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New Live Videos, Tour Dates, And ST Reminder - 55 Comments

Now that news about the new Flyleaf album is starting to pick up, I just wanted to remind everyone that loves to promote Flyleaf to join their official street team. We’ve got a great community brewing over there. I expect promotion will start up within the next month or so, so everyone who hasn’t joined in yet should consider it. It’d be good to start now so you can get settled in before the big wave of new stuff comes. Anyway! It’s really awesome over there. Check it out.

I also wanted to let you guys know that the tour page has been updated to reflect the band’s most current tour schedule.

Flyleaf played in Oklahoma at the Ford Center last night, and a YouTube user uploaded a lot of great videos. Here are some:

Check out the rest here. Thanks to Duck387 for the awesome stuff.

Say Now - 24 Comments

I just wanted to let everyone know that Flyleaf has been updating their Say Now page fairly frequently. If you haven’t called to leave them a message, you should. They reply to a lot of them. Check it out, and post the SayNow widget on your page if you haven’t already.

“There For You” Live at the Slinging Tattoo Expo - 41 Comments

I don’t usually post just single performances of songs as an update, but I have to post this. The audio is great. It’s different from the way Flyleaf has done There For You in the past. Pat sings backup on Hungry (Falling on my Knees), and they added a song called How He Loves Us at the end. It’s really powerful. I hope they nevereverever stop playing There For You live.

Lindy wins the MAAW EP because she posted this. I might be a big dork, but that was really awesome to me. So yeah, she wins. More contests to come in conjunction with the new album release, f0sh0.

New Tour Datessss! - 11 Comments

4/28 College Station, TX @ Hurricane Harry’s *on sale Sat, March 14

4/30 Tyler, TX @ Click’s *on sale Fri, March 13

5/4 New Orleans, LA @ House of Blues *on sale Sat, March 14

5/5 Mobile, AL @ Soul Kitchen *on sale Fri, March 13

5/6 Fort Walton Beach, FL @ The Swamp *on sale March 13

5/9 N. Myrtle Beach, SC @ House of Blues *on sale Sat, March 14

5/11 Charleston, SC @ The Music Farm *on sale Sat, March 14

5/12 Charlotte, NC @ Amos’ Southend *on sale Sat, March 14

5/13 Asheville, NC @ The ..Orange Peel *on sale Sat, March 14

5/17 Louisville, KY @ City Block *on sale Sat, March 14

Also, Flyleaf shirts are being sold for $5.00 over at their web store. Go buy some before they’re gone!

New-ish Interview - 8 Comments

Apparently there’s more to come soon from the Fuse YouTube, so I’ll keep a look out and post when it’s uploaded. Thanks to Christina for posting! This was taken last year during the Creation Festival, so it’s not brand spankin’ new. But hey! We’ll take what we can get. :D

Also, please read the post below this one if you haven’t already. Please Help Save Esther. Thank you everyone!

Help Save Esther - 59 Comments

Posted on the band’s MySpace:


My (​Samee​r)​ cousi​n,​ Esthe​r,​ has recei​ved recen​t news that she has medul​labla​stoma​ in stage​ 4, which​ is the most aggre​ssive​ stage​.​ She is a 22 year old girl with her whole​ life ahead​ of her. I love her. She is a siste​r to me.

The cance​r has sprea​d to her spine​ neck and brain​.​ Insur​ance will not help out and they don’​t have the money​ to manag​e this.​ The cost will surpa​ss $​100k for all the treat​ment at MD Ander​son in Houst​on.​ I hope to have a clear​er break​down of the costs​ soon.​ TIME IS OF THE ESSEN​CE.​

I’m askin​g every​one who can to come and/​or donat​e anyth​ing accor​ding to what they can and feel led to.

The band will be aucti​oning​ off some of our gear and whate​ver we can so that she gets what she needs​.​

I’m bless​ed to have such suppo​rtive​ peopl​e aroun​d me.

She must get the funds​!​ I will do all it takes​!​

Thank​ you!

-​Samee​r and all of Flyle​af
Anyone that would like to contribute go to: www.helps​avees​ther.​com

Free MAAW EP - 132 Comments

Since the Flyleaf news front has been so quiet the past few months, I’m going to start a new contest.

Whoever is able to find the biggest, most exciting news about Flyleaf in regards to the new album, a new tour, etc, will win a free Music as a Weapon EP. Of course the news has to be true, so please cite a source (Wikipedia doesn’t count :P).

There is no deadline. Just however long it takes to find something exciting!

Vh1 Top 10 Rock Videos of 2008 - 55 Comments

Flyleaf has been considered to be one of the Top 10 Rock Videos of 2008 by VH1 with their video for All Around Me. You can view the video, and the news about it here Congrats to the band on their success in 2008. It was really a great year for them.

I hope everyone who celebrates has a wonderful holiday. I’m really excited for when things pick up again with the band in the New Year. News on them has been really quiet, but I’ve heard that they’ve been in LA recording, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that it went well if that’s true.

New Album News from - 54 Comments

According to The Pulse of Radio, FLYLEAF will hit the studio no later than January 2009 to begin work on the follow-up to its 2005 self-titled debut, which went platinum after selling more than one million copies. Much of that was due to the band’s relentless touring schedule, which kept them on the road for over two years and also took a heavy toll on singer Lacey Mosley’s voice. The vocalist told us that having a long break before getting back to work was just what the doctor ordered: “I think this time off has been so needed and I think that the most important thing for you to do when your voice is so worn out like that is just stop singing for a while. For me it was like really relieving to get a lot of time to just rest and not have to sing every night the way that we do, and it’s been good. And my voice is great, a hundred percent better.”

FLYLEAF’s more than two years of touring and promotion for its debut CD included stints with KORN and the Family Values Tour, as well as two rock radio singles, “I’m So Sick” and “Fully Alive”.

The band is currently writing songs for the new album, which Mosley said were influenced by KORN and SHINEDOWN.

FLYLEAF will play a radio festival in Orlando, Florida on December 14 and may also appear at a few more holiday shows before the end of the year.

It looks like recording was pushed back a bit, but in a way it’s good because Lacey’s voice seems ready to go now. It seems like they’re still in the process of writing, so they must have a lot of material by now.

Just a note… -

I just wanted to make a few very important things clear to the people that visit this site. After the discussion that went on in the last post, I feel that it’s necessary.

Some people feel that they are owed certain information regarding Lacey’s husband or pictures of Lacey’s wedding because they’re really big fans and they put X amount of money into supporting Flyleaf. You pay for what you get. You buy a CD? You get a CD. You buy a Flyleaf shirt? You get a shirt. Buy a concert ticket? You get an awesome show. Unless Flyleaf starts a fund where people donate money to their cause in exchange for rights to pry into their business, you don’t automatically get the rights to information about their private lives unless they choose to let you know.

I do not post pictures or information that invades the band’s private life. Any pictures that are used on the site that show life outside of a show/TV special/their MySpace/etc. were given to the site by people who work closely with the band or are in the band. I make it a point to respect their private lives as much as possible.

So the point of this is to ask that people respect their right to privacy. Any details about Lacey’s marriage, or personal information about any of the members of this band will be removed from this site unless it comes from Flyleaf directly. Thank you, come again. :]

Flyleaf off tour, recalls rough road -

Last Thursday I sat down in Waco with front woman Lacey Sturm and guitarist Jared Hartmann of Flyleaf, an alternative and metal mix quintet composed of Belton and Temple natives.

The band was off tour and talked about the their experiences on the road and in concert.

“Step into my office,” Sturm said while crawling into the back of a musty white ’88 Ford van with a dim rear light that kept turning off as people entered and left. Hartmann, followed by his wife, Kat Hartmann, propped themselves against various amps and equipment inside the van.

“(Sturm) sold her car to buy this van from a church member of Bethel Assemblies of God in Temple six or seven months after the band formed,” Kat said.

“This is where we used to sleep,” Sturm said. “This is where we used to live.” She pointed where bunk beds were built and a TV used to be. “We did six national tours in this van, we drove all the way to Seattle from (Texas),” she said.

Click here to read the entire article.

The Gauntlet Interview - 17 Comments

Sameer did an interview very recently with Jason Fisher of He talked a lot about their Nightmare Before Christmas cover of “What’s This”, as well as about the new album.

The Gauntlet: How long are you planning to record the album?

Sameer: However long it takes. With our last record, we got there in January and left in March. So around two months, but we will see how long this one will take. We really learned a lot making the first album and talking with the bands we toured with. We are further into our craft now, haven’t mastered it yet.

The Gauntlet: How many songs are you planning to record?

Sameer: I think we want twelve songs on the record. We might have more, but we want around twelve. We have thirty to choose from and we just wrote more last week so we will see how it goes.

The Gauntlet: Because the band came up in popularity so quickly, you began playing headlining sets of 90 mins with a 40 min album. Due to this, Flyleaf began playing new songs on the road for the last couple years. Will any of those songs that fans might already know make it to the album?

Sameer: I don’t know. I would like to hear a few of those songs again on the record. I would like to hear Justice and Mercy on the record even though that was released on an EP. We have enough songs so we don’t have to repeat songs we have been playing but we will see how it goes. The label will have some input and so will the producer. We will take everyone’s suggestions with a grain of salt.

Click here to read the entire interview.

Anniversary of Flyleaf Album Release - 65 Comments

Today marks the 3rd year anniversary of Flyleaf’s debut album release. In the next few days, the band is going to start rehearsing and recording for their follow up with Howard Benson. When did you guys get into this band, and what drew you to them? What do you want to see the next time around as far as the new record, and what elements of the old record do you want to see live on? I’m curious to hear everyone’s answers.

In other news, I have some more pictures from ACL:

Austin City Limits Pictures & What’s This Cover - 22 Comments

Here are some pictures taken at the show today. These were photographed by Matt Ellis.

Also, we have a surprise! posted a stream of the Nightmare Revisited soundtrack, which means we get to hear Flyleaf’s cover of What’s This before the album comes out. I put it up on the radio to the right under the ‘studio’ section. It’s really awesome, and everyone should take a listen.

The video from the Austin City Limits concert will be up tonight I hope. Maybe a new layout sometime soon too…

Stay tuned. :)

ATT Blue Room ACL Concert & Album News - 24 Comments

ATT Blue Room will be doing a live stream of the Austin City Limits show that Flyleaf will be playing at tomorrow. It looks like they’ll be up there for about 45 minutes to an hour starting at 3:30. The ATT site says all times are Eastern Standard, so for those of you to the middle or left of the USA, make sure you tune in at the right time according to where you live. :]

I’m going to try my best to snag the video for the site, but to be safe, everyone should try and tune in to watch the band. It’s not often that we get to see a pro-shot concert from them.

In regards to them playing new stuff live at ACL, Sameer had this to say:

“We’ll see how it goes,” Bhattacharya says. “I really don’t know how comfortable we feel with these songs yet. Everybody in the band writes, and you have five completely different people.”

In addition to that, Pat spoke to thev247 about the new album.

“I think we learned how to get to the point a little bit better. Hopefully it’ll sound like an older version of us, you know … more mature,” Seals said. “This group of songs, most of them were kind of written really close to each other, whereas the last album they were written over a course of a couple of years. I hope that will give it more of a unifed feeling of where we were at in the summer of 2008.”

New Record News - 28 Comments

The band will be going into the studio in LA with Howard Benson in early October to begin recording the new album. They have about 16-17 new songs that they’ve recorded with Mark Lewis that they’ll be working on, and Sameer says that they hope to be done recording by winter, and that they’ll maybe have the record out by spring ’09. :D