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The Hot Seat with Lacey

Belton, Texas rock quintet Flyleaf first made a name for themselves in their home state, playing at whatever venues would have them and eventually opening for acts like Bowling for Soup and Riddlin' Kids. Lead singer Lacey Mosely's scorching vocals and dark lyrics soon got the band noticed outside of Texas, and they released their self-titled debut late last year. Mosely recently took time out from touring to talk to mtvU's Hot Seat about wrestling sharks, Kiss and her favorite bit of Biblical wisdom.

Q & A with Lacey from Flyleaf

Q: Tell us about your craziest touring experience.
A: I was asleep on top of the equipment in the back of the van as we were driving through a blizzard in Colorado. Our tour manager Gabriel, who was driving, yelled "Somebody pray!" and at that moment our van slid off the side of the mountain. We were stranded in the middle of the snow storm for four days and eventually we had to eat Gabriel to survive. Now we have a new tour manager, Scottyrock, who would never let us fall off the side of a mountain in a blizzard. This is a true story. P. S. This isn't entirely true.

Q: What type of college class would you most want to take and why?
A: SCUBA Diving class, because I like to wrestle rabid venomous sharks.

Q: What city in America is the most fun to visit and why?
A: Belton, Texas. There's no place like home.

Q: What's some of the best advice you were ever given?
A: Jesus to the Pharisees, "Go and learn what this means, I desire mercy, not sacrifice." - Matthew 9:13

Q: What's in heavy rotation in your mp3/CD player right now?
A: Sergei Rachmaninoff, P.O.D., David Crowder, U2, Coldplay.

Q: The last good book you read or TV show you're addicted to?
A: Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller

Q: What's the first concert you ever saw and how was it?
A: Kiss, it was terrifying because I was three years old

Q: What are three items you can't live without on tour?
A: My glasses, books, Pat's old beard (he keeps it in his pocket)

Q: Who are your major musical influences?
A: Phil Anselmo (Pantera), Brandon Boyd (Incubus), Zach De La Rocha (Rage), Kurt Cobain (Nirvana).

Q: Any random messages or tips you'd like to give to mtvU watchers?
A: "We're not perfect, just forgiven." - P.O.D., "If It Wasn't For You."

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