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Chart TW LW Peak
Top Christian Albums 18 18 1
Hard Rock Albums 23 22 2


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The First Page

Indulge me, dear reader. Lets play a guessing game.

Think of a band. Think of a rock band. Think of a rock band from the south end of the USA, with openly Christian values and a female vocalist.

Youre thinking of Evanescence, arent you?

Well, if youre up on current events, you could also be thinking of Flyleaf. But dont feel bad if you werent. Pretty much every music journalist that Flyleaf guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya has ever spoken to has cast up Amy Lees outfit at some point in the conversation.

Yeah, comparisons to them I think weve heard them so much that we just dont hear them anymore. Its kinda like your mom telling you to clean your room. After a while all you hear is bwah bwah bwah bwah, he says, perhaps slightly wearied.

Flyleaf has existed, in one form or another, for the last four years, but they didnt always go by that moniker.

Weve been through a few band names, Bhattacharya laughs. Were on our third. Well, our first band name just wasnt any good, so Im not gonna mention it at all. We only had that one a couple of weeks. We didnt really have any big shows, we played parking lots or whatever.

Then, after that, our name was Passerby which we thought was a great name. I guess someone else thought it was a great name too, because it was taken! So they were trying to sue us for a little bit. So we ended up as Flyleaf.

A flyleaf is a blank page in a book. To us, what it represented was the clarity before the story began and after it ends and you have the story in the middle.


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