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What’s This Cover Sample - 69 Comments

Everyone who wanted to hear a clip of Flyleaf’s cover of What’s This should click here. They’re number 6 on the tracklisting. Sounds awesome right? :D

In addition to that, Caleb put up the rest of the Tink’s show which can be found here.

Caleb and I will be going to the RevGen Festival and also the NYS Fair show. If you see us there, say hi. :]

New Media – Animations - 12 Comments

Since I haven’t really seen many of them around, I figured that I should spend some time making a bunch of Flyleaf animations for people to use on the internet. So I did, and after about 3 hours of work, I made about 30 of them in 3 different sizes each. Below are some examples, and you can click here to view them all.

If you have requests for something you want to see a .gif for, feel free to comment with a link to a video. Enjoy! :]

Jared Posted an Update on MySpace - 5 Comments

hi everyone i think its about time for an update on what we have been up to. well this has been the first summer in about 4 years that we haven’t been on tour and it has been a refreshing change. i got a boat early in the summer and have been catching up on some much needed wakeboarding and fishing. i caught a 5lb bass last month which is the biggest fresh water fish i have ever caught i was pretty proud. i have been going to see alot of movies and i got some of my friends to start playing age of empires 2 (probably my favorite real time strategy game of all time) with me. for the past month we have been busy working on new songs for the record. i am really excited how they are turning out. we have a few shows coming up im looking forward to ACL the most because the Foo Fighters are going to be there. well thats about all i can think of right now. but we will keep yall posted.


New Album News - 33 Comments

The band has begun the pre-production process, recording album demos with producer Mark Lewis, according to Jared. Jared says that the band has about 8 songs recorded, with a bunch more ideas ready to hammer out.

For his full message, you can listen here.

MTV VMA’s - 17 Comments

Want to help nominate FLYLEAF for a Video Music Award?! Watch FN’MTV THIS Friday, August 8th at 8PM EST for details.

They have not been nominated yet. The way they MTV is doing it this year is that the fans get to vote for which videos will get nominated. Flyleaf has “All Around Me” up for nomination for Best Rock Video and VIDEO OF THE YEAR!

Voting opens at 8pm EST this Friday, 08/08 and closes Wednesday, 08/15 at 11 AM EST.

Starting around 8PM, everyone should go over to MTV.COM and show Flyleaf some love. It would be awesome if we could get them nominated for a VMA!

I think we should focus on All Around Me for Best Rock Video because that’s where they have the best chance. Vote away!

Flyleaf covers What’s This - 23 Comments

Elfman, Korn, Plain White T’s Revisit ‘Nightmare’
August 05, 2008 – Rock and Pop

Walt Disney Records will release “Nightmare Revisited,” a collection of covers and new recordings inspired by the 1993 film “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas,” on Sept. 30.

Danny Elfman re-recorded “Opening” and “Closing” from the film’s score, and Korn, Amy Lee, Plain White T’s, Rise Against, Rodrigo y Gabriela and Flyleaf contribute their versions of songs from the soundtrack.

The CD also will include the movie trailer as a bonus feature.

The complete track listing is:

1. Overture – DeVotchka
2. Opening – Danny Elfman
3. This Is Halloween – Marilyn Manson
4. Jack’s Lament – All American Rejects
5. Doctor Finkelstein/In The Forest – Amiina
6. What’s This? – Flyleaf
7. Town Meeting Song – Polyphonic Spree
8. Jack And Sally Montage – The Vitamin String Quartet
9. Jack’s Obsession – Sparklehorse
10. Kidnap The Sandy Claws – Korn
11. Making Christmas – Rise Against
12. Nabbed – Yoshida Brothers
13. Oogie Boogie’s Song – Tiger Army
14. Sally’s Song – Amy Lee
15. Christmas Eve Montage – RJD2
16. Poor Jack – Plain White Ts
17. To The Rescue – Datarock
18. Finale/Reprise – Shiny Toy Guns
19. Closing – Danny Elfman
20. End Title – The Album Leaf
21. Oogie Boogie’s Song – Rodrigo y Gabriela

New Layout - 25 Comments

Sorry to everyone who liked the other one better, but I needed a change. So here we are, Flyleaf Online version 12134190. I’m working out the kinks right now. So if anything looks funny, please bare with me.

Hope ya like it. :]

Say Now Updates, Gallery, Chart History - 8 Comments

Flyleaf’s Say Now page had been kind of quiet as of late, but Jared and Sameer have left some new updates. Sameer talks about how he’s been practicing and writing some new stuff, and Jared talks about how they’re going to officially start writing next week for the new record. I’m personally very excited about that.

I also wanted to let everyone know that I’m going to start working on the fourth Flyleaf Scrapbook soon, which will hopefully be delivered to the band on September 1st in Syracuse. This one is actually going to be a book that I’m going to be designing and printing professionally using, which I’m super excited about. So if you have anything to contribute in the way of a collage, story, or anything else, be sure to submit it within the next few weeks so it’s included.

Flyleaf Signed Canvas Contest - 7 Comments

Everyone who orders “Flyleaf – Beneath the Surface DVD” between now and 6PM EDT July 21, 2008 will automatically be entered to win one of three Flyleaf Tree of Life canvas prints, autographed by the entire band.

Grand Prize: Three (3) grand prize winners will receive a canvas print autographed by Flyleaf.

Click here for more information.

Flyleaf Archive - 11 Comments

While it’s not completely finished, I pretty much couldn’t wait. This is the new addition to the Flyleaf Online family; Flyleaf Archive. It’s a video streaming station in the same vein as YouTube, only dedicated to solely to Flyleaf videos. Everyone who is interested can also upload fan covers, tribute videos, etc, and embed their videos on MySpace as well as other sites. I really aimed to make it have much higher quality videos than what normal streaming sites have. So hopefully it’ll be worth using for that, if not for any other reason.

It’s also a community based site where people can sign up, rate, post comments, make groups, and tons of other stuff. So feel free to register and fill out a profile.

Not everything is uploaded, so if things are missing, hopefully it’ll show up soon. Here’s an example of what you’ll see on your profile if you choose to embed from there:

Anyway, super excited about the new site. Hopefully everyone likes it. :D

Flyleaf MySpace Blog - 5 Comments

Sameer and Jared will be signing at the World Vision booth and holding a guitar clinic at the Gear & Guitar Bazaar in Puyallup, WA the weekend of July 12-13! If you’re in the area, be cure to check out for times, tickets, and everything you’ll need to know.

Other than that, we’ll see those of you whose neck of the woods we’re coming through this Summer- be sure to check the tour dates to see if that includes you. Thanks! FL

For those of you in the US, have a great 4th of July. To everyone else, have a wonderful evening. :D

Beneath the Surface DVD - 15 Comments

The Beneath the Surface DVD is now available on Flyleaf’s Web Store. It’s $15.00, with the lowest shipping cost at $7.40 that I could find. So it’s a little pricier than what it would be if you bought it at a show, but I maintain that it’s worth it. The DVD is really informative and lets you get to know the band better. So for everyone that really wanted one, here’s your opportunity. :]

Vote / Project Update - 15 Comments

As some of you may already know, Flyleaf has been doing great on VH1’s Top 20 Countdown. They’ve gotten up to #6 on the countdown, and I think that’s pretty awesome. If you want to support the band, click here and vote once a week, putting Flyleaf at your number 1. While you’re at it, you should vote for the band on TRL as well.

As of right now, not much is going on in the Flyleaf world. They’re scheduled to play some one off’s here and there, but for the most part they’re resting. Jared updated everyone as to what they were doing in their time off here. Tomorrow, they’re set to play the Boost Mobile Rock Corps show, which should be great. To get tickets, basically you have to volunteer your time to an organization.

Behind the scenes, I’ve been working tirelessly on the new project. Halfway through, my host told me the software I was using for it wasn’t allowed because it guzzles up the servers resources. So I had to start over from the beginning. I decided to move it to its own domain in the meantime. It should be open to the public soon. :]

For those of you who wanted to download the Denver show with the HQ version of You Are My Joy/From The Inside Out, among others, you can do so by clicking here.

Tour Dates, Chart History, Lyrics, Radio, Video Info - 19 Comments

First off, just wanted to let everyone know that a few new clips were added to the radio today. The first is a live, good quality version of Flyleaf covering You Are My Joy / From The Inside Out. The other two are under the ‘studio’ heading, and are some clips from Third Day’s new record, which feature Lacey on vocals. Those two are called Born Again and Run To You.

In addition to that, quite a few new tour dates have been added. So check those out if you want to see the band live within the next few months. Also in the band section, I thought it would be a good idea to put up lyrics from the songs that the band has covered. I also updated the video information page with some new stuff about Sorrow.

As always, the chart history page was updated.

Beneath the Surface DVDs - 16 Comments

Everybody who sent money through PayPal for their DVD should be receiving them in a few days. It’ll probably take a little longer for international orders. They were sent out this afternoon.

Just wanted to let everyone know. :]

A new contest should be launching soon where the grand prize will be a Flyleaf prize pack including a DVD. So look out for that sometime in the near future.

Register for the FO WordPress, Subscribe to Updates, Charts, Gallery - 9 Comments

I installed a plugin to allow members to register for the Flyleaf Online wordpress. After registering, you guys can manage your profile, upload an avatar and subscribe to updates.

The avatars are gravatar based, so just sign up there using the same email you use to sign up here, and it’ll automatically work when you comment on Flyleaf Online updates.

This isn’t the big huge project that I was talking about, by the way. I’m still ever working on that. Hopefully it’ll be done within a couple weeks.

The chart history page has been updated again, as always. In addition to that, the gallery has hit over ten thousand pictures, which is awesome.

New Project - 7 Comments

Edit: Thanks to the 15 people who offered their help. Everyone who emailed me got an invitation. The project will launch within the next couple weeks or so. :]

Hey guys, I have a favor to ask some of you who are willing to help me out. I’m starting this big new project for the website that I’m looking to launch within the next couple weeks, and I’m looking for a few people to help me test it out. There’s a prize in it for the top helper, so your work won’t be worthless. ;)

The first 15 people who email me will be invited to beta test the project. Basically what you’d be asked to do is thoroughly check out what I’ve done so far, test out the software, and give me feedback through email. The one person who helps out the most and gives the most useful feedback will get a copy of the Flyleaf Special Edition CD/DVD and some other cool Flyleaf related stuff.

About the cancellation of dates - 23 Comments

I’m very sorry about having to cancel the last 5 shows of our tour with Seether. I’m trying to quit crying when I think about all the people I have let down, but I pray that there will be grace and understanding to help me through this time. After 2 weeks of having no voice between shows, my voice finally went out during the second song of our set we played at Nokia Theatre in Times Square. We cut 6 songs and I struggled to finish the set with the heavier songs that drowned out my singing anyway.. Pat even came in for the screams and falsettos… haha.. It was a shame that Rich had his microphone turned off.. I heard people say that everything sounded great and I was thankful that no one seemed to notice how bad I was struggling. The next day we were scheduled to play in Pittsburgh, and I also had an appointment to see the vocal doctor there that morning. After seeing the damage I had done to my vocal cords already and worrying about seriously injuring myself by continuing the tour we decided to cancel. Pittsburgh was particularly difficult to cancel because it was a special show with our friends and family and we were getting to play with one of my favorite new bands, Kairos. Its interesting that the last time we had to cancel a tour cause my voice went out it was during a headlining run with Resident Hero and Fair To Midland and it also ended in Pittsburgh.

With all this sad news we are actually very happy to be home to rest and write and work on a new record. The guys and I have been writing individually and after I get completely well we will get together and have a brand new Flyleaf album for you to enjoy. I hope you are just as excited as we are because the songs that we have, even at this point, are my favorite ones we’ve written. I love you all so much, and thank you so much for being so amazing to us. We will do our best to take better care of ourselves next time so that we wont have to cancel any more shows. -lacey

This is from the band’s MySpace.

It’s really good that they got to go home, but the circumstances of it are kinda sad. Hopefully Lacey’s voice feels better soon and they’re able to enjoy the time off.

More updates to come tomorrow night or Friday.