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Fasion 18 with Sameer

FASHION18: Major inspiration for this album?
Sameer Bhattacharya: Just life. There are a lot of negative and intense things that go on in our lives that a lot of people would lose hope in, but there is always hope to be found.

F18: A lot of your influences come from God and faith. Do you classify yourselves as a religious band?
S.B.: It is hard to classify yourself. People are going to put you wherever they want to put you, but God does play a very important part in where we find our inspiration.

F18: Whats it like being part of the Family Values Tour?
S.B.: Its amazing! Its so cool to be on tour with bands like Korn and Deftonesthese are bands we grew up listening to. To say we have done this is a surreal thing. At first it was pretty intimidating, but when you actually go up and talk to them you realize they are actually pretty cool guys.

F18: Have you always wanted to make music professionally?
S.B.: I havent always wanted to do it professionally, but it has always been a part of my life. Music plays a very important role in my life. I never really thought I could do it for a living and it still hasnt hit me yet that this is what I do. Because this is what I love to do it doesnt really feel like a job.

F18: How did you all come together to form Flyleaf?
S.B.: We all grew up in the same area in Texas and we all went to the same youth group together.

F18: Where did you get the name Flyleaf?
S.B.: Flyleaf is the blank page at the beginning of a book. For us it signifies the clarity at birth and then the story or journey of life and then clarity at death.

F18: What song on this album has the most meaning to you?
S.B.: I would have to say So I Thought. There is a lot of growth that I equate with this song. The song is about growing up. I grew a lot in the time in my life when I wrote that song so it has a lot of meaning to me.

F18: Major musical influences?
S.B.: Oh wow. Tough question! There are so many amazing musicians that influence me. I guess I would have to say U2, Our Lady Peace and Sigur Rs have all had a major impact on my musical talents.

F18: Describe the bands personal style.
S.B.: The cool thing about our band is that we all have our own style. We all come from different musical influences, backgrounds and walks of life. We really span the spectrum of life and that lends to all our individual styles.

F18: You worked with Dave Navarro on the last album. What was that like?
S.B.: Yeah! He played on There For You. We never actually got the chance to meet him. He was at the studio when they were mixing the record. I guess he heard the song and really liked it and ended up playing a little riff in the background parts. I was totally flattered and surprised at the same time because its Dave Navarro. So it was pretty amazing for us!

F18: Fave karaoke song?
S.B.: Well, Lacey does this Mariah Carey song that is always fun to hear her sing, but I dont know the name of it. As for me, I dont like to sing when people can hear me, so no karaoke for me.

F18: One thing youd want if stranded on a desert island?
S.B.: Probably my bible.

F18: Whats on your iPod?
S.B.: Travis, Hillsong United, Radioheads entire catalogue, U2, Sigur Rs, Our Lady Peace, Jimmy Eat World, Arcade Fire, Flaming Lips The list goes on and on!


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