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Remembering Rich - Leave a comment


Today is the two year anniversary of the day the world lost Rich Caldwell. We should all take few moments to remember him, his impact on our lives and ears, and keep him and his beautiful family in our thoughts. Even if you didn’t get the chance to know Rich personally, if you had been to a Flyleaf concert before 2012, you could hear so clearly through the band’s live show Rich’s undeniable talent, and his passion for what he did. So a lot of people, whether they knew it at the time or not, were moved by his work with Flyleaf.

World Vision Donation: Free Song - 18 Comments

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“When we were recording the song “Set Apart This Dream” for our new cd, “Memento Mori,” I was thinking about the innocence that is so easily and often stolen from so many kids.  Today, there are 2 million children around the world who are victims of sex slavery.  We named this tour  Unite and Fight because sometimes we have to fight violence with peace and that takes unity.  We have to fight thieves who steal children and sell them with generosity.  This also takes unity.  It’s our way of bringing a bit of attention to a grave matter.  All of us who are in a safer place have the ability to help lift some of the burden of such a heavy and disgusting injustice.  If you text UNITE to 20222, $10 will be added to your cell phone bill and a donation will be made to World Vision’s effort to rescue the victims of sex slavery.”

I’m pretty sure most of you already have Memento Mori, but here is the link to follow to download “Set Apart This Dream.” Makes me have so much more appreciation for the song and the band. I think it’s a wonderful cause. Please donate if you can!

Photos, UK Setlist, Charts & Missing Info! - 15 Comments

Hey everyone! The band is over in the UK, and it seems like the tour is going well so far. The setlist for the tour is as follows: Fully Alive, Beautiful Bride, Again, Cassie, All Around Me, Chasm, In The Dark, So I Thought, The Kind, Sorrow, Missing, Swept Away, I’m So Sick, Arise and How He Loves. Yay for 15 songs. :)

In addition to that, the charts page has been updated, and I also added some info on the Missing video here.

As I type this, I’m in the middle of moving into a new apartment. Bringin’ dedication to a whole new level. Haha.

Inspiration for ‘Set Apart This Dream’ - 6 Comments

Flyleaf Guitarist Inspired by Hugo, Eldredge Books

An avid reader, Flyleaf guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya was so moved by Victor Hugo’s ‘Les Miserables’ and John Eldredge’s ‘Wild at Heart’ that he wrote a song about them. The result is ‘Set Apart This Dream,’ which appears on ‘Memento Mori,’ the band’s sophomore effort that debuted at 8 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

“I’d say six years ago, I read ‘Wild at Heart’ by John Eldredge, and then like a couple years after that I read ‘Les Miz’ by Victor Hugo,” Bhattacharya told Noisecreep via telephone from New York City. “I think those books could have gone together. It’s about men stepping up and women feeling like … I don’t know. It was really amazing about how those books came together. It really spoke to me.” -Read More

New Layout & Beautiful Bride! - 33 Comments

Hey guys! To celebrate the release of Memento Mori (which came out officially an hour ago), I switched up the layout. I used the image of Pat’s wood cut that was used for the lithograph printing as the header image, because it’s immensely awesome. Workin’ out the kinks, so bare with me for a little while. Hope you enjoy it! :)

Oh, and here’s the Beautiful Bride video. Pretty frickin’ awesome, no? I kinda love it 10 times more than Again. I won’t lie.

MM Premiere, BB Video & Lacey on THE FOX 107.1! - 15 Comments

Starting Friday night at midnight, Flyleaf fans will be able to stream Memento Mori in FULL on the band’s MySpace page before it hits stores or online retailers.

On November 10, 2009, the day that Memento Mori comes out, everyone will be able to see the video for Beautiful Bride which is premiering on Yahoo!

There are also tons of pre-order opportunities and packages for Memento Mori available on Amazon, SmartPunk, InterPunk, ShockHound, Newbury Comics, and So check all of those out, and pick which one(s) you want to participate in!

More news coming soon! I’m going to try to update several times a day, because it seems like news is coming out EVERYWHERE. Memento Mori is out in less than a week. I’m so excited!

Hola! Memento Mori commercial hereeeee! - 19 Comments

Hey! So technically I lied. No new layout yet. I’m almost done working on it though. It’s coming out pretty cool. I used the lithograph from the listening parties as the header graphic because Pat’s artwork is awesome. The new layout should be up within the next couple of days, hopefully.

I’ve completely reuploaded the news management system of the site. Hopefully that takes care of the issues we’ve been having here. If it doesn’t, I’m going to just find something other than wordpress to update with. If I have to do it manually, I will. I’m so doooone with the virus attacks. Please let me know if you have issues via my email (

Jimmy Kimmel Performance of “Again”! - 31 Comments

It’s so good to see Flyleaf on TV again. They did a great job. Late night TV is never forgiving as far as sound with any band, but the song came across beautifully. So much energy just like always. I looooove this band.

Hopefully we get the full performance of Beautiful Bride too from Kimmel. I really think at the shows us fans go to…we need to shout the “NOW” part in BB. It’ll be so fun. And I’ll give everyone a dollar. Can’t beat that.

Round 2 of MM Album Cover Contest, Pictures and Pre-Order! - 20 Comments

Voting for the second round of the Memento Mori Album Cover contest is up. Go cast your vote for your favorite album cover! Remember to read the rules and to have fun! :)

Also — don’t forget to pre-order your copy of MM on iTunes. If you pre-order the deluxe edition, you get 4 bonus tracks, plus two iTunes exclusives (Bittersweet & Stay). Pretty exciting!

Thanks to Franklin, we have some pictures from the first date of the Memento Mori Tour!

Flyleaf ARISE & Again acoustic in Orlando + INTERVIEW - 38 Comments

If I’m not mistaken, this is the very first time Arise has surfaced on the internet in its entirety. What do you guys think? I know it’s hard to imagine what the song will be like in full studio form after seeing the acoustic version, but it’s really so beautiful. Anyone who went to a listening party too can agree with that, I’m sure. I love the acoustic version too. Anyway, let everyone know what you think in the comments!

More news, videos, pictures, etc to come soon! I’ll probably be working on the site all day, so hopefully I’ll have more tonight. :D

Flyleaf in Seattle @ Road To MM Event - 39 Comments

If you don’t want to hear any of the new songs, don’t watch the video! Here’s some footage from the first listening party that took place in Seattle, WA. A clip of “Arise” was played, and an acoustic performance of “Again” can be seen in the video.

Thanks to Laura for finding this on the youtubezzzzzzz!

New MTV Article About The AGAIN Video - 8 Comments

Flyleaf Create ‘Ethereal And Industrial’ Video For ‘Again’ By Kyle Anderson, with reporting by Matt Elias

Flyleaf are a band on the verge. Following the success of their self-titled 2005 debut (which moved 1 million copies), they are finally ready to release the follow-up, Memento Mori.

For the album’s first single, the bracing rocker “Again,” they teamed up with director Meiert Avis (who has helmed clips for a diverse list of artists, including Avril Lavigne, U2, Jack’s Mannequin, Audioslave and Bruce Springsteen) for a video that acts as a statement of purpose for who they are and what they’ve been thinking about.

“The whole theme is that everything comes to an end,” explained guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya, noting that their album title is a Latin phrase that loosely translates to “remember death.” “But there’s always hope and a bigger picture too.”

The clip was shot entirely in front of a green screen, which allowed the band to perform the song while the mind-bending visuals were added later. “There are these images that start out as light and energy, and they slowly turn into these woodcuts — something real,” Bhattacharya said.

The woodcuts in question are designs created by bassist Pat Seals, who also designed all the artwork for the album. “One of the videos that Meiert gave us for reference was Radiohead’s ‘Like Spinning Plates,’ ” frontwoman Lacey explained, referencing the English band’s 2001 clip that featured surreal computer graphics but ended with a concrete image of conjoined twins. “It’s ethereal and industrial at the same time.”

iTunes Pre-Order & New Promos - 21 Comments

As of October 6, 2009, Memento Mori will be available for pre-order on iTunes. By pre-ordering the album through there, you receive Beautiful Bride as an instant gratification track, the whole album when it comes out, as well as two bonus tracks. Sounds pretty awesome right?

More new photoshoot pictures were added. Thanks to Laura for finding these!

Dont forget to catch the premiere of Flyleaf’s video for Again premiering across MTV Networks on September 30, 2009!

Road To Memento Mori Dates and MORE! - 35 Comments

All of the listening party and MM tour dates that have been announced are available here. Lacey and Jared/Sameer will be at these events, and I believe it’s first come first serve. So get there early! They’re also free, so you have no excuse if you don’t show up. :P

Also, I know some of you have heard already, but the release date for Memento Mori has been pushed back to November 10, 2009. I’m sure there’s a good reason for it, so hopefully we’ll find out more details soon. :)