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Hey guys! Flyleaf was featured on the show Criminal Minds that aired on January 20, 2010. They played a clip of Enemy, which is pretty awesome! Thanks to Bianca for being the first to let me know.

We’ve all seen the tons of pictures that Flyleaf has posted on their Facebook, but we now know that Diane Martel directed the video. She’s done stuff for Britney, Avril, The White Stripes, Justin Timberlake, etc. So you know it’s probably going to be really great. I’m excited to see it! Looks like it’s going to be pretty amazing from the photos.

On the note of videos, a guy named Sam Tindall is making a video for Chasm. There’s more information (photos/news) on Facebook if you search for ‘flyleaf chasm’. It looks like it’s going to be really great. So go check it out on FB.

You can listen to a new(ish) Flyleaf interview here. Thanks to Laura for finding it.

The chart page was also updated with new numbers. Memento Mori has found the hands of over 181,000 people already. Pretty amazing. Even after a few months, I listen to the album all the time. I won’t lie. It’s pretty fun to sing it in the car on road trips. Caleb probably doesn’t like it much, but WHATEV. It’s fine.

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Tons and tons of new tour dates with Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace have been announced in the past couple weeks, and they’re all posted here. Thanks to Caleb for uploading them. :) We’re going to be at a few of them (like always), so I hope to see some of you there! :)

According to the band’s Twitter page, they are currently recording the music video for Missing. You can view lots of pictures on their FaceBook. Here’s one just to give you guys an idea of what to expect!

For this upcoming tour, I’m going to be putting together another Flyleaf Scrapbook to give to the band. If Memento Mori has moved you in any way (or anything else related to the band), please share it here. I have a feeling this one is going to be a good one. :D I think this will be number 5!

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Here is an article, thanks to Melissa for finding it. It mentions the head-injury that Pat gave Lacey during the ShockHound performance. If you haven’t seen it, there is a video player on the page the interview is on; just wait until the end. Along with somethings about Memento Mori and other details.

It took Texas rockers Flyleaf four long years to release the follow-up to their mega-successful self-titled debut. But with their new Memento Mori debuting at number eight on the Billboard 200, it’s pretty clear they haven’t lost any steam in the interim. That’s probably because they’ve never really slowed down — the Texas quintet have spent the bulk of their “off time” between albums on a relentless touring schedule, including dates with the likes of Korn, Stone Sour, Disturbed, and the Deftones.
    Though they’ve never made a secret of their faith, the band has successfully avoided becoming pigeonholed as a “Christian band.” Part of this certainly has to do with their choice of “secular,” tourmates; but the powerful rock sound of their hits “I’m So Sick” and “All Around Me” — not to mention frontwoman Lacey Mosley’s impressive vocal chops — have also elevated their material far above and beyond Christian radio’s generic Jesus-song fodder.
   Mosley and bassist Pat Seals recently sat down with ShockHound to recount their warzone adventures, tell us why Memento Mori feels more personal than their first record, and explain why they believe it’s important to live with an awareness of death.
    They also treated us to a raucous Shock Session, which ended in Mosley suffering a startling hit to the head in the last seconds of their final song, courtesy of Seal’s bass. But she’s doing okay — and apparently, this is not the first time it’s happened. -Interview Here.

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Here is an article/interview with Sameer about recording Memento Mori. Thanks to Nicole to finding this!

Sure, sure. I have heard it all already. Everyone I know that is a fan of Flyleaf is upset that the band made the decision to take the road less traveled for them, one with less screams and a tad less aggression on their new album, Memento Mori. Yeah, their self titled album was teeming with a certain kind of rawness, a certain power all its own. This time out they took the path of melody and concentrated more of their hooks than anything else and guess what, it worked perfectly. Memento Mori is a great next step for the band, a natural progression if you will. So those that are miffed, rest assured the band has not changed – if anything they have gotten much better. -More

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I hope everybody is enjoying their holidays, whichever you all may celebrate!

The following is an article. It’s from October but I just found it.. so yea! I also thought it was worthy with this newish band picture. It’s new to me atleast! Haha.



Flyleaf has been living the dream but with its sophomore album, the Belton-born band turns its focus to, well, death.

“We cry and laugh at the same things,” said frontwoman Lacey Mosley. “We are all going to die the same death.”

Whether in a small, Central Texas town or all the way across Europe and Asia, guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya said mortality connects everyone.

The band members realized these truths after their five-year tour around the world, promoting their debut, self-titled album that went platinum last year. The second record, “Memento Mori,” releases Nov. 10 on A&M/Octone Records, and the band performs Wednesday on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. -More here!

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Hey everyone! I added the new tour dates from the Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin shows on the tour dates page, as well as some dates that the band will be doing in the UK.

Here are links to the long awaited Pentagon Performances! To view Again and Justice & Mercy (Acoustic) click here. To view the band’s cover of “O Holy Night”, click here. They start playing at around 7 minutes in. Thanks to Franklin for finding these. Below is an interview with various bands (including Lacey/Pat) about worst Christmas presents ever. Thanks to Dirick for this one!

I hope that everyone has a beautiful Christmas (if you celebrate)! I may not update before then. We’ll see if anything pops up.

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Updates include:

– Over 400 new photos
– Video info for Beautiful Bride
– Updated chart information
– New acoustic audio for download (including Justice and Mercy/Again/Arise)
– Official video downloads for Again & Beautiful Bride
– New acoustic performance videos for download including Again, Justice and Mercy, Arise and more!

Also! Big congratulations to the winners of the Memento Mori album cover contest! Dirick and Ricardo both had awesome entries, and they’re going to get some cool prizes in the mail pretty soon. :D All of the entries will be added to a special page of very soon.

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Justice and Mercy acoustic is absolutely beautiful. Check it out. Also, check out the Shockhound Sessions that Laura posted below and tell us what you think!

I’m going to have tons of pictures & audio/video rips coming tomorrow. Expect a huge update! :D

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Buzznet: What do you have hanging on your walls in your bedroom? Posters? Artwork?

Lacey: In my bedroom I have an abstract painting that our bassist Pat’s father, Hershal Seals, painted for me as a wedding present and another painting by Liz McGrath I received as a gift from our manager, Deb.

Buzznet: Are you superstitious about anything, if so what and why?

Lacey:No. I am not superstitious. My personality is more analytical and I have more of tendency to be cynical.

Buzznet: What movie do you watch when you are sad?

Lacey: If I was sad I might watch Groundhog Day, or any of The Lord of The Rings Trilogy.

Buzznet: What historical figure do you most identify with? Why?

Lacey: The historical figure I most identify with would be Joan of Arc.

Buzznet: Do you have a nickname?

Lacey: Some people call me “the little one” but I prefer Frodo


Interview with Lacey - 2 Comments

Below is an intereview with Lacey. It’s mainly about her life. I thought it was interesting. It says it was published in July. But this is the first time I’ve seen it.

You had a rough childhood, didn’t you?

I lived with my mom, a single mom with six kids. We grew up kinda poor. I got picked on a lot at school. My family always taught me about the Lord, but I dealt with serious depression that started when I was 10. I began questioning how a loving God can let bad things happen the way they do, because I had a 3-year-old cousin who was murdered. That was the year I decided I just didn’t believe anymore.

How did that influence your teen years?

I started going down a really negative path and tended to relate to dark things more. I got deeper into destructive behavior. When I was 16 I felt like I hit a wall and everything was crashing down around me. I was fighting with my mom every day, and I moved to live with my grandparents in Mississippi. I didn’t care about anything. I was a bad kid. I just laughed at everything and everybody and was really hateful. -Source

Also be sure to check out the video interview with Lacey and Sameer posted by Brittany below =).

Altitude Interview Part 2 & Interview & Pictures - 3 Comments


Interview with Lacey

What message do you want people to come away with when they listen to Memento Mori?

There’s a song on the album, called “Arise,” which sums up the message we want people to walk away with. We want them to come away feeling empowered to arise and be all that they were meant to be, so that they can ultimately fulfill their purpose. The lyrics say, “Arise and be all that you dream”—but I believe most people have a purpose for their lives that far exceeds any dream they could ever have. Even on our self-titled record it says that our lives should exceed all that we can dream, and that’s how I feel when I’m singing “Arise.” I believe there’s a purpose for your life that only you were meant to fulfill. So our prayer, for anyone who listens to the message on the record, is that they would fulfill their purpose and answer the highest calling for their lives.


I also updated the tour dates and chart history page with updated chart info regarding Memento Mori! The debuted really high all over the place on the Billboard charts. Yay! I also uploaded some photos that I took at the NYC show, and the scans from Memento Mori’s booklet.

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Flyleaf Guitarist Inspired by Hugo, Eldredge Books

An avid reader, Flyleaf guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya was so moved by Victor Hugo’s ‘Les Miserables’ and John Eldredge’s ‘Wild at Heart’ that he wrote a song about them. The result is ‘Set Apart This Dream,’ which appears on ‘Memento Mori,’ the band’s sophomore effort that debuted at 8 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

“I’d say six years ago, I read ‘Wild at Heart’ by John Eldredge, and then like a couple years after that I read ‘Les Miz’ by Victor Hugo,” Bhattacharya told Noisecreep via telephone from New York City. “I think those books could have gone together. It’s about men stepping up and women feeling like … I don’t know. It was really amazing about how those books came together. It really spoke to me.” -Read More

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Flyleaf Has Much Love for Girls, Guys and God

“Where are all the girls in this place?” Flyleaf vocalist Lacey Mosely asked at a recent tour stop in Pittsburgh. “Let me hear your voices.” You can guess what the response sounded like. The band then tore into ‘Set Apart This Dream,’ a song about a little girl’s dreams of a better life in the hereafter.

Not one to leave anyone out, the diminutive Mosley (she clocks in under five feet tall) asked before playing new song ‘Circle': “Where are the all the guys here? I want you to know that I believe in you.” -Read More

Here is an interview with Jared:

Q: Where do you see the future of music heading and where do you see yourself in that picture?

Jared: Its hard to say everyone brings new elements to the music each time we write so it will always be changing. I see myself in Flyleaf for the long haul I guess if it ended tomorrow I would go to culinary school. -Full Interview

Also, this is an inteview with Lacey.

What was the writing process like for Memento Mori?
Sameer [Bhattacharya, guitar], Pat [Seals, bass] and I just wanted to write in response to life. We’ve been writing songs for this record since before the first record came out. We have a new song at least every couple of months, but it’s kind of been a long process. Between the three of us, and since we’ve been on tour all these years, we usually pick a song to play onstage during soundcheck. We play it in the venue and kind of figure out how we want to play it. It’s definitely different from the way we wrote our first record because we weren’t on tour; we were just in James’ [Culpepper, drums] garage and had other jobs and stuff. So this is a little more concentrated, I think. That made a difference in the process. “Tiny Heart” was written before the first record, and “In The Dark” was written right at the end. It’s definitely structured over a period of time. At the last minute, though, we were still writing. -Full

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Nichole: I don’t want to harp on the topic of Christianity, but perception is that a lot of metal listeners don’t typically rally behind openly devout bands. Do you think the growing success of Flyleaf and other Christian groups like Skillet is changing that perception?

Pat: I would hope that bands like Flyleaf and Skillet change the perception of “Christian bands,” but I would also hope that people would view us as just a band with something they believe in that drives their music, versus a band that is safe for Christians to enjoy. Our faith in Jesus is the centerpiece of our Flyleaf and our personal lives, but it is not our goal to simply churn out music for churchgoing parents to buy for their kids to prevent them from listening to Metallica and Eminem. Our greatest desire is for people to really ingest and contemplate the message in our music, and the best and usually only way to make that happen is to create the most honest, genuine, and appealing music that we possibly can make, given our abilities. I feel like Skillet does this to a “t,” as well as Blindside, the Chariot, and many others.

Nichole: What music influenced or inspired you growing up?

Pat: Growing up, my dad’s music really influenced me. He played the acoustic guitar and listened to a lot of folk and Americana-ish music that has since stayed with me. Simon & Garfunkel, Jim Croce, etc. was usually playing in the kitchen before I discovered Weezer, Green Day, Bush, Deftones, and a brief but embarrassing ska phase.

Nichole: Where do you see you and your music going in ten years?

Pat In ten years, only time will tell. We might be too fat to play by then. I’ve been eating cookies all night for the past week and a half.

Read the whole thing here!