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New Radio Songs, Desktops and Videos! - 8 Comments

I added some acoustic videos to the pro-shot live video page including the Buzznet videos Lacey and Pat did, the Pentagon videos the whole band did, and the recent 103.9 acoustics that Lacey and Jared did.

In addition to that, I added a page for Laura’s wallpapers. She’s super talented at making desktops, so go check those out.

Last but not least, I added the singles from Memento Mori and Broken Pieces to the radio. Enjoy!

Tomorrow marks the first date of the upcoming tour. So if you attend any dates and have videos/pictures to share, send ‘em in! You’ll get full credit for whatever you share. :)

Okay! Updates. - 8 Comments

I updated a lot of pages on the site today, soooooo I’m just going to make a list. :)

Live Audio (RTR Show)
Letters from the Commander
Live Videos (added streaming pages)

Woo! For the record, I’ll be going to the Boston, Jermyn, Sayreville, Columbus and Chicago dates of the upcoming tour. Feel free to say hi. I’m only slightly awkward. Promise.

RTR & ACL & Lyrics - 11 Comments

Both the Rock The River and Austin City Limits show (from 2008) have been added for download on the video page. The stream pages haven’t been added yet, but I’vvve gotta get ready for work. So those will be added tonight. haha.

I also added the lyrics for “The Nearness” by the David Crowder Band, as well as the lyrics for “Courage” by Orianthi, both featuring Mrs. Sturm here. So check it out! :)

Rock The River Performance Videos - 9 Comments

You can watch the entire Rock The River Flyleaf set from last night here at the FlyleafOnline youtube. It was a truly amazing show, so if you missed it, go watch! If you saw it already, watch it again. I’ll upload the audio/video to this site as well so you can download it soon. :)

Rock the River Tour LIVE STREAM! - 32 Comments

Flyleaf’s set from the RTR Tour in Edmonton will be streaming live tonight. I’ll be ripping it for the site, along with any interviews/clips the band may be doing. Watch it live at this link tonight! Thanks reginafilangie for the info!

The band is on now, so tune in!!


– Fully Alive
– Beautiful Bride
– Again
– Cassie
– All Around Me
– Chasm
– In The Dark
– Missing
– Swept Away
– I’m So Sick
– How He Loves

Jared Talks Again! - 3 Comments

We here at think it’s awesome when Jared talks. So join us in watching this 33 second video about the upcoming Unite & Fight tour, and rejoice about the new dates, cities and the chance to see Flyleaf play a show. :]

Flyleaf Music Videos - 9 Comments

I was waiting for one of these videos of Andrew from Fair To Midland singing Flyleaf to surface on the net so I could post about them, and look! Flyleaf went and uploaded one of them. FTM toured with Flyleaf as you know, but what you may not know is that they’re one of the best bands in the entire universe (this is an indisputable fact, not a matter of opinion). You should probably check them out if you don’t want to miss out on something good (better than good. more like phenomenal). Their live show is just incredible, and their music is amazing. I’ve worn out their CDs ever since I got home from the shows I saw in May.

Seriously. I don’t think that I’ve ever promoted another band on this site, because I’ve never really thought anybody deserved to break the natural order of things here. However, Fair To Midland 100% deserves everyone’s attention. So do me (and yourself, really) a favor, and go listen to them. They’re incredible. Start with Dance of the Manatee, Tall Tales Taste Like Sour Grapes and then perhaps move on to A Wolf Descends Upon The Spanish Sahara (my personal favorite). Thank you for your time!

Toilet Circuit & More - 12 Comments

There are also a lot of videos on Flyleaf’s artist page that aren’t embeddable, but definitely some that you should check out! Thanks to Laura and Melissa for these links.

I’m currently editing pictures from the many Flyleaf shows I saw a week or so ago. There will be another update before the day is over. :]

Video Interview! - 11 Comments

Flyleaf have always worn their hearts on their sleeves.

In fact, there’s a raw and real honesty at the core of every song that the band’s written from their debut Flyleaf to their latest offering, Memento Mori. Memento Mori sees the band allowing fans closer than ever before with tracks like “Missing” and “Again,” marrying poetically, profound lyrics and unforgettable hard rock hooks. The album remains a focused affair with a story sitting at the center of each song—all you have to do is open yourself up to it…

Flyleaf have evolved immensely since their debut, and their story continues to inspire fans worldwide. Right now, the band’s in the midst of their “Unite & Fight Tour” alongside 10 Years and Fair to Midland. “Unite & Fight” means a lot to the quintet, and they decided to tell us all about it backstage at the tour’s Anaheim California stop.

However, Flyleaf frontwoman Lacey Mosley and guitarist Jared Hartmann shared a lot more than insight into the tour. Lacey went way back and told us one of the reasons she started playing and so much more…

Taste Of Music & Some Old (but new) Pictures - 26 Comments

Flyleaf filmed an episode of Taste of Music, and Jared talks and cooks. And let me repeat…Jared talks. It’s wonderful. You should watch it below. Basically, their host, Bret Michaels’ twin brother, narrates while Lacey and Jared do their thing. Jared cooks TexMex Breakfast Burritos out of sausage, cheese, eggs, potatos, and cilantro and Lacey makes a rather delicious looking smoothie made of fruit, graham crackers, vanilla soy milk, peanut butter, yogurt and maple syrup. Then they do a sort of interview at the end.

UNITE and FIGHT Tour, Pictures & Merch - 23 Comments

Flyleaf has announced a bunch of new headliner tour dates for this May featuring special guests 10 Years and Fair to Midland. They’re hitting a few new places, so definitely check it out. We’re going to Worcester, Washington DC and Poughkeepsie most likely. :D

Also, there’s some pretty awesome new merch at the band’s online store. Some new hoodies and t-shirts. Go buy stuff!

Before They Were Flyleaf, Missing Single, Pictures, Article! - 26 Comments

I love when people upload things from way back when! Look at this interview from 2002 from when the band was Passerby. It’s short, but so great. Thanks to Laura for linking it.

This is the artwork for the Missing single which should be out very soon. No exact date for a US release, but I’m betting it’s within the next couple of weeks. Below are some photos I shot at the Prudential center on February 19, 2010:

DVP: When did you know you had something special going on as a group?

James: I think the first practice. “I just knew we should keep working at it.

Pat: “I think it was one of your first shows. I was playing with my old band and I remember watching ‘em from the crowd. Then we had to go on and I remember the next day at school all the people in high school were going, ‘Hey, did you guys hear that other band?’ And I was like, ‘We played, too!’ he laughs. “They made everyone in the room stop, which was pretty rare.”

DVP: How do you keep your voice going?

Lacey: In the beginning I didn’t do anything. I’d just pray about it.

Read more here. The interviewer asks some really good questions towards the end.