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Christian Music Planet with Lacey

Christian Music Planet: Flyleaf is very unique name. How did you decide on it? What were some other names that didn't work?
Lacey Mosley: We decided on this name ultimately because we all liked what it meant: a blank page in the front and back of a book And the name Flyleaf wasn't trademarked, by some miracle. Some names that didn't work were embarrassing: Listen, Alien Halo, Wake, Tall Grass.

CMP: What is the most inspiring fan experience you have had that confirmed that Flyleaf is where you need to be right now?
Mosley: I am not going to betray the confidence of the beautiful people who have written me letters saying [things like], This music saved my life; I didn't commit suicide, I am reading the Bible for myself to find out what it says or I am addicted to self-destructive behavior, but when I listen to your music, I feel like I can stop. But its those letters and conversations that make us know that we have to keep going for now. Its not our responsibility to save people, but knowing that God is doing that through us somehow saves us back, too.

CMP: How do you stay spiritually and personally centered while you are on the road?
Mosley: We have our personal time with God and then, every day, our band meets to talk about that. Sometimes we all talk and sometimes one of us will have more to say than everyone else. We pray together every day and will sing worship songs if we have time. That is one of the most beautiful sounds to me: our whole band singing worship together.

CMP: Have you bumped into many Christians while out on tour?
Mosley: Christians are hard to find on the road. But I love seeing someone all by themself worshipping while we play, even though the guy next to him is flipping us off. That is the most beautiful picture of someone lost in love with God. That changes me for the better somehow and I know it changes the atmosphere I love those kids at our shows. None of them judge us and we don't judge them. There is so much opportunity for God to do his thing when we get out of the way. I saw on BBC news someone holding up a sign that said, "God abhors you." I was so ashamed that the news lady was saying, Christian conservatives oppose ... The whole world looks at this and associates Christians with hate. The only way that will change is if we stand up and love. That's why I got saved: because I was loved. Not because some ignorant, self-righteous person said God hates me.


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