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For everyone who loves Rock Band as much as I dooo, this news should make you guys happy! Again is now available as a downloadable song for Rock Band! Yay! :) I think PS3 users have to wait until tomorrow, but X-Box 360 people should’ve been able to download it yesterday.

P.S. – For all of the people who have been asking if this is Lacey’s facebook, or if this is Lacey’s twitter, they are not her. She confirmed this on the band’s official facebook. :)

Annual Articles - 8 Comments

Oh, lookie. Laura isn’t dead! Haha. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. But I’m back with some articlesss. Yayyyz! ;)

Flyleaf, another band that Will Graham has worked with, has earned his respect because they too “walk the walk.” He shared a story about an event that Flyleaf played at that brought tears to my eyes.

The first is an interview from Will Graham, and he talks briefly about Flyleaf. Read that here.

The next is just a standard article that asks about touring, their music, etc. So you can read that by clicking this link.

And finally, the A&M Octone website features an article that was in Kerrang! However, I don’t know if it’s the one that we’ve been waiting for. So that’s here.

That’s all I found for my daily adventure onto the websites. I hope you enjoy; there isn’t much Flyleaf news happenin’.

In4merz “Missing” Contest - 5 Comments

The UK Street Team for Flyleaf is running a contest where you can win a Missing Picture disc and CD. All you have to do is join the street team, tell your friends about the Missing video, and share a photo from the UK tour on FaceBook. To enter, go to this page. While you’re at it, do some of the other missions. You can actually win some cool stuff over there. :)

Taste Of Music & Some Old (but new) Pictures - 26 Comments

Flyleaf filmed an episode of Taste of Music, and Jared talks and cooks. And let me repeat…Jared talks. It’s wonderful. You should watch it below. Basically, their host, Bret Michaels’ twin brother, narrates while Lacey and Jared do their thing. Jared cooks TexMex Breakfast Burritos out of sausage, cheese, eggs, potatos, and cilantro and Lacey makes a rather delicious looking smoothie made of fruit, graham crackers, vanilla soy milk, peanut butter, yogurt and maple syrup. Then they do a sort of interview at the end.

Photos, UK Setlist, Charts & Missing Info! - 15 Comments

Hey everyone! The band is over in the UK, and it seems like the tour is going well so far. The setlist for the tour is as follows: Fully Alive, Beautiful Bride, Again, Cassie, All Around Me, Chasm, In The Dark, So I Thought, The Kind, Sorrow, Missing, Swept Away, I’m So Sick, Arise and How He Loves. Yay for 15 songs. :)

In addition to that, the charts page has been updated, and I also added some info on the Missing video here.

As I type this, I’m in the middle of moving into a new apartment. Bringin’ dedication to a whole new level. Haha.

UNITE and FIGHT Tour, Pictures & Merch - 23 Comments

Flyleaf has announced a bunch of new headliner tour dates for this May featuring special guests 10 Years and Fair to Midland. They’re hitting a few new places, so definitely check it out. We’re going to Worcester, Washington DC and Poughkeepsie most likely. :D

Also, there’s some pretty awesome new merch at the band’s online store. Some new hoodies and t-shirts. Go buy stuff!

Before They Were Flyleaf, Missing Single, Pictures, Article! - 26 Comments

I love when people upload things from way back when! Look at this interview from 2002 from when the band was Passerby. It’s short, but so great. Thanks to Laura for linking it.

This is the artwork for the Missing single which should be out very soon. No exact date for a US release, but I’m betting it’s within the next couple of weeks. Below are some photos I shot at the Prudential center on February 19, 2010:

DVP: When did you know you had something special going on as a group?

James: I think the first practice. “I just knew we should keep working at it.

Pat: “I think it was one of your first shows. I was playing with my old band and I remember watching ‘em from the crowd. Then we had to go on and I remember the next day at school all the people in high school were going, ‘Hey, did you guys hear that other band?’ And I was like, ‘We played, too!’ he laughs. “They made everyone in the room stop, which was pretty rare.”

DVP: How do you keep your voice going?

Lacey: In the beginning I didn’t do anything. I’d just pray about it.

Read more here. The interviewer asks some really good questions towards the end.

FormSpring, Gallery and YouTube! - 16 Comments

I’m sure a lot of you have played around with the FormSpring site before. It’s a pretty interesting thing, so I thought I would start up a page for, where you can ask questions about the band, site, etc. You can click on the link to get to the page, or type in your question on the side bar. In running the website for 5 years, I’ve picked up on some facts & trivia along the way. Maybe you can find out something cool you didn’t know before! Personal questions about the band won’t be answered, but that goes without saying. Let’s keep it fun. :D

Tons of pictures can be seen below! I have a ton more to add as well, so stay tuned if you’ve sent in photos and you don’t see them up yet. If you’ve taken pictures at a show and want to contribute, you can email them to

Laura stumbled upon this video where the band talks about their driving force, almost quitting, and how the scrapbooks that you guys have all contributed to have helped them keep going. I thought it was really awesome that Lacey mentioned it.

More on Healing 4 Haiti & More Cool Videos - 16 Comments

Lacey Sturm (Flyleaf) – Healing for Haiti from SP Video on Vimeo.

Thanks to Franklin for finding this video. :) You all should watch this video. It’s a really long interview with Pat from the earlier Memento Mori era. I can’t embed it here, but you should definitely check it out. Also, I found another cool video with Sameer/Lacey while browsing the site that I’ll post below.

FlyLeaf Interview from CedarCreek Classes on Vimeo.

Healing 4 Haiti - 26 Comments

A diverse group of Christian musicians are helping bring relief and comfort to earthquake survivors by contributing their talents to a new album called “Healing4Haiti.”

“Healing4Haiti” brings together a diverse group of Christian musicians who wanted to use their talents to bring relief and comfort to earthquake survivors. The lead song for the project, “Come Together Now,” was written by Michael W. Smith, David Mullen, and Cindy Morgan.

The album also features songs by Israel Houghton, DecembeRadio, Kari Jobe, The Afters, Hawk Nelson, Flyleaf’s Lacey Mosley, Canton Jones, Lincoln Brewster, Mary Mary, and the Tommy Coomes Band.

Proceeds from album sales will benefit earthquake relief efforts by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse.

The album will be available for purchase and download on March 2. More details will be provided as the release date approaches.

Read more about the project here.

Rescheduled Show & Looney Tunes Videos/Pictures - 7 Comments

The Poughkeepsie show tonight has been rescheduled because of all the snow. I haven’t seen it posted anywhere on Flyleaf’s sites, but it’s legit. We saw them yesterday at the Looney Tunes in-store, and their tour manager confirmed that it was rescheduled. You can view the venue’s site for more information.


So instead of seeing the band play a headliner today, I’m going to work on the site! I will be posting the pictures and video from the Looney Tunes acoustic event last night, and finding some stuff that I know I have from the last few shows that I haven’t uploaded. So stay tuned. I’ll post as everything gets uploaded. :) For the record, Looney Tunes is the coolest record store I’ve been in lately. Go there if you live in the area. The band’s setlist for the performance last night was (click for performance videos):

1. Again
2. All Around Me
3. Justice and Mercy
4. Arise

Vote for Flyleaf! - 28 Comments

Flyleaf is nominated twice for Best Rock Song on The Christian Rock 20 website. Let’s see if we can get them to the top! I’d say we have a better shot if we focus on just Chasm, but you can vote for either. You can submit a vote every 12 hours, so get crackin’!

Also, just a reminder — I’m putting another Scrapbook together for the band to give to them in Newark, NJ on February 19th. So get your letters, thoughts, prayers and love in while you can. :)

Lacey @ The Grammy Awards - 27 Comments

Here are some photos from tonight’s Grammy Awards. The show just started, but here are some pictures from the red carpet. Lacey was nominated twice along with Third Day for her vocal work on the song Born Again. They didn’t win for the two Lacey was a part of, but Third Day did win for Best Rock Or Rap Gospel Album, so congratulations to them! Click the pictures below for some more shots. I’ll add more as they become available.

All Around Me PLATINUM! & Article & PA Chat! - 9 Comments

HUGE NEWS! All Around Me has officially gone PLATINUM. Flyleaf has sold over 1,000,000 singles throughout the US, which is absolutely amazing. Yay!

With recent successes, attracting an audience should be the easy part. The band’s self-titled first album had four successful singles: “I’m So Sick,” “Fully Alive,” “All Around Me” and “There For You.” It followed with songs featured on the video game “Guitar Hero.”

“That’s strange,” Bhattacharya admits. “But it’s been a great advertisement. Lots of kids have heard our songs on ‘Guitar Hero’ and then come to the shows. Having new fans like that re-energizes us.”

Also energizing the band lately has been the release of its second album “Memento Mori.”

“The title may seem morbid, “remember your mortality,'” Bhattacharya said, “but we think it’s uplifting, and we hope others see it that way, too.”

Read the rest here.

According to the Passerby Army, Flyleaf will be doing a live chat on the fan club this coming Tuesday. Read below for details:

This coming Tuesday, February 2 from 3-4PM EST you can catch the members of Flyleaf for a LIVE chat before they go into soundcheck for their upcoming show at The Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington, WV!