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Video Information

Breathe Today

- Directed by Dave Garcia.
- Shot on Halloween / October 31, 2004.
- The bathtub scene represents baptism.
- The water had 'Hollywood dirt' in it. It was also quite freezing.
- Lacey got an 'instant ear infection' after going under the water.

I'm So Sick

- Directed by The Brothers Strause.
- Shot in early January 2006.
- Lacey's arm says 'My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge', which is from Hosea 4:6.
- The centipede Jared worked with in the video is named 'Shithead'.
- The lens flare effect used throughout the video was done with mirrors and flashlights.
- The stuff Pat squeezes into the water is ink.

Fully Alive

- Directed by The Brothers Strause.
- Shot on June 21-22, 2006 in Los Angeles.
- Fuse and MTV2 aired a 'Making of' special for the video.

All Around Me

- Directed by Paul Fedor.
- Shot in early May 2007.
- Premiered on Fuse on June 26, 2007.


- Directed by Jake Davis.
- Shot on April 2nd, 2008 at the St. George Theatre on Staten Island.
- Premiered on MTV2 on April 26, 2008.


- Directed by Meiert Avis.
- Shot in early August 2009.
- Premiered on MTV2 at midnight on September 29, 2009.
- Features Pat's woodcuts in the background of the band performance shots.

Beautiful Bride

- Directed by Don Tyler.
- Shot in early August 2009.
- Premiered around the US at the Road To Memento Mori listening parties, and later on Yahoo on the day of MM's release.
- The bride in the video is April Bhattacharya, Sameer's wife.
- The groom in the video is Joshua Sturm, Lacey's husband.
- Features Pat's woodcuts heavily in the video.


- Directed by Diane Martel.
- Shot January 12, 2010.
- Premiered on March 19, 2010 in the USA.
- Shot in Los Angeles, California.

New Horizons

- Directed by Don Tyler.
- Premiered on September 4, 2012 on Fuse.TV.

Call You Out

- Directed by Brad Scott.
- Premiered on December 6, 2012 on Vevo.

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