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Get In Magazine with Jared

We understand Flyleaf has been around for some time now, once going under the name Passerby in Belton, Texas. How did you all come to meet each other, and what was the music scene like in Texas? Did you ever participate in the big Texas festivals such as South by Southwest or Austin City Limits?

We all met at different times, I met Sameer at my sisters piano recital when I was thirteen. We talked about star wars and we became really good friends.  My mom kind of forced me and my friends to hang out with him but it worked out great. Pat and James knew each other from high school and they were in different bands that played shows together.  James had met Lacey from being in his band and she would open for bands acoustically.  So at different times all of our bands broke up and James and Lacey had started playing together and they found a bass player. Shortly following the band that Sameer and I were in broke up, so Lacey called me to play guitar and we joined the band.  After two bass players and 5 months of writing we found Pat and the band was finally done forming.  We toured around Texas for about a year and a half just playing as much as we could.  We first got noticed at South by Southwest and about 6 months after that we got signed.

From sultry vocals, to bottom of the lungs screaming, what steps do you take to prepare your voice before each show?  

Well I dont sing but Lacey does a pre show warm up most of the time which she learned from a vocal coach while we recorded the album. She usually drinks throat coat or honey water too.

Does the band as a whole have a pre-show ritual?

Before we go on stage we stretch and we come together and go over our set if something has changed, and then we pray for our show.

Last years Family Values tour was the first time many future Flyleaf fans heard your tunes. How has this year been different since last? What is the best part about being part of Family Values?

This years Family Values tour was different because going into the tour we knew most of the crew from the previous year which made everything familiar.  It was like getting to hang out with friends at a summer camp or something like that.  The best part about being apart of the FV tour is being able to play with great bands and getting to play in front of people who might not come see us normally.

You have graced the stage with such bands as Korn, The Deftones, Staind, and many other top-notch bands. If you could put together your own tour, what acts would you want to bring along?  

Earlier this year we got to bring a band called Fair to Midland on tour with us and they are incredible.  Unfortunately Lacey had voice complications so the tour ended early but I would love to tour with them again.  Another band is Dizmas we have gone on tour with them before but its always fun having them out.

What's your favorite story/prank while traveling on the road? What is the most desired or sought after item on the tour bus? Do you enjoy life on the road or is it more tiresome than fun?  

My favorite pranks while being on the road would have to be the battle between our tour manager Scotty and our friends Resident Hero.  Let me give a little background; RH had just played for some record labels at a show in NYC, so they had been expecting a call to hear some feedback a couple days later. So at this show while they were playing Scotty found their phones and switched their managers number with his number, but he left the names the same. So Scotty sent them a text saying that some label had taken the bait and that she (their manager) would call them soon with details.  Well after the show they see the text message and are excited and it just so happens that most of their families came to the show that night, so they told their families and everyone was excited.  Then they found out that Scotty had did it and that ruined the night. 

I guess the most sought after item on our bus would be milk and water because we always run out of those.

I enjoy life on the road for the most part. My wife travels with us so it makes it easier.  After awhile it can get tiring, but at this end of the tour my wife and I are moving into our first house together so that is exciting!

Earlier this year you were in Australia, how did the fans react to you in the outback? Do fans react differently depending on the country? If so, please explain how and where you feel the most welcome.  

The fans in Australia were greatI think we made a lot out there.  Everyone was really laid back and care free which was cool.  There was a lot of dancing too which you dont see a lot of in other places.  I do believe fans react differently depending on the country, for example in Japan the fans were very courteous.  We played in front of 14,000 people at like 11am which was pretty awesome.  Every time Lacey spoke it was silent and they listened very intently and they wouldnt cheer until it was quiet or Lacey had stopped speaking.  I think the place where we feel the most welcome is in the Southern States.

All of your music tells a story, and express emotions about certain life events. How does the music making come about? Where does it all start? For Flyleaf, do the lyrics or does the melody come first?

Most of the songs we have written come from either personal or stories from other peoples lives.  As for what comes first its different all the time a song could come from a guitar riff or just from lyrics.  We dont have a set formula for writing songs but Lacey writes most of the lyrics and we all contribute to the music.  Its everyones chance to put in their opinion and their style to a song.

What is the best part of making music? Are live shows the tops or is the songwriting process the pinnacle? What inspires Flyleafs songs?

Well live shows and songwriting work together we like to play new songs live because thats how we figure out if they feel right.  The thing that inspires all of Flyleafs songs at the core is Jesus.  Whether its a personal experience or hearing about someone elses experience, there is always a message of hope or love.  The most satisfying part is knowing that these songs are helping people.

Is there anything to report about a new album?

As of now I have nothing to report about a new album except that we are writing new songs and that we really want to record soon.

Anything you want to tell your fans? Thank you and your letters and stories really encourage us to keep doing what we do.


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