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German Interview

How do you feel after the work on the CD?

Pat: After the work on the album, I was happy to get back on the road and play the shows I feel that the live approach is our bands truest and most urgent form of expression. I was glad to get back to that and away from the tedious, although enriching recording process.

Are you happy with the result?

Sameer: As it happens with most records that are produced, there were musical compromises that were made for some of the songs, but it never compromised the message.

Working in the studio was very interesting and I think we all learned a lot. I could nit-pick all day about musical parts I would have wanted to see in the record, but sonically as a whole I am pleased with it how it turned out.

As far as the result of it as a record that people are listening to its really been humbling. The record has really been speaking to people at the place we were when we were writing the songs. They are feeling the desperation and urgency and even more important, the Hope that can be found there.

How where the reactions on the CD so far?

Pat: The reactions were better than we could have asked for or imagined many of our fans have told us how much the songs meant to them and how our record positively affected their mood or even the way they view life. Its very rewarding knowing that someone draws hope out of the music it is reassurance that we arent making it in vain.

From where you take the energy?

Sameer: The energy of the songs comes from the message in the lyrics which is urgent. Its a message of hope in a world full of hopelessness. Its a message saying that there is a greater Love to be sought.

What are you planning for future?

Pat: We have a tour in the states in Nov.\Dec. with Disturbed and Stone Sour.

Did you enjoy the concerts you played in June in germany?

Sameer: Very much so! I dont believe that we could have asked for a better time. The German audience are amazing and it was our privilege to be able to perform for them. The way they embraced us right away really impressed all of us.

Will you be in germany for playing concerts the next time?

Pat: At this point, our schedule is up in the air we will come back to Germany as soon as we can, definitely.

You have a message for the german fans?

Pat: Thank you very much for listening to us and being so appreciative. It means a great deal to our band ---

Sameer: Thank you very much for even giving us a chance. Were just a bunch of kids from small towns that Fate decided to place us here. I hope you all feel the Hope we do There is something to look forward to.

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