that I'm a girl in relation to the music industry. I was just a kid who wrote down thoughts to organize her brain and that turned into music, like any other writer or musician... so, I happen to be a girl. I don't consider that part of it really.. It may disappoint some feminists out there that I don't want to harp on women and men being equal. When someone says something I do is better than someone else, male or female, I feel pretty embarrassed. I just do what I do cause that's how God made me. If people like it, cool. I don't think it matters weather I'm a girl or not. I try not to pay attention to people ignorantly turning music into a competition.

Dennis: I recently read an article about the band in HM Magazine and noticed that one of the members said what really makes the band different is your mission; your faith. How does your faith in Jesus play a part of what you do on stage every night?
Lacey: Well, first of all if it wasn't for being saved by Jesus, I would not be alive. I would be dead. Some people say Jesus saved their soul... Well, maybe Jesus saved my soul spiritually, but He also saved my life physically. Every aspect of my life today has to do with the fact that Jesus saved my life. A lot of people have faith in Jesus and have never seen a miracle, and I admire that because that is a strong faith. I guess mine is weaker in a sense because I would never have believed if I hadn't witnessed the miracles I've seen first hand. The thing about our music and our message is that it's honest. Our songs are true stories, and all of them have to do with Jesus, just like all of life has to do with Him.

Dennis: The lyrics are your debut album are amazingly passionate and cries out for the hand of God. In the bio sent from your pr group, I read that you mentioned that you used to be in a negative band and that actually fueled your emptiness. So many teens listen to bands like that and they say because the singer relates to what they are going through it is helping them. How do you think Flyleaf comprehends what the listener is going though and embraces them differently through the lyrical structure?
Lacey: Our music is honest. We are who we are... messed up, dysfunctional sinners that have been loved in spite of our hate. We don't deny that we live in a evil world and that we have been evil people and we have evil tendencies... but we also have touched righteousness through our faith in Christ.. and we have received salvation, hope, and love... So our songs always acknowledge this truth and in turn we hope they bring faith, hope and love into the midst of the selfish, fearful hatred that makes up so much of the world we live in.

Dennis: Lacey, as a beautiful young woman in the spotlight you will have both men and yes, even women throwing themselves at you. How do you feel sexual purity is something important for both Christian and non-Christians?
Lacey: Many kids have experienced sexual abuse in some form or another and it has wounded them deeply and ruined any hope for making sexual purity a goal. If that is the case with someone reading this, and it is still going on then tell someone you can trust and get out of the situation as soon as possible. But also there is healing and restoration. There is a God that loves you and can heal every wound you have and make you new. I'm living proof that God can use the most horrific experience for the greatest good beyond what you could ever imagine. Obviously if you watch any amount of television then what it will tell you is that it is un-cool to have sexual purity or to save yourself for marriage. If you go to public school its the same thing. The part you don't see so often is the cost of having sex out side of God's boundaries. The cost is always death, physically, spiritually or emotionally. Many non- Christians support sexual purity because the whole world has seen the way sex outside of God's boundaries can steal, kill and destroy lives. God didn't give us rules about sex so we could be restricted, but so that we could be free. God made the whole idea up and he says that sex is good. But only within the boundaries that he set for it. We cheapen it to the extreme when we go outside those boundaries. Now most of the people reading this will probably have messed up and many will feel guilty... And if you are a Christian please hear this from someone who has messed up and tried to fix it herself... Don't keep messing up just cause you already did, and don't marry someone just cause you want to have sex or cause you already did. God's mercy is new everyday and you can start over today. Our God is faithful to his word, so pray for self control. And girls, if some guy doesn't have self control in the area of sexual purity for you, that guy is not walking in love. And don't believe that there aren't guys out there who walk in love. Every guy in Flyleaf is waiting for marriage. And even though I've messed up, my commitment is renewed and if God has marriage for me in the future then I will wait until then as well.

Dennis: The depths of the bands music is absolutely incredible! Moments of melodic rhythms and then close to hardcore styling. I can only imagine when you guys are traveling that the combination of music you are listening to is incredible. What is Flyleaf currently listening to?
-The David Crowder Band: A collision (3+4=7)
-Coldplay: X&Y
-U2: How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
-POD: Any
-Chevelle: any
-Cold: A Different Kind of Pain
-Greatness In Tragedy: Self Titled
-Resident Hero: New Ep (songs from their myspace)
-Blindside: About a Burning Fire
-Dredge: Self Titled
-Pedro the Lion: Whole EP

Dennis: With members having bouts with depression, suicidal attempts, and drug addiction, what advice do you give to someone that is fallen into the darkest cave in their life and have feelings of helplessness and chaos?
Lacey: Wow, that's a pretty intense question. I would beg them to choose life. God has put before us life and death and he begs us to choose life... and the fact that he says with the passion of Christ, "I came that you may have life and have it more abundantly" proves to me that He loves us more than we could ever understand. We aren't accidents, we were created on purpose for a purpose. I would say if you have tried everything and nothing's worked, then what do you have to lose in crying out to Jesus? I can tell you that He saved me from depression, suicidal attempts, drug addiction, the darkest cave in my life with feelings of helplessness and chaos. He is the prince of peace, and if you seek him with all your heart you will find him. Just don't give up, because there really is a truth to find, and it is good, and loving.

Dennis: The cover of your album is very different...care to explain?
Lacey: I like it when other people tell me what they think about it.

Dennis: One band, past and present, you would love to share the road with, who would it be and why?
Lacey: I would love to tour with POD again cause they really are warriors and so are we. It was the height of encouragement to find brothers on the same mission we are. It would be great to tour with U2 because they have a bazillion fans and we are 5 of them.

* Source: Wisemen Promotions.

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