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From Death To Life

When lead singer Lacey Mosely of Flyleaf took time from her busy schedule after the 2006 Gospel Music Awards, Brio knew she would have some awesome things to say. Take a look at how Lacey came to understand Gods grace and how you, too, can share His love with others.

Brio: How did Flyleaf get started?
Lacey: About 10 years ago a band started called Unveiled. Our drummer, James, was their keyboard player. They had a fan base that grew in their town, and Pat, our bass player, and Jared, our guitar player, [admired] the band. They started their own bands, and they went to shows. It was a good way to get the youth together in our community. All the old bands ended up breaking up, but new bands started. And eventually our band got together.

How did you get in the picture?
I was working at Family Christian Stores, and I was going to a Bible study where the manager of our store went. I met this guy there who watched me play a song on the guitar. He was a manager for some different bands, and he said that if I stayed home in Texas instead of going to college my senior year, he would manage me. I stayed and played, and thats how I found out about Unveiled. I was running my own home day care right before we got signed, but I quit doing that.

How would you describe Flyleafs music?
Our music has to do with life and death. It has do to with our purpose. There are so many kids out there who are hurting. They dont know why theyre waking up every day. Theyre trying to find out who they are and how to deal with the pressure to please the people around them. Its a lot to deal with, and they get depressed. I dont want to make music that sugarcoats the way life is. I dont want to ignore that bad stuff happens, we get sad and were confused. We struggle, we mess up and we hurt. Our families are sometimes messed up. The point of our music is that yes, this stuff happens, but it makes us stronger.

Did you know about God growing up?
My mom always talked about God, but the struggles that we went through pushed me so far that I didnt believe there was a loving God. I didnt want anything to do with what my mom had talked about. I wanted to establish that I had my own [identity].

I was anti-Christian. I never saw anything attractive in the people who said they were Christians. All I saw from Christianity among the people was judgment and hypocrisy. I didnt feel acceptance from people. I didnt feel loved. I didnt see grace at all.

When I understood grace, it made me believe in a loving God. I saw God chasing me and loving me through the events in my life. I was ready to give up. God showed himself in that moment, and I experienced Him as a personal God. For the first time, I was in His presence. I understood who I was and how imperfect the love that I thought I had from my boyfriend and family members was. Gods love is so much beyond what I could have imagined.

What advice would you give a teen girl who may be around those who are anti-Christian every day?
You need to know what you believe and why. If youre trying to defend your faith to somebody who doesnt share it, then you have to give a solid answer. [When I was in high school,] I could never get a good answer from anyone. At the end of a conversation, if someone had given me good answers, even if it was an argument, Id go home and think about it. God is gracious, and Hes merciful. I needed someone to tell me, Its OK if youve made a mistake. God knows your heart, and you can stand up and start over. Jesus came in the world to save it. He came to bring salvation.

Laceys Favorites
Pizza toppings: olives and tomatoes
Place to visit: Israel
Music: David Crowder Band and P.O.D.
Place to shop: used book stores


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