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Flyleaf Aren't Diva Rockers Yet They Love Making Videos

After shooting their second video last week, Flyleaf would like to officially debunk a rock-world myth.

"Everyone says videos are not fun to do, but ours are always fun," bassist Pat Seals said. "Maybe we're privileged."

Or maybe the band's just been lucky enough to find the right chemistry with a director right off the bat. Flyleaf have, after all, shot both of their videos for "I'm So Sick" and the upcoming second single "Fully Alive" with the Brothers Strause, the team behind Linkin Park's "Crawling" and Nickelback's "How You Remind Me."

"Most definitely," Seals confirmed. "Everyone on that crew is just really, really cool."

In following up "I'm So Sick," the Brothers Strause wanted to show Flyleaf in another elaborate setting or "create iconic imagery to match the song's message of rebirth and rejuvenation," as they wrote in their treatment but tell more of a story this time.

"The band is playing in this garden-type place, and there's a statue set up of [Flyleaf singer] Lacey [Mosley]," Seals explained. "And as the video progresses, the statue kind of crumbles, and Lacey climbs her way into where the rest of us are playing and eventually replaces herself as the statue and comes to life, so to speak. It's like a metaphor for what the song is about."

"Fully Alive," which Flyleaf wrote in an hour "It wasn't a toiling song," Seals said is inspired by former Trust Company singer Kevin Palmer's wife, Layla, who is now in the band Amity Lane with Kevin.

"She was faced with something pretty adverse, and she still found strength to be happy and be uplifted and full of life in the face of that," Seals said, choosing not to elaborate. "It was just a really powerful thing. I guess, kind of through that, the statement of the song is just enjoy what you have. You know, don't take it for granted. And be thankful for just being alive."

That's not much of a challenge for Flyleaf at the moment, considering the band's been riding high since "I'm So Sick" took off (see "Flyleaf Embrace Family Values, P.O.D.'s Christian Mantra"). Now the group is about to leave for the Family Values Tour (see "Korn Resurrect Family Values Tour With Deftones, Stone Sour").

"Deftones are probably my favorite band, so I'm very stoked," Seals said. "We all have a lot of respect for the bands that are going to be there, and it's going to be the biggest thing that we've been a part of. ... We'll be a little bit more out of our element, but I think it's gonna be really good. It's gonna be a chance to hopefully make some new fans."

Flyleaf will likely keep touring through the rest of the year, but they're already starting to write songs for their next record.

"It's pretty sporadic, but we've been fortunate these past couple of months to actually write some more songs," Seals said. "We got about three songs finished. We don't have 'em in the set quite yet, but we're not totally blinding ourselves to the next record. I think now, when it's not, like, a demand time, we're trying to get into really creative ideas. And when it is time to pay the piper, we won't be empty-handed."

Corey Moss


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