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Female-fronted Flyleaf sends out a sincere message

By CRAIG LAUE, For Pulse

No one would argue that rock is a male-dominated genre. Unfortunately, very few female-fronted groups make a dent in the rock scene. But one band out of Temple, Texas is starting to get noticed --- and remind everyone that a woman can be just as edgy and perhaps more powerful at the mike than a lot of men. That group, led by Lacey Mosely, is Flyleaf.

With only a couple spins of the group's debut single "I'm So Sick," the phone lines lit up --- listeners were wondering who was responsible for this extremely crunchy bass riff, thrashing guitars and a gut-wrenching scream that could peal paint off the walls. Many of today's pop-princesses think they rock (Ashlee, Avril, the list goes on) but they are no match for Mosely when it comes to vocal passion.

Signing with Octane Records in January 2004, Mosely, along with Sameer Bhattacharya and Jared Hartmann on guitars, James Culpepper on drums, and Pat Seals on bass, wanted to fuse many different elements to create a unique sound the group could call its own. They rolled up anger, passion, sadness and love into a musical ball for all to sample and enjoy. This Texas force believes there needs to be substance in its musical journey, or what's the point? According to Mosely, Flyleaf's message is one of hope --- that obstacles can be overcome. It's passionate and on purpose, a refreshing statement to hear from such young people who on the surface seem angry, but deep down are sincere.

Working in the studio in the summer of 2004 with producer Rick Parasher (Pearl Jam, Default, Alice In Chains), Flyleaf put its energetic and addictive stage show on tape for an EP, then hit the road with Trust Company, Saliva, Staind and Earshot, winning over audiences everywhere it went.

After touring, the crew once again hit the studio in Los Angeles to create their self-titled debut. Remixing most of the EP's songs, Flyleaf crafted a new batch of songs with producer Howard Benson. The experience of a fast-paced tour certainly helped fuel the creative process. Twenty new tracks were born, which had to be cut down to 12. While most artists spend months if not close to a year recording, this group spent only two intense months working out an excellent collection of material. Each song has quite a bit of substance, and even the group's name has meaning. Mosely explains that a flyleaf is a blank page in the front of a book that most people use as the dedication page. You write a message to the person receiving the book, and that's what Flyleaf wants to do with its music.

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