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Domain Cleveland with Lacey

Francis Petruziello: So what's it like from being an underground band in Texas to being on the Family Values tour with Korn, Deftones and Stone Sour?

Lacey Mosley: It's pretty overwhelming, you know.

F.P.: How have the fans reacted to your material?

L.M.: Assumingly they're acting very well, there's a lot of kids that seem to know our songs.

F.P.: Do you think you'll get the same reaction tonight here in Cleveland?

L.M.: We've been to Ohio so many times; it's one of our favorite places to play.

F.P.: What made you think of the songs for your album like "All Around Me" and "I'm So Sick?"

L.M.: "I'm So Sick" is about you know our world can be a messed up place and nothing's gonna change until we recognize it and "All Around Me" is a love song.

F.P.: Do you get like a different reaction from secular fans as opposed to the Christian radio fans with your music?

L.M.: Yeah. (laughs)

F.P.: Do you consider yourselves a Christian rock band or just a really good modern rock band with positive music?

L.M.: I wouldn't call it positive as much as much you know; I would say Christian because a lot of people consider our music hopeful and intense.

F.P.: What inspires you to write music, do you have any favorite artists growing up that really got you involved or what not?

L.M.: There's a lot of different influences from in our band, everybody has different influences, and I grew up listening to Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pantera.

F.P.: Being interested in early '90s alternative and rock, were you excited when you had Dave Navarro guest on your album?

L.M.: Yeah, we freaked out a little bit, it was unbelievable when we heard it on the final version and Dave Navarro played on "There For You" and it's so weird because at first I didn't recognize it was him, we were just thinking it was some guitar player and well that sounded crappy and then we we're like whoa shit.

F.P.: You guys weren't in the studio together; he just laid out the guitar licks and then sent them to you guys?

L.M.: What happened was he was in the studio when they were mixing our record.

Hal Schroeder: It wasn't like a set up deal, he just got into it?

L.M.: Yeah

H.S.: Wow, that's really awesome.

F.P.: Who would you like to work in the studio with instead of having them send in some licks?

L.M.: I have a friend who sang on one of the songs of our record, he's a singer from this band Resident Hero, his name is Ryan (White) we'd like to work with him again and Dimebag (Darrel) if he were alive.

F.P.: Rest in peace.

L.M.: There's a lot of them like Under Oath.

F.P.: What do you guys plan on doing after Family Values?

L.M.: We're gonna go to Japan and do a festival with Der En Grey and then go to Germany with Stone Sour.

F.P.: Kind of like a wrap-around with some of the bands you're here with tonight.

L.M.: Right, they're real cool guys.

H.S.: I find in Japan, I've seen like footage of Fuji festivals and stuff and those dudes go crazy man.

L.M.: Cool, I've never been.

H.S.: I haven't either, I've just seen it.

F.P.: Will Japan and Germany be your first tours outside the United States?

L.M.: We did a couple of clubs; we did the smaller clubs in France.

F.P.: Do you guys like the smaller club atmosphere or do you like something like this?

L.M.: They both have the same points, but I like open air playing under the sky.


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