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Yeah, soooo… - 23 Comments

I know the site looks a little wacky right now. We’re attempting to center it and work out the cross-browser kinks (except Caleb’s doing it all because I suck). Sorry to IE users for the time being. It looks really crappy. :X Aside from that, I uploaded new rotating headers. I’m a fan of the MTV Amy Cooper pictures. She photographed the band real well.

There has been talk of Flyleaf possibly touring with Skillet in the spring. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about it, but I haven’t heard anything concrete from the label yet. If it gets confirmed, I’ll post the dates here as soon as possible.

As some of you might know, Lacey does guest vocals on Resident Hero’s song Vendetta Black. Lacey and Rockstar Pat are featured in the video which can be seen here.

The video section was updated with two more videos from the show Ali taped at the Nokia. In addition to that, the songs that Lacey sang with POD on New Years Eve in Times Square were also added. Thanks to Ali for ripping those, and to Caleb for coding.

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures. It’s always very much appreciated.

Ticket Sales, News and Pictures - 21 Comments

A few of the dates for the Disturbed tour have shown up on Ticketmaster for sale. I’ll try to keep an eye out to let everyone know when the rest are coming.

I heard a rumor from a little birdy that a new official MySpace layout is in the works, as well as a new EP that might be sold exclusively at the Music as a Weapon tour for charity. So start saving your pennies incase it happens so you can buy a few.

The official store has been updated with three new shirts and a brand new hoodie.

As for the Carson Daly video — there was an issue with the recording of the show, and unfortunately as of this moment, we don’t have a copy. But Scott of has come to the rescue and said that he’ll provide us one. So whenever he sends it, I’ll add it up.

A new photoshoot and scans from Kerrang magazine have been added to the gallery. Click the respective pictures to view the albums.

Bethel Live Videos - 9 Comments

Four videos from the Bethel Youth Center have been added. Links to download them are below:

Red Sam26.9 MBS // 9.70 MBS
Breathe Today25.1 MBS // 9.05 MBS
Perfect19.5 MBS // 7.09 MBS
Broken Wings26.6 MBS // 9.57 MBS

In other news, Flyleaf is “strongly” rumored to be an opening act for Disturbed’s Music As A Weapon III tour which starts off in November. An official announcement about the tour will be announced soon on Disturbed’s fan club site. Thanks to Sheila8703 on EvBoard for that information.

For those of you interested in purchasing a physical I’m So Sick single, you can do so here. I also added it to the discography.

Some photos from Stadtpark in Hamburg Germany were added. Those were taken by Torsten Volkmer. The gallery hit 4000 pictures with that set, which was a small ‘yay’ moment for the site.

I’m no good with update titles. - 7 Comments

Edit: The Zydeco videos were added. Thanks to Caleb for those.

I think we can start off with a bit of good news today. Flyleaf will be hosting MTV2’s “T-Minus Rock” the week of the 24th, and will also be appearing and performing on Fuse’s Daily Download. Hopefully we’ll be able to get those online after they air, so don’t fret if you don’t have those channels. Also, on MTVU’s website, you can submit questions for an interview they’ll be doing with the band. When it’s posted, I’ll let you know.

For those of you that were looking for a legal Something I Can Never Have download without having to buy the full CD, iTunes finally added it. So go get it; it’s only 99 cents.

Flyleaf are rumored to be touring with Korn and Deftones during late summer/early fall, but I’m not sure if it’s been confirmed yet. I keep seeing it all over the place, so I figured I should mention it.

In the band section, I updated the chart history page, and also added a bunch of tidbits to the interesting facts page. Since a bunch of people are always asking, I compiled a little list of the things that Lacey writes on herself and where they’re from. I’m sure there’s more, but that’s what I could find for now.

In the media section, I added a wonderful drawing that a girl named Audra did. I also recoded the wallpaper page and added a new set of signatures. The newest RadioU interview was put up on the audio page. Thanks to Brandon for that mp3.

The gallery has a new layout. It took me a while to get the coding just right, which resulted in me wanting to rip my hair out…but I’m happy with how it came out. I added a bunch of pictures from the Yahoo! Studio from when the band did the performance of “I’m So Sick”. Some more from Juanita’s were added thanks to Stevie. Also put up a picture with Audra, her drawing and Lacey here.