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Grassroots Music Magazine

"I think the easiest way to change your life is for everything to go totally wrong," declares Lacey Mosley, lead vocalist for Texas-based hard rockers, Flyleaf. If everything turns out to be inconsistent, if everything you live for is taking away your only choice is to not want to live anymoreor to change. That is what happened to me. I lost everything that I woke up for each day; everything that was, This is who I am.

Lacey says she walked through some dark alleys on her journey to faith, alleys strewn with drug abuse and family relation breakdowns. When the situation became intolerable, she packed up her things and left.

"At that moment, I was an atheist, she confesses. I was annoyed with the hypocrisy, but that is so clich. But after a supernatural experience that forced me to believe in God, it was like a light went off. It was, wow, the hypocrisy is not who God is; its who we are. Everybody is screwed up. It was grace that taught me about Gods love. It taught me that if God loves me, He must have made me for a reason. And I wanted to find out what that is.

Familial reconciliation is just one of the benefits Lacey credits to her rebirth. Another is the huge buzz that her band, Flyleaf is generating in both the Christian and mainstream market, although she downplays her part in the bands success.

Im just in the van, and its hot, and were driving fourteen hours to play our next a show, she says of the glamorous rock star lifestyle. The God part is why we do what we do. If we credit it to anything else it would just be silly. The fact that we have come this far is just a miracle.

Were marketed in the Christian market on TVU, and were on Christian Rock radio which is still pretty underground, she adds. But were not on any Christian tours. Were totally on secular tours. And thats cool. We want to be available to both markets. It is important to us to be out there where people are hurting. Our music is hard and while the lyrics have a positive message, but it is still about real life. The dark parts seem so much more accessible to folks who dont have a perfect life. In our songs the dark parts are just as upfront as the hopefullness. We want to be a light in a dark place.

Lacey points to a recent tour Flyleaf was on as a prime example. The band we toured with has songs against a lot of things that we believe in, she says. They are against Christianity. They dont believe in God, and they are outspoken about it. But they got to see us as people. We got to be friends with them. It was good for us and it was good from them too.

This fall Flyleaf heads out on a tour with Cold, STAIND, POD and Taproot. But they have also opened for Evanescence (with whom they are inevitably, and favorably, compared) and Blindside as well as toured with Saliva, 12 Stones and 3 Doors Down.

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