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Christian Music Planet with Lacey

CMP: What has it been like to be on tour with P.O.D.?
Lacey: It has been really cool; they are really great to us. There are ups and downs because we are such a small, nobody kind of band. We just had our record come out and we dont have a lot of money so we have our tour manager, our driver and our merchandise girl. They have a drum tech, a guitar tech, a stage manager, production manager, tour manager, driver, merch person, etc.

CMP: But Howard Benson produced your album and Dave Navarro makes a guest appearance. You cant be that small of a band!
Lacey: No. Let me tell you, it was a complete fluke. Everything that has happened has been a miraculous door opening and we recognize that. We are just a small band. We have been together three and a half years. We toured Texas for our first few years and then we played South by Southwest (an independent music festival held in Austin, Texas), which is right near our hometown. When we played South by Southwest, a music lawyerwho heard our music from a friend from high schoolwas there. She was so excited about our music. She knew our manager, who knows all these people. I think we got Howard Benson from her.

CMP: Did he hook you up with Dave Navarro?
Lacey: He (Benson) was in the studio mixing our record and Dave Navarro just happened to be there. Howard Benson was playing one of our songs and I guess Dave Navarro asked about us. Howard showed him one of our songs, There For You, and Dave really liked it. He picked up the guitar and started playing it and said, Hey, you want to record that? So we recorded it. It was a total fluke. We didnt even meet him.

CMP: Have you always wanted to make music professionally?
Lacey: After I graduated high school, I was going to teach. I worked at an elementary school with kids who had emotional or behavioral problems, or ADD. I didnt expect to start a band. I never thought Id do it for a living because my mom is a musician, and she always struggled. We were always poor. I always thought, I dont want to be poor.

CMP: Now that you are on tour with P.O.D., how are audiences and other bands reacting to your positive message?
Lacey: Initially, when we play for a new audience, they stare at us like, What is this about? Every time we play a really great show, people say, There was something really different about your music, I got chills and I almost started crying. And we pray for the audience. This is the way I think about it: We go into places where people are hurting, into dark places where people dont see light very often. We hope to bring a light to where people will see it and be hungry for it. We plant seeds in places just with the music, without preaching the gospel through talking. There are people who plant seeds and there are people who water them and then people who reap them. If we are the first encounter a person has with God, or the second or third and their life doesnt change until the twelfth, thats alright, it all adds up. Its so important. Thats what we hope for. Its hard because when you are planting, you are not always going to see the fruit right away. But not too long ago, we were playing in a club in Austin, Texaswe barely played any churchesand a lady named Anna came to our shows. She was drinking very heavily and I didnt think twice about itshe looked like everyone else in the club. I just wanted to be loving to her; thats what our point is. I told her my story and what our music is about. I hadnt seen her in years, but we played in Austin the other day and she was at the show. She looked like a different person. She had a present for me and I said, Whats this for? She said, I have been sober for two years, and I just wanted you to know that your music and your band and what you do is one of the biggest parts of that. We actually got to see the fruit.

CMP: Most of the songs on the album were inspired by your life circumstances and your testimony. Is any one song the most meaningful to you?
Lacey: All of them are meaningful. One of the ones I think is important to play is Sorrow. Thats because in our day and age, there is such a huge number of people who deal with depression, or know someone who deals with depression. In the Bible, it says, Jesus was a man of sorrow. On the secular side, there are people who deal with depression because they feel empty. On the Christian side, there are people who deal with depression because they feel alone with their Christianity or because they mess up. Thats the spirit were combating when we play it. The promise in the end is, Joy will come.

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