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HM Magazine Interview

Interviewer: How beneficial/important do you think it is that you are in Texas?
Lacey: Being in Texas is important because our families are here. It's also warm most of the year in Texas and we like to wake board.

Interviewer: What is the scene like here?
Lacey: The music scene in Austin is cool with bands like Skylar Blue, American Ocean, our own band and lots of great bands that started there like Greatness in Tragedy, Resident Hero and lots of others. The scene is sort of dwindling with a lot of bands working the area until it's done and then moving off to places with more people. Of course festivals like South by Southwest are huge attention getters and usually pretty successful with attracting label, management and legal interest (as it did for us). There are always lots of blues bands that try to emulate the late Stevie Ray Vaughn and such. Dallas music scene is developing really fast with bands like Choris Romance, The Feds, The Vanished, Envoy and Radient. The new music festival here is getting really big and widely known. This is where our band got the final go ahead to be signed by our label, Octone. We really love Houston, though we haven't gotten connected as well with that scene except for a couple bands we know like Paris Green and Blue October. We have fallen in love with the kids there. They are the most devoted and special group of people out of all the places we play.

Interviewer: Explain the name Flyleaf.
Lacey: Flyleaf is the blank page in the front and back of a book. There are a couple different meanings. One being that a flyleaf is a dedication page, where the author or person who gives you a book writes a personal message and that is what our songs are basically; a personal message. We also like to call the flyleaf 2 moments of clarity. One right before the story begins (or before you're born), and right after it ends (or after you die). That's what our songs are as well; moments of clarity.

Interviewer: Please give a brief history of the band.
Lacey: We have been together about three years now. We met through church and going to local rock shows. We have played hundreds of shows in small local clubs and churches and recently have gotten to go on three tours with the bands Trust Company, Breaking Benjamin and Saliva. We always get questions about why we play with secular bands like we do and the answer is we all have the same calling and that's to not keep our light hidden under the bowl of an already lit community. It's like saying 'don't preach to the choir'. There are lots of other great bands that are called only to the Christian world and we happen to be called to both.

Interviewer: Please describe your sound.
Lacey: Rock. Heavier, darker rock. The sound corresponds with the story in the song, and usually feels pretty urgent. It might be sad and soft, or in love and pretty, or victorious and loud, or very angry and screaming.

Interviewer: How did you hook up with Octone?
Lacey: We played South by Southwest and we were seen by our lawyer, a BMI rep and Devra Wright from RCA. Devra tried to get the president of RCA to come see us for months. Finally we decided that we would just drive up to New York ourselves and play for him. We had saved like $1000 from shows and it would be just enough for a week stay. Right before we left an anonymous person from our church gave us an extra thousand dollars saying on a note that God wanted us to have the extra money. So we played the show for RCA and they just told us to keep writing. What we didn't know was that the president of Octone Records had been invited secretly to our showcase and fell in love with us immediately. After he found out what RCA said, James Deiner called our lawyer to tell her he was interested in us. We were already in New Jersey on our way home when she called us and told us not to drive any further. So we stayed at a truck stop and slept in our van for two days waiting for news about a showcase for Octone Records. The call finally came and we went back to New York and did the showcase for Octone having just enough money to afford another week in New York with our God given extra thousand dollars. Everything else is history.

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