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18th February 2008: 700 Members

Woo, we've hit over 700 members. Go us. :D

31st January 2008: Moreeeeee

Updated/added some more members. We're almost up to 700. Keep them coming. :D

02nd January 2008: Member Update

Added a few more new people to the list. :] We're almost up to 700 members. Woo!

26th November 2007: New Members

Added a couple of new members today. We're up to over 660+. :D

09th November 2007: Added 30+ New Members

Hey guys -- I updated the member list heavily tonight. Thanks for joining! We have over 650 members that have joined the fanlisting, which is really awesome.

I also updated the fanlisting software. It's a little nicer in the admin panel now. :D Hopefully updating this thing will be easier.

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