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I need to say something. - 19 Comments

I’m going to paste an explanation I made in the comments a few days ago for everybody who’s emailed me or commented about videos, because my patience is wearing thin. I’ve been trying my hardest to make this site as good as it is, and when people constantly ask for more, it makes me feel like I suck. So here goes:

The reason I’m putting a couple videos up at a time is to make them last. The last time a full show was put up in one pop, we had about a week or so span of not adding videos because we had nothing to add in that particular section. People decided to complain about the lack of new videos. Meanwhile, there was at least 40/50 videos already on the site, which is a TON more than normal fansites host. Especially fansites without fifteen million ads.

I was honestly really bothered by it. So to prevent people from bugging me about the lack of new videos, I decided to space them out between updates. It’s obviously not working.

I really try my best, and so do the people who help me out with the site, and I generally add things as I get them. Also, it’s not an easy process for Caleb to cut the videos up, convert them and edit them. It’s a pain to have people contact us by email or through here asking for more. If there’s more to add, be patient, because we’re not going to hold out on you.

I want to publicly ask everyone to please stop emailing me or commenting about videos not being up. There are over 100 videos on this site. That’s more than any fansite I have ever seen in my days of webdesign. We don’t put ads on the site. We don’t ask for donations. We just ask for patience. Asking when they’ll be put up, or complaining about it won’t make me go any faster. It’ll just make me want to burst into emo tears.

Also, since I’m being open here, I’d like to also publicly say that I’m not a filesharing machine. I support this band with everything I have, and I’m not going to send you their entire repertoire in MP3 format when most of it can be purchased. I get asked several times a day through email, and I’ve even gotten hate letters from people for not forking the audio over.

I really enjoy doing this site, and I love that most of you guys are so supportive. It makes doing all of this worth it. I guess I just wanted to get that out.

Fully Alive Video Newsss - 27 Comments

On Monday July 24, MTV2 will be showing a “Making of the Video” with Flyleaf for Fully Alive. A 15 second promo for the show, which shows some of the video, has been already playing on MTV2. So if you watch that channel, keep a look out for it. The site will have the show and the video up a day or so after it airs for anyone who doesn’t have the channel.

There’s a contest happening over on where you can win a Meet and Greet with Flyleaf on their tour bus at Family Values. There will be 5 winners, and 10 who will receive an autographed Flyleaf album.

MTV2 All That Rocks is airing on July 30th, which is coming up pretty soon. So keep voting for Flyleaf as the New Breakout Band.

On the video page, more songs from The Complex were put up. The rest will come with the next update, and then the Juanita’s videos will be added in blocks. So watch for those soon. The full Jimmy Kimmel performance of Fully Alive was also added thanks to Kelly Carter. It was ripped from a LQ stream on Kimmel’s website, so forgive the quality.

A bunch of photos from The Complex were added thanks to Preston Rodgers. A few more from Cornerstone were added as well which were photographed by The Stir.

Not much else has been going on since Flyleaf has been on a well deserved vacation from touring. Things will probably pick up when Fully Alive is released in a few days, and the Family Values Tour starts up. In the meantime, if anyone has requests or ideas as far as new things you’d like to see, drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.

MySpace update, Atlanta acoustic show, videos and pictures. - 12 Comments

The show in Oklahoma and Jimmy Kimmel were apparently cancelled for a good reason. The band is currently in LA getting ready to shoot the video for Fully Alive. Jared posted a MySpace bulletin letting everyone know about a few things.

Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well. We’ve been so busy with touring lately. The shows are going great and thanks so much to all of our fans who are coming out to support us!

This week we are in LA shooting our new music video for “Fully Alive” with The Brothers Strauss again. They’re really great guys, and the video seems like its going to be really cool so keep your eyes open for it.

We’re at a photo shoot right now and we’re all getting our hair, make-up, and wardrobe done. Then tomorrow, we’ll start shooting the music video. By Friday we will be in Atlanta and we’ll do the second half of our headlining tour until we get a few weeks off in July. We’re all looking forward to being home for a bit.

Here in the next few days we’re going to be posting some behind the scenes pictures that we’ve been taking while we’ve been on the road, so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks again for your support and we’ll see you soon!

Take care and God bless,

Before I start rambling on about other site updates, I’d like to extend a big Happy Birthday to James. :]

For everybody in the Atlanta area, Flyleaf will be playing a free in-store performance at Criminal Records on June 23rd at 6PM before their scheduled show. According to the email I got earlier today, it should be an acoustic type setting.

In the media section, I added a graphic fanart made by Val and two short videos from Edgefest thanks to Tracie.

The gallery was updated with new pictures from Edgefest thanks to Tracie, as well as some various ones from May Day, WHFS Festival, The Roxy Theatre and some of Flyleaf with their fans.

If you’re so inclined, you guys can vote for Flyleaf at to be “the breaking new band“. They’re up against Panic! at the Disco and Avenged Sevenfold.

Fully Alive Video - 9 Comments

The video for Fully Alive will be shot in early July. The directors will be The Brothers Strause, the same guys that did the I’m So Sick video. Hopefully, the video will be done by early August since I’m So Sick took only about a month to edit.

A few more Stubb’s BBQ videos were added today. I might work on some more media related content to add later on tonight.

As far as pictures, a new cover for the I’m So Sick single has surfaced. A set from The Belmont was added thanks to Diana. A bunch from Piere’s were also put up.

Small update today, but I figured something was better than nothing.

Family Values Tour Dates, Photos and Videos - 26 Comments

First and foremost, congrats to Flyleaf for hitting the 200,000 albums sold mark. Second, and not so foremost, sorry about the severe slack in writing updates. I’ve been updating the actual site as far as individual pages, but I’m not good with these summary type things. So for that, I apologize.

The TRL phone lines are now open 24/7, so you can call at anytime and request I’m So Sick. If I might remind everyone, the Octone ST is running a great contest for voters.

At, the exclusive digital EP has been added. It’s been up there since the end of April, so I’m kind of late on that, but you can view/purchase it here. It includes Tina, Supernatural, Much Like Falling and a live version of I’m So Sick.

The rest of the Family Values tour dates have been added as well as some various other shows. The chart history page has also been updated.

Two videos from MTVU’s Backstage Pass series have been added. One of them is a regular interview where the band history is covered, and the other is one with a few questions that fans sent in. Both of those are thanks to Sir Caleb of d0rkland.

A ton of photos from the Showplace Theatre have been put up thanks to Zigkiss. A bunch from Fat Tuesdays in Spokane were also added thanks to Brittany and Mia. Courtesy of the lovely Anne Ryan, some photos from the Electric Factory and another unknown venue were added. Some more from the The Belmont were put up, and one from The Roxy Theatre was too.

New Layout - 19 Comments

Before I begin, I’d like to dedicate this update to Brandi.

Voila! New layout. I hope everyone likes it. The navigation may take a couple minutes to get used to, but I wanted something a little different. Ali made the cool logo on it for Flyleaf Online because she’s pretty much the greatest person in the world.

So, first off, a few tour dates from the Family Values Tour were added. There should be more coming soon. If you’re interested, you can look at the dates on Korn’s MySpace, but they’re missing venues.

I updated the FAQ a little with a couple song meanings and tweaked the band name answer because I found the names of some of James’ old bands. For the song info part, I’m going from things band members have explained, and in whatever case I can, I’ll add a direct quote so the message won’t be misconstrued. Most of the things that people have asked me in the FAQ question box are things I have no idea about. Others are personal, so I apologize if I haven’t answered it. In addition to that, one new affiliate was added in the internet section.

On the video page, the HQ AVI files for the MTV2 interviews were added thanks to Josh.

If anyone is interested in wikipedia, I heavily updated Flyleaf’s page today, and started writing Lacey’s page. If anyone has anything to add, please feel free to do so.

In the gallery, some pictures from what I think was the Boardwalk were added. If I’m wrong, please correct me. When I got the photos, I was given permission but no other info. A few from The Pound were put up as well as some from The Belmont. The Flyleaf & Fans section was also updated.

Also, keep voting for I’m So Sick on TRL and join the Octone contest. Or else I’ll judo chop you and you will cry.

New Single - 11 Comments

Edit: The FAQ has been added. If you have a question that needs answering, feel free to submit it. If it’s suitable, I’ll add it to the page.

According to Cfw828 over on EvBoard, who’s a major radio and chart junkie, the next single is going to be Fully Alive. It goes for radio adds on June 6th. No word on a video yet, but I’ll let you all know as soon as possible.

Aside from that wonderful news, I added a sitemap, which is pretty much a guide to all the pages on Flyleaf Online for those who have a hard time navigating it. It also has a handy feature where you can search the site for any term, and it’ll show the pages that term is on.

I’m going to be working on the site a bit tonight, creating content since there hasn’t been an influx of news or pictures. I was thinking about replacing the interesting facts page with something like a FAQ, and maybe working on a new layout. This one has been up since January. It’s been changed up a lot, but still. It’s way old. I was also thinking about possibly reworking the discography to include more information. We’ll see. I’ll update if anything new shows up.

If you haven’t already, please join the fanlisting. It’s already got 65 members in only a few days, which is awesome. Live Videos & Jimmy Kimmel - Leave a comment

Things have been kind of dead here lately. Sorry about that. I wish I had a bunch of stuff to update, but unfortunately things have been slow.

As you may already know, Flyleaf will be performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on June 19th. According to Aaron, they may also show up on Letterman eventually, which should be cool.

The tour dates have been updated with a few new ones. Flyleaf will be on the main stage of the Cornerstone Festival this year, which is great. They’ll be playing with POD, Pillar, Day of Fire and Project 86.

Four live studio performances from have been added in the video section thanks to Caleb. They performed I’m So Sick, Sorrow, Fully Alive and All Around Me. So check those out. They’re all really well done.

Download Festival, More Layouts and Icons - 5 Comments

It’s been confirmed that Flyleaf will be playing June 10th on the Gibson stage at Download Festival 2006. If you’re going and you’d like to see the lineup, you can look here.

On the MySpace layouts page, I added one new group layout, and five layouts from the I’m So Sick video. They follow the same theme, and there’s one for each band member. On the video page, the rest of the MTV2 interviews were added. Thanks to Josh for those. Some beautiful icons were put up as well. Those were made by alonelovex on LJ.

In the gallery, some pictures were added to the autographs section. One is of a Flyleaf pick but I wasn’t sure where to put that so I stuck it in there. Some miscellaneous live shots and a few from the Showplace Theatre were added too.

New Section :: MySpace Layouts - 14 Comments

Since is clearly taking over the world, and since Courtney suggested that I should do this, I added up a page with customized Flyleaf layouts here. There’s only one up now, but I’ll work diligently to make more and add them up later on tonight. You can view the Flyleaf Online MySpace profile here. I’ll be adding the layouts up there, and maybe in the future I’ll incorporate news and other stuff into the profile as well. OMG ADD ME.

As far as the Family Values tour is concerned, still no updates. If you want to sign up for “instant details” about the tour, you can go here and do so.

I was fiddling around with the new Amy Cooper photoshoot pictures and made a bunch of new link buttons. The other ones were lame looking. So if you ever get the random urge to link the site, you can use one of those.

In the video section, the interview from MTV2’s T-Minus rock was added thanks to Josh. We should have the rest of the interviews up as they air. Don’t forget to watch if you have MTV2. I also added a wallpaper using the new pictures. I’ll be making more of those. Possibly one for each band member and another group one.

I added a form to the affiliates page so you don’t have to go through the trouble of emailing if you want to be affiliated with the site. I added about four new affiliates by the way. You should all check out those sites, since they’re all awesome.

On the contact page, a form was also added. You can report errors, ask questions, leave comments or suggestions. Anything your heart desires, and I’ll try my best to make it happen.

In the gallery, I added more pictures from radio shows that Sameer and Lacey did as well as some miscellaneous shots from the Canal Club. Annnd that’s about it.

Family Values Tour, Webster Theatre Pictures and Audio, MTV Article - 9 Comments

I think it’s finally official. Flyleaf will be touring with Korn and Deftones this summer. Tickets are going to be only $9.99 for lawn seats, which is a steal. You can check out an article about the tour and what cities they’re going to be playing here. Actual dates and venues haven’t been announced yet, but they should be soon. I also added up an article that MTV did on Flyleaf here. It touches on the album making process, their faith and a little bit about the tour.

A short interview from MTV’s Discover and Download was put up in the video section, and in the audio section, the show from the Webster was added. Thanks to Caleb and Tracie for those.

In the gallery, some pictures from Saratoga Winner’s were put up thanks to Patricia. Also added a bunch of pictures from the Webster thanks to Laurellz. A couple old Electric Factory pictures were added from the Snocore Tour.

Anyone want to see any new sections? The updates are getting moderately boring and I’m lost for ideas.

I’m no good with update titles. - 7 Comments

Edit: The Zydeco videos were added. Thanks to Caleb for those.

I think we can start off with a bit of good news today. Flyleaf will be hosting MTV2’s “T-Minus Rock” the week of the 24th, and will also be appearing and performing on Fuse’s Daily Download. Hopefully we’ll be able to get those online after they air, so don’t fret if you don’t have those channels. Also, on MTVU’s website, you can submit questions for an interview they’ll be doing with the band. When it’s posted, I’ll let you know.

For those of you that were looking for a legal Something I Can Never Have download without having to buy the full CD, iTunes finally added it. So go get it; it’s only 99 cents.

Flyleaf are rumored to be touring with Korn and Deftones during late summer/early fall, but I’m not sure if it’s been confirmed yet. I keep seeing it all over the place, so I figured I should mention it.

In the band section, I updated the chart history page, and also added a bunch of tidbits to the interesting facts page. Since a bunch of people are always asking, I compiled a little list of the things that Lacey writes on herself and where they’re from. I’m sure there’s more, but that’s what I could find for now.

In the media section, I added a wonderful drawing that a girl named Audra did. I also recoded the wallpaper page and added a new set of signatures. The newest RadioU interview was put up on the audio page. Thanks to Brandon for that mp3.

The gallery has a new layout. It took me a while to get the coding just right, which resulted in me wanting to rip my hair out…but I’m happy with how it came out. I added a bunch of pictures from the Yahoo! Studio from when the band did the performance of “I’m So Sick”. Some more from Juanita’s were added thanks to Stevie. Also put up a picture with Audra, her drawing and Lacey here.

Off The Wagon Videos - 7 Comments

I decided that Flyleaf Online needs to be pimped up a little. So, I just recoded the whole video page because it was getting to be ridiculously overpacked. Included in the recode, the Off the Wagon videos were added. 14 in total, and in the order they were played. Thanks to Caleb for those. Some from Zydeco should be coming up soon. So sit tight.

I also made it so the tour dates scroll in a marquee. I was planning on doing that when I added this new layout a long time ago, but I couldn’t find a code that didn’t fail miserably. A few more things should be coming in the next couple days.

Tomorrow, I’ll be working on a new gallery layout. That one has been there for a while. But for now, I added up a bunch of pictures from 6th Street & Wall from when the band was Passerby. A few new ones from Global Gathering were put up as well as some from Juanita’s thanks to Luke and Meagan. I capped the Flyleaf EPK video since it was decent quality. Recently the band did a shoot with Cynthia Rubin that everyone should check out here. Annddd some radio station had a thing where a fan could be chosen to get a “Rock Star Makeover” courtesy of Lacey and Melanie. You can see pictures from that here.