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Flyleaf’s Appearance on TRL - 5 Comments

We have Flyleaf’s appearance on TRL up on the site for anyone who may have missed it, or would like to see it again. Basically, the band is interviewed for a couple of minutes and then they join some celebrity judges in rating two groups playing Rock Band. Thanks to Ali for ripping, and Caleb for editing.

In addition to that, the last 2 videos from the MySpace Secret Show were added here thanks to Spree. Next up will be the videos from the Columbia/Finley Park show also known as Holypalooza. After that, we’ll have the show from Tink’s in Scranton, PA. Enjoy!

Entertainment Weekly 11/16 - 6 Comments

Flyleaf will be featured in the upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly hitting stands on November 16, 2007. I’ll be picking it up and scanning it for the site if you guys can’t get out to stores to get it.

Also, don’t forget about Lacey and Pat’s appearance on TRL tomorrow, November 15th! Tune in at 3:30 PM EST to see them judge video gamers playing Rock Band [which I’m So Sick will be featured on] and premiere the video for “All Around Me” on the show.

MTV’S TRL - 9 Comments

Lacey Mosley and Pat Seals were invited to be on TRL Thursday 11/15/07 to judge video gamers at their “Rock Band” skills. Make sure you check it out, Lacey and Pat also premiere their video for “All Around Me” on TRL!

The show airs at 3:30PM EST for anyone who might not watch it all the time. Not sure if we’re going to be able to get this for the site, so if anyone wants to record it and send it to us, that’d be really awesome.

Ashen INC. Designs - 5 Comments

Hey guys — This isn’t really a Flyleaf update, but it’s something I wanted to post here. I opened a graphic design site today. The website is called Ashen INC, and it’s a project I wanted to start to keep me busy in my spare time. A lot of people in the past have asked about the design work for Flyleaf Online, so I wanted to make a place where people who enjoy what I do here could get a unique design for their own site.

So if you guys might be interested, and wanted to check it out, that’d be awesome. Thanks! :]

Sales, Radio, Videos, Discography - 7 Comments

Flyleaf sold over 13,000 copies of the Special Edition CD/DVD in the first week. They jumped 59 spots on the Billboard Top 200 chart up to #62. The album has been on the charts for over 80 weeks, which is amazing. So congratulations to the band on a job well done. The DVD performances and acoustic audio…all beautiful and touching. You should really check it out if you haven’t already. It was on sale for $11.99 and $14.88 at Best Buy and Walmart respectively, and is available online at iTunes for $9.99.

I added around 15 songs to the radio today, and reorganized the entire thing. It’s now separated into 3 sections; Acoustic, Live and Studio. The additions were made only the acoustic and live sections. The radio information page will be updated with where to get the stuff for download/purchase soon.

In the media section, I added a few new things. The entire AT&T Blue Room show is now linked on the Pro-Shot Live page. I’m not going to be offering those for download since I don’t want to get sued by a big company. ‘Cuz that would suck. But I did add some videos from the MySpace show shot by Spree. Those are available here. Thanks to Spree for shooting those, and to Caleb for making the streaming versions.

In other news, an acoustic EP was released on Rhapsody recently. Information about it is available here and you can purchase it here.

Music for Relief, Videos, Passerby Army - 7 Comments

Hi All — With the devastation from the recent fires in Southern California, you may have heard that Music for Relief and Unite the United have put together a charity auction to raise funds for those affected by this tragedy.

Linkin Park approached us to get involved, and we’re more than happy to to do so. Here is the link where you can bid on amazing items from a ton of great bands and events (including a specialty Flyleaf item).

Thanks for all your help and support to those in need!

To bid specifically on Flyleaf’s item, you can visit here to do so. Bid away! It’s for a great cause, and the prize is awesome!

Sales figures for the special edition CD/DVD will be in tomorrow. Due to a contest on the streetteam that I don’t want to spoil, I can’t divulge today. But the band did great. They’ve shipped over 925,000 copies of the album, which means they’re only 75,000 away from an RIAA Platinum Certification.

Speaking of the Special Edition — all of the lyrics have been added for the new versions on the albums page, including all of the new lyrics for Cassie. Enjoy!

The rest of the videos from the Hartford FVT show shot by Ali were added on the live shows page. Coming up next will be the MySpace Secret Show shot by Spree, so look forward to that.

The contest has officially ended. There’s over 400 votes that I need to tally up as soon as possible. I’ll be contacting winners fairly soon about that, and they’ll be announced here as well.

In other news, I’ve been given the opportunity to help out with Passerby Army, Flyleaf’s Official Fanclub. I’ll be helping to run the forums, helping with news for the site, and possibly working on some multimedia in the future. I’m working on a new design for the site as well, so hopefully it’ll be well received. Anyway — I just wanted to let you guys know in case you saw me over there and wondered. If you haven’t joined yet, you should really consider it. :D

10.30.2007 – Special Edition in Stores - 35 Comments

Hello everyone. I hope you are as excited as we are about the CD/DVD release. We’ve been reading and hearing the comments about the teasers. Thank you for all of your support through these years. I pray it’s a long adventurous journey ahead. – Sameer

Today is the day! The Flyleaf Special Edition CD/DVD will be hitting stores this morning. Be sure to pick up your copy at your local CD store, or order it online here, here or at any of your favorite online retailers.

Let’s push the band as high as we possibly can in sales and on the charts this week by picking up a copy or two. You know how awesome the special edition is going to be, so let’s show our support by going out and getting it. :D

If you can’t get to the store, you can buy the special edition on iTunes for $9.99. You can do so by clicking here. It comes with a digital booklet, and all of the videos/audio on the original release. There’s also a brand new Much Like Falling EP on iTunes as well. You can purchase that by clicking here. The tracklisting is:

1) Much Like Falling
2) Supernatural (Acoustic)
3) Tina
4) Justice & Mercy

So everyone who might have been looking to buy some of those tracks, be sure to get that EP. It’s only $2.99.

Here is an extended Fully Alive teaser clip:

PS – New photoshoot pictures and scans of the Special Edition booklet have been added.

AT&T Blue Room Concert Series - 32 Comments

Flyleaf is featured on AT&T’s Blue Room Concert Series

The concert is professionally shot with amazing sound. For everyone who’s been waiting for something pro-shot of Flyleaf at a live show, here you are. There are 8 songs on the website, and all are great quality. You can click on the image to be taken to AT&T’s page.

It was shot at the House of Blues Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California on June 16, 2007 I believe.

There for You is perfect. If you have time to only watch one, you should check that one out.


Videos / Gallery / Radio Info / AAM / YouTube / Charts - 9 Comments

News just in — All Around Me will be going to Top 40 and pop radio formats. Between this and the reissue of the album, the album might be pushed to platinum sooner than we might have thought. A lot more fans seem to be catching on, which is awesome.

As far as general site news — Flyleaf Online has been extended to YouTube. I created a profile for the website, and will be uploading videos steadily over the next while to make the profile complete. That way you can embed Flyleaf Online videos on your MySpace’s or personal sites if you ever had the inclination to do so.

The page with information on the Flyleaf Radio songs has been brought back, and it’s been fully updated with the new tracks. Hopefully that helps some of you that have been wondering where they all came from.

In the media section, three more videos have been added from the Hartford, CT show. Currently, we have over 220 Flyleaf videos hosted on our site, which is kinda cool.

I’m So Sick Teaser - 12 Comments

Here’s the teaser for I’m So Sick from the October 30, 2007 rerelease of Flyleaf’s debut album. :D Awesome, ain’t it?

Caleb and I are going on vacation for a week or so, so there might be an absence of updates. If anything newsworthy pops up, I think Ali might be cool enough to let everyone know. *nudges Ali*

Demand / Contest / Charts / Gallery / Videos / Article - 14 Comments

The results are in for the FLYLEAF College Competition

1) Marshall University (472 people)
2) Liberty university (429 people)
3) Glendale Community College (380 people)
4) Texas A&M (379 people)
5) California State University, San Bernardino (357 people)

The Flyleaf Karaoke Contest Voting has begun. Please read the rules before casting your vote. Good luck to everyone that entered. :D

The band section has been updated with some new chart numbers. All Around Me has peaked at #6 on the Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart, and the album recently went up to #59 on the Top 200 which is awesome. In addition to that, a new interview with Jared was posted on the articles page.

A few more videos have been posted up from the Hartford FVT show that Ali recorded. Thanks again to her, and to Caleb for editing.

Also — not really huge news, but Doug [AM/Octone’s ST manager] let me redesign the header banner for the Flyleaf Street Team, which I thought was cool. If you haven’t joined up there yet, you should consider it. FanCorps has just released a store system where you can exchange store credits for Flyleaf related items. It’s still in it’s beginning stages, but it’s a cool concept. There’s also a lot of other new stuff, but you can read about it if you join.

October 30, 2007 – NEW FLYLEAF CONFIRMATION - 27 Comments

Entertainment Weekly (#956, September 28, 2007, page 18)

“And finally, who is Flyleaf, and why is their album still at No. 64 after 78 weeks? Credit fans of this hard-touring, under-the-radar Christian rock group, who continue to purchase their self-titled debut album. A repackaged CD/DVD featuring interviews with the band and acoustic versions of five songs is due Oct. 30.”

So there you have it guys. Flyleaf’s debut album will be re-released with all new packaging, interviews and acoustic videos and audio. The preorder can be seen on Tracklisting can be seen below, as well as a trailer for the release. You need quicktime to view it, and you have to hit ‘play’ because it doesn’t autostart.

1). I’m So Sick
2). Fully Alive
3). Perfect
4). Cassie
5). Sorrow
6). I’m Sorry
7). All Around Me
8). Red Sam
9). There For You
10). Breathe Today
11.) So I Thought

1). All Around Me
2). Fully Alive
3). I’m So Sick

1). Fully Alive
2). Red Sam
3). Cassie
4). I’m So Sick
5). All Around Me

1). Fully Alive (Acoustic)
2). Red Sam (Acoustic)
3). Cassie (Acoustic)
4). I’m So Sick (Acoustic)
5). All Around Me (Acoustic)

Plus a free “All Around Me” ringtone and wallpaper, as well as a locker poster.

News / Chart / FlyleafMusic / Videos / Gallery - 18 Comments

Guitar Hero III for X-Box

Fans already salivating for next month’s release of the video game “Guitar Hero III” will be treated to an Interscope CD featuring music from the game and a special code unlocking new or remixed songs from Marilyn Manson, AFI and Flyleaf.

Via a code that will come with the disc, Xbox Live users can unlock the bonus playable songs “Carcinogen Crush” from AFI, “Tina” from Flyleaf and a remix of Manson’s “Putting Holes in Happiness” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Nick Zinner.

Also, the Flyleaf Street Team is buzzing with news of new Flyleaf coming in October. What it actually is has remained a secret, but I’ve heard rumors of a Flyleaf LP reissue with new artwork and features or a Flyleaf DVD. Not sure exactly yet, but it’ll be posted here as soon as I know.

In other news, and the Flyleaf Merch Site have gotten makeovers. Nothing new as far as content really, but it’s worth looking at because it’s pretty. :D In addition to that, Flyleaf is nominated on Cornerstone’s “Favorite Shows” poll, so everyone should go and vote for the band there. Registration is free on that site, so go nuts.

Band section pages that have been updated this time include chart history as well as the tour page.

In the media section, the radio audio page and the misc audio page have been updated with new stuff. A couple more videos from the Atlanta FVT date have been added to the live video page thanks to Spree. Also, coming soon to theatres, we have 3 or 4 full length Flyleaf shows in the works to be posted in the video section. Those include the secret MySpace show and Holypalooza thanks to Spree, Hartford FVT [including a short acoustic show/interview] thanks to Ali and the Scranton Tink’s show thanks to Caleb. So look out for that in the coming weeks.

PS – The band loved the second Scrapbook. They really appreciate that all of the fans are pitching in to do this project, so hopefully we can keep it going. Thank you guys for helping me out by sending in amazing messages for the band.

College Demand / InStore - 7 Comments

Click above to demand Flyleaf to come to your college. The top 5 colleges on the list will have a show played at their college. So if you live near any of the colleges listed on that site and want to see the band play, you should participate.

Also, Flyleaf will be making an appearance at the Gallery of Sound in Dickson City, PA before their show at Tink’s on September 18th. The first 200 people to show up get a one of a kind Flyleaf t-shirt in addition to meeting the band.

Actual site updates to come soon. Just wanted to post this bit of news for everyone. :]

Scrapbook / Secret Show / Tour Dates / Charts / Merch / SayNow - 21 Comments

Flyleaf will be playing a secret show on September 12, 2007 at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, NC. If you’re in that general area, you should consider going to the show. It’s absolutely free of charge. The ST has had us promoting the show, so that’s how we know it’s official. Otherwise, it’s been a well kept secret. Go to the show and support the band if you’re nearby!

In other news, the official merch site has been updated with new shirts and a new hoodie. The band also has a page on where they post voicemail messages from the road.

The band section has been updated with new tour dates and some new numbers on the chart history page.

In the media section, I finally added the audio from the Rolling Stone Acoustics since they’re no longer available for purchase. In addition to that, some new videos were added. 3 new live videos from Atlanta thanks to Spree, and 1 amazing interview from Music Choice’s Fresh Crops thanks to Josh.

In the internet section some new affiliates were added including a brand new Flyleaf site called Flyleaf Web. So go show Justin some love and visit his site.

A reminder to those who want to donate something to the Scrapbook Project: I’m going to be putting another book together between this and next weekend to give to the band at the Scranton, PA Tink’s show on September 18th. So if you want to be included in the next book, please email me your submission soon.

Charts / FAQ / BFTP / Wallpapers / Rock the Deuce / Tattoos / Gallery - 27 Comments

Lots of site updates today guys. Prepare yourselves. :P

In the band section, the chart history page has been updated as always with new numbers. The band is up to #11 on the Top Modern Rock Track chart, and up to #65 on the Top 200. The album has been on that chart for 75 weeks so far, which is awesome. In addition to that, the FAQ has been updated with information about Tina, and more about Lacey’s tattoos for those of you who are interested. The Blast From The Past page has also been heavily updated.

In the media section, 11 new wallpapers were added on the donated page. Thanks to everyone that sent some in. :D On the video page, we put up Flyleaf’s appearance on Rock the Deuce. That can be found in the interview section. Spree also sent in some amazing live videos from the Atlanta Family Values date that we’ll be adding up in a couple days. So look forward to those. The audio section also got a facelift. It’s much easier to navigate now. I’m thinking about having a feature where you guys can stream each audio file as well as being able to download it. If you’re interested in that feature, let me know in a comment and I’ll see what I can do. :]

The fan section was updated with a couple of new tattoos from Cate. In addition to that, the Flyleaf fanlisting has over 600 members now. If you haven’t joined already, you should check it out. :]

As far as miscellaneous site updates go, I upgraded the gallery software and modified the templates. Now it has updates at the bottom of the main page, and a chunk of statistics. I also added a form to the bottom of the right sidebar where you can sign up for the Flyleaf Online Newsletter. Every month or so, I’ll be sending out updates on the band that include videos, pictures and anything else relevant. So feel free to sign up for it. :]

Charts / Discography / Fanart / Wallpapers / Gallery / Audio - 24 Comments

Flyleaf will be on MTV2’s Rock the Deuce tomorrow night 8/25 at 10PM EST. Ali will be taping/ripping the episode for upload here, so if you can’t see it, don’t worry. For everyone who can watch it, please do. :]

In the band section, the discography section was updated with the information about the I’m So Sick remix that will be appearing on the Resident Evil Extinction soundtrack. I uploaded the track to the radio for everyone to listen to. It’s really an awesome remix. If you enjoy it, you should pick up the soundtrack on September 18th. In addition to that, the chart page was updated. Flyleaf is #7 on the Top Hard Rock Albums right now.

In the media section, a bunch of new audio was uploaded. Two new shows were added from the NJ FVT dates, and 2 acoustic tracks were also put up. The acoustic All Around Me has a slight glitchy sound in it, but aside from that, the recordings are pretty good. Also uploaded into the media section, were some new fanarts and wallpapers. So enjoy.

New Official Streeteam / iTunes page / News - 24 Comments

AM/Octone has unleashed the brand new official streetteam website. It’s really amazing, professional and useful. If you want to help the band out and promote on and offline, you should consider taking the time out to join the team.

A message board, media/tools section and points system have been integrated into the new site. Everything you do is worth points that you can use towards prizes in the future, like guest list access and other exclusive things. Basically, it’s awesome and you should join.

Aside from that, some news on the Flyleaf front has surfaced. I’m So Sick will be featured in a video game called Rock Band. I think it’s something similar to Guitar Hero for anyone who’s played it. Also, a remix of I’m So Sick will be featured on the new Resident Evil soundtrack, which is pretty cool.

In addition to that, you all should visit the Flyleaf iTunes page and spread it around if you get the chance. A link to it can be found below.