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Kristen’s Interview with - Leave a comment That was a great tour and you did put on a great performance. There is now a new single out called “Something Better” featuring Sonny of P.O.D. The single is off the new Flyleaf EP Who We Are out July 9th. How was your first recording and writing experience with the band for this material?
The writing experience was really awesome. I was really stoked on how the guys were really open with everyone’s ideas. We just all came in with different things we had and we collaborated it. It felt like a really good collaboration and a positive environment to write, so that’s key to making songs you love. “Something Better” is the single we decided to take to the studio. Working with Howard Benson was awesome, he really pushes you. I wanted my vocals to be true to what I do but also push it a little bit because it’s more a rock pop song, I feel really good about it. Well that’s something to look forward to and see a full length album in the future. Now on July 11th you are headed out on a Co-headlining tour with P.O.D. How excited are you about this tour?
Kristen May- I’m so stoked. I used to listen to P.O.D. when I was younger and I’ve always been a big fan of Sonny. I’m just excited to get out there and play “Something Better” and we’ll probably play another new song that we’ve written that’s unreleased. I just love playing live so I can’t wait. That is a good outlook and it will be interesting to see where the road takes you. What are some of your musical influences?
Kristen May- I feel like it’s ever evolving. Growing up my parents listened to a lot of classic rock, Led Zeppelin, The Who. My mom listened to Joni Mitchell, Carol King, and Stevie Wonder. When I heard Radiohead, Sunny Day Real Estate and Bjork, those were three of the musicians that really changed my perspective on music. Those definitely influenced me and as things progress I’ve been lately into Ellie Golding and I love The Temper Trap, and MGMT. More kind of electronic but a little bit experimental. I’ve always loved pop, I can’t get away from pop. I’ll totally jam out to the latest Selena Gomez with my niece and I can’t help it (laughs).

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Flyleaf Premiere New EP – Who We Are on - 4 Comments


Flyleaf have teamed up with Revolver to stream their new five-track EP, Who We Are, in its entirety right here right now. The EP, which will be released on July 9, features four live songs from their latest full-length, New Horizons, including “Call You Out,” “Fire Fire,” “Broken Wings,” and “Sorrow,” along with the new track “Something Better,” which features Sonny Sandoval from P.O.D. and is the band’s first original song with new frontwoman Kristen May. Check it out at

Something Better + Who We Are EP! - 3 Comments

As Flyleaf gear up for the kickoff of their summer co-headlining tour with P.O.D., the band has something special to share with their fans. On July 9, Flyleaf will unleash ‘Who We Are,’ a new EP of live songs recorded during the band’s recent tour with their new singer Kristen May.

The five song release mixes the best of old-school Flyleaf like ‘Sorrow’ from their 2005 self-titled release with new songs like ‘Broken Wings’ from 2012?s ‘New Horizons.’ The EP also features a studio version of the new song ‘Something Better’ with very special guest Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D. lending a hand.

The band recently commented on their forthcoming EP, sharing their excitement about working with Sandoval on the song. “The live tracks came from our 2013 Winter tour with Drowning Pool. ‘Something Better’ is one of the first songs we wrote with Kristen May. It was an awesome experience writing together! Plus, having Sonny from P.O.D. on this track was really special. We’ve been fans of theirs for years, and it was an honor to do this collaboration. We think y’all will love it!”

Listen to the new song HERE!! I personally love it! It’s a lot different than what we’re used to, which is to be expected. Such upbeat, happy vibes. Great song, guys! :]

Katy & Kirby Caldwell App <3 - 1 Comment

Flyleaf is a family, sharing values, concerns, and mutual goals. Here’s a really easy way for you to support us, simply by using our new Impact Shopping program. Every time you shop online, for clothes, music, gifts, …anything, you can help Flyleaf and our work. The merchant where you shop will pay us a % for every sale that comes through our program. With all our fans pulling together that can really make a difference. One cause that is close to all Flyleaf hearts is helping Rich Caldwell’s family. When Rich died last year we made a commitment to help support Katy and her son Kirby, including a scholarship fund to assure that future educational needs are covered. Use the Flyleaf Fan App and you will be helping us reach this goal.

Click *here* to download the app. I downloaded it for my browser, and I can confirm that it’s free and completely safe. So help out this awesome family, and download it. It’s the very least we can do!

With New Frontwoman, Flyleaf Looks to the Future - 1 Comment

In an exclusive interview with New Jersey Newsroom, Flyleaf Guitarist Jared Hartmann sat down to discuss a wide range of topics regarding the band’s new singer, their current tour, fan response so far and future plans for new music.

Hartmann started off the interview updating fans on the recent changes and Flyleaf’s current events, “Big news, we have a new singer Kristen. This is our first tour together so we’re trying to figure things out and become a band. It’s the first time we actually toured in two and a half years. So it’s good to be back out on the road and we get to see our fans. That’s been really exciting, it’s been a great experience getting back out.”

The reality of continuing without Sturm presented no easy hurdle since she played an integral role in the band’s sound and success.

For Flyleaf fans, rest assured, the focus isn’t on replicating, replacing or forgetting about Sturm’s contribution. Flyleaf’s approach represents a pure honesty in adding on to the legacy Sturm helped establish.

New vocalist Kristen May keeps the legacy alive by adding her own incredible style to Flyleaf’s catalog as she carves her own path with a distinctive combination of brash power and delicacy.

Hartmann describes the process of working with May as a way of returning to their roots, “We’re reinventing ourselves right now. With Kristen joining the band, it’s a new element. We’re really excited about the future.”

With May on board, Hartmann expects this tour to serve as a preview for what the future holds for curious fans, “We did our first show with her in October, we did one little show and video taped it so the fans could get a taste of what we were working on.”

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Live Setlist - Leave a comment

Looks like folks will be getting a pretty great amount of songs this tour! Here’s the setlist from the February 19th show of the Flyleaf/Drowning Pool tour:

Red Sam
Call You Out
New Horizons
Great Love
Fire Fire
Swept Away
Bury Your Heart
I’m Sorry
Broken Wings
Fully Alive
Cage on the Ground
All Around Me
I’m So Sick