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Texan alt-rockers Flyleaf have announced a new album and a pledge campaign.

Flyleaf have announced that they are set to record their new album via Pledge Music. The platinum-selling band are heading back into the studio on April 22, to record their as-yet-untitled fourth album with Linkin Park/Good Charlotte producer Don Gilmore. It will be their first full-length album recorded with new singer (and ex-Vedera frontwoman) Kristen May, who made her debut on last year’s Who We Are EP. Kristen replaced longstanding Flyleaf vocalist Lacey Sturm in 2012, after she amicably parted ways with the band.

For more information head or to make a pledge make sure you head here.

If you pledge to pre-order the new record you will receive access to downloads, behind the scenes videos, tracks & more!

The album is scheduled for release late summer/early fall 2014.

Nothing we didn’t already know, but it’s good to see bigger outlets picking up on these things!

In addition that little article, I’ve uploaded some videos to the video section of all of the 4 LiveStream performances that Flyleaf did, and the full download of entire thing with all of the questions/answers/performances/etc. I also added some acoustic videos that include Something Better, All Around Me, and Call You Out from a radio performance at The Buzz. Enjoy! :]

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Okay so I don’t usually do these throwback posts, but I’ve been digging through the Flyleaf youtube tag to kind of do a best of the best mp3 compilation of Kristen live to tide myself over until the new record comes out. And I found this! What a beautiful performance. Arise is the kind of song that evoked such a powerful feeling from me the second I heard it…it just gave me good music chills. And that never faded no matter how many times I heard it. I know a lot of people identify with Arise and find hope in this song, because it’s such a beautiful thing. Every single time I hear it at a show, I get all teary at the end when the whole crowd sings along. Because I’m a super huge sap. Don’t judge.

I really feel like this video captures what it’s like to see Flyleaf live, and captures the feeling of the song. So I thought I’d share with you guys! Enjoy. <3

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Flyleaf is at 90% with only 4 days to go, so please consider pledging to make this new record happen! Based on the updates the members of Flyleaf have been posting, this new record is going to be so inspiring, beautiful and completely worth every penny we are putting forth to support them. Sameer posted an amazing clip of him singing City Kids yesterday, and it’s just…incredible.

The minimum pledge is $10, which guarantees you a download of the album (less than what iTunes will charge you when it comes out), and you get access to all the things Flyleaf has been posting. The updates have included Pat’s artwork, amazing videos (interviews as well as performances), homemade hats, scarves & ornaments, and so many other awesome things. The updates will continue during their recording process, and through the release of the album. Considering all that, $10 isn’t all that much to pay. So PLEDGE today! Flyleaf’s music is so important to so many people, and we need to show them that we believe in them.

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“We’re really excited about her and I think our fans are going to like her,” Seals says. “It’s been a very inspirational shot in the arm, so to speak. She’s so professional and focused. It’s hard to keep up.”

Seals admits that the change in front women has come with a few challenges.

“I’m not going to lie. It’s hard to convince (fans) to try to listen to a totally different voice, a totally different person,” Seals says. “But the songs are still ours, though the more our fans see footage of Kristen and encounter her, they seem to latch on.”

Read more at the source.

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Sameer confirmed that the untitled EP that they’re working on will be released in November! Very very exciting. I can hardly wait to hear what they’ve come up with. :D

Also — listen to Sameer and request Arise on your local radio station! Anyone who has heard this song knows that it’s absolutely beautiful and the world en masse would benefit GREATLY from hearing this song, it’s message, and getting to know Flyleaf’s music. Request request request! I did, and will frequently. You can click the banner on the right side of the page to be taken to a website where you can look up your local rock radio station! :)

Lacey is inviting fans of Flyleaf to ask her anything at all on Advice, questions about the band, anything; “Letters to Lacey” is an open line of communication. Just fill out the form at and Lacey will pick five questions each month to answer.

Lacey also did an interview recently where she talked about the band’s involvement with World Vision, and their fight against human trafficking. To get involved, as you may already know, you can txt the world Unite to 20222 and $10 will be added onto your phone bill. You can do this up to three times.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Broken Pieces video!

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According to Apocalyptica’s Facebook and Twitter, they declared the video would be release on Myspace today. It said it would be the German release, but I found it! Whoo!

I think the video is very well done, though some aspects that occur are sort of goofy. But of course Lacey is gorgeous as always! Be sure to post comments on what you think!