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TVU Live Phone Interview

TVU Live: Lacey's on the phone. Lacey, girl where you calling me from?
Lacey: Right now I'm at the band house.

TVU Live: Excuse me? So what exactly is this band house?
Lacey: This is where...actually its James's house. And we play in his garage. So its where everyone hangs out really.

TVU Live: The last time as I recall we talked to you guys you were a little nervous because you were afraid you might not get to record a full length CD. For the first time ever, I wanna know, are you recording the new CD?
Lacey: Yeah, we're leaving Saturday, which is tomorrow? We're leaving Saturday to go to Los Angeles, and record for almost two months I think?

TVU Live: I'm really seriously pumped about it. I love the EP and wait let me just toss in, available at shop.tvulive.com. It was our number one seller last month. Speaking of the EP and stuff, we're playing a new song down at radioU. What is that song called?
Lacey: Red Sam?

TVU Live: Yeah that's it. Tell me a little bit about that.
Lacey: It's kinda personal, some of the stuff about it. But its really just about how I got saved, how I got like, I don't know... I guess when I was 16, before that I was Atheist, and then I had all these things. Like I was really just kinda studying to figure out what the truth was, I guess. Then my grandpa was really, well he was having a heart attack at that time, like his 12th heart attack that he had. So I was really upset, and it was like right about that time when I guess God brought me to a place where I didn't have anything or anybody and it was the only way that I was ever going to look up and see that the only thing constant and the only thing I could depend on was God. And that's when all these supernatural things happened, and he like showed me that he was real and that he really loved me and that he wanted to do something different with my life and thats why I was alive. And so thats when I got saved. And that's kinda what that's about.

TVU Live: Lacey, that's an amazing story. Thank you so much for sharing that. I dont wanna be totally shallow, but I gotta change subjects on you. I gotta ask. A lot of guys around here refer to you as cute, hot, flaming hot, super hot, you know there's a lot of adjectives being tossed your way. And I gotta know, do they have any chances? Are you still single?
Lacey: Actually, I have a boyfriend that I've had for like three years almost now.

TVU Live: Well now, with that statement alone you've broken roughly a hundred hearts.
Lacey: Well, he's the drummer too so broken hearts there too probably. Hah.

TVU Live: I see. So the ladies and the gents are all outta luck on this one. Now, we've got this whole Flyleaf February blah giveaway on TVU. And one of the things, the grand prize is gonna be a guitar, supposedly signed by...is it really signed by you?
Lacey: It will be signed by me, that's right. If you get it, it will be my signature on there.

TVU Live: And it's not just someone that signs it like, oh yeah, you know, it's like their job or something.
Lacey: Well we do have this uh, sweat shop, we have, that signs things since we have so many fans. No, no, no, I'm just joking. No, it's me. It'd be me.

TVU Live: Well you heard it here first, Flyleaf supports immigrant labor, and child labor camps there. I promised you stuff you've never heard before.

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