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FormSpring, Gallery and YouTube! - 16 Comments

I’m sure a lot of you have played around with the FormSpring site before. It’s a pretty interesting thing, so I thought I would start up a page for, where you can ask questions about the band, site, etc. You can click on the link to get to the page, or type in your question on the side bar. In running the website for 5 years, I’ve picked up on some facts & trivia along the way. Maybe you can find out something cool you didn’t know before! Personal questions about the band won’t be answered, but that goes without saying. Let’s keep it fun. :D

Tons of pictures can be seen below! I have a ton more to add as well, so stay tuned if you’ve sent in photos and you don’t see them up yet. If you’ve taken pictures at a show and want to contribute, you can email them to

Laura stumbled upon this video where the band talks about their driving force, almost quitting, and how the scrapbooks that you guys have all contributed to have helped them keep going. I thought it was really awesome that Lacey mentioned it.

Tour Dates & Scrapbook! - 18 Comments

Tons and tons of new tour dates with Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace have been announced in the past couple weeks, and they’re all posted here. Thanks to Caleb for uploading them. :) We’re going to be at a few of them (like always), so I hope to see some of you there! :)

According to the band’s Twitter page, they are currently recording the music video for Missing. You can view lots of pictures on their FaceBook. Here’s one just to give you guys an idea of what to expect!

For this upcoming tour, I’m going to be putting together another Flyleaf Scrapbook to give to the band. If Memento Mori has moved you in any way (or anything else related to the band), please share it here. I have a feeling this one is going to be a good one. :D I think this will be number 5!

Scrapbooks - 15 Comments

Flyleaf Remains Connected And Motivated Through Scrapbooks

The members of Flyleaf write some emotional tracks that connect with audiences across the country, and they actually have a tangible way of seeing how their music has affected others. Singer Lacey Sturm explains that the webmaster for the fan site makes scrapbooks of material from listeners that show the group how their music is affecting them. Sturm notes that the scrapbooks are very motivating, and adds that looking through them can be a very emotional experience. Guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya says the band keeps the scrapbooks in a safe place so nothing happens to them while on the road. However, some letters get a more prominent display, and are posted on the bulletin board on their bus. Flyleaf’s new album, “Memento Mori,” will be in stores November 10th.Source

Although she knows how much we all enjoy her hard work; Thank You, Brittany! It was a wonderful idea for the scrapbooks, and it’s terrific to know the band cherishes them.  Thanks again for creating a beautiful site and giving us up-to-date Flyleaf news all the time, Brittany!

If you wish to contribute to this project, that never ends, please visit the Scrapbook page and fill in the form, send an email to the address that is given, or even physically send something to Brittany. You can submit at anytime and the books will be delivered to the band (via UPS or whenever Brittany is at a show) when they become full.

Scrapbook - 22 Comments

Last call for this particular scrapbook guys! I’m making it tonight and tomorrow to be delivered to the band in North Carolina, so if you want your entry included in this one, be sure to email it to me at or use the handy dandy form on the scrapbook page. Preferably tonight if you want to include anything, because I hope to get most of it done tonight. Tomorrow afternoon at the very latest.

Anything I receive after that will be included in the next one, so don’t worry if you can’t come up with something immediately!

Thanks to everyone who already contributed something for this one. I’ve had tons and tons of entries to sort through. I’ll do my best to make it all fit!

Tour ’09 - 19 Comments

Here is a new picture of the band rehearsing for their upcoming tour that kicks off April 28th. Is anybody going to any of the upcoming shows? If you have the chance to go, you really should. Completely worth it. Roadtrip if you can! Also…….

I wanted to give everyone a friendly reminder about the Flyleaf Scrapbook Project that we’ve had going for over 2 years now. I’m going to be making another one before the North Carolina shows I’m going to, so please consider submitting something for it if you feel moved to. The cutoff for this book will be May 07, 2009. This will be the 4th one that we’ve put together. Kind of a nice tradition that I love being in the position to do, so if you have a story, drawing, or some words of encouragement, please email me with it. Here are some pictures of past scrapbooks if anybody was wondering what they end up looking like. :]

Say Now Updates, Gallery, Chart History - 8 Comments

Flyleaf’s Say Now page had been kind of quiet as of late, but Jared and Sameer have left some new updates. Sameer talks about how he’s been practicing and writing some new stuff, and Jared talks about how they’re going to officially start writing next week for the new record. I’m personally very excited about that.

I also wanted to let everyone know that I’m going to start working on the fourth Flyleaf Scrapbook soon, which will hopefully be delivered to the band on September 1st in Syracuse. This one is actually going to be a book that I’m going to be designing and printing professionally using, which I’m super excited about. So if you have anything to contribute in the way of a collage, story, or anything else, be sure to submit it within the next few weeks so it’s included.