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1. Your debut album sold over 1 million copies, did you have any idea at the time that it would do so well?

I didn’t have any idea how the debut album would be received. We are thankful that so many people connected with the message in the songs. Hearing their stories of how the songs impacted their lives for the better reiterates to us that Flyleaf is doing what we’re supposed to be doing.

2. Flyleaf is constantly touring the globe, how do you cope with being in each others pockets for such long periods at a time?

To cope with living on top of one another on tour you have to either really like the people you are with, or have the highest level of tolerance for shenanigans and bodily odors. If you boast both attributes you were born to tour. No question.

3. I see that you guys are tracking some new tunes for a new album, can the fans expect a similar sound to that of your last release New Horizons?

Flyleaf’s sound grows and evolves with us as we grow older and experience more life. On our new album you will hear sounds that remind you of New Horizons, Memento Mori, and our eponymous debut, but at the same time hear something that is altogether something fresh and new.

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Tell us about the new album. How will it compare to past albums?

This will be our 4th full length album. However, it will be our first with Kristen. The songs are really coming together great — with sounds that you have not heard from us yet. I feel that overall it may not be as dark as some of our past records, but there will still be some heavy moments. We have a nice group of songs to pick from, and I can’t wait to get it recorded.

How has the band adapted with new singer Kristen May? What all does she bring to the table?
Adapted? She fit right in. With Kristen only having been with us for just over a year now, I couldn’t imagine a better first year. She has been so great to have on the road. Aside from an amazing voice and strong performer, she has been a very big part in the writing for the new record.

Tell us about your fan interaction opportunities on
Pledgemusic has opened up good opportunities for us to connect with our fans. We have been able to share news about the record and song writing as it happens. Also we have been able to share our hobbies and things we enjoy outside of music. We are blessed to have so many fans that support us, and to hear how Flyleaf’s music has affected people’s lives has been encouraging.

Did you write all of the new songs as a band or were they written before Kristen joined?
All five of us have been involved in writing the songs for the new record. We always write as a band.

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How did you know that Kristen was the right person for the job?
You know from meeting her, that initial meeting she and me clicked right away and after getting to talk with her and hearing her convictions and her take on the music and just her heart, that was a huge part of it. Then when we went into the practise room ad from that first note she sang we were just blown away, she’s so good and so passionate.

Is there any chance of road testing some new ones while you’re out on tour to see if they work?
Yeah, I think we’re coming up on a tour in August and coming to Australia in August and I think by then we’ll have a few new songs that we’re going to add into the set.

You mentioned that you worked with producer Howard Benson once again, what did he bring to the table on this record that you may not have thought to do on ‘New Horizons’ or on your previous two releases?
He’s starting to focus more on the progression of what’s going on in music right now and trying to shift away from the active rock to the more modern rock but we’ll see how that pans out because we’re a rock band at heart, we’ll let the songs write themselves. On this record he was really good at bringing up the lyrics, bringing up the songs and I think that’s what he’s done on these songs.

Now looking back at your first album, it’s around eight years since then, but over the course of the three albums, how have you personally seen yourself evolve as an artist?
It’s like a subtle evolution, you become a better player without really trying, you’re just playing every night and writing songs and being around guys like Corey Taylor and Jim Root and Jon Davis and Munky from Korn, the P.O.D. guys, all the heavy hitters, just being around that, it’s like their presence infiltrates your being in a kind of way *laughs* but they permeate and if you’re in that area with them they kind of rub off on you a little bit here and there. I don’t know, it’s an unconscious evolution, you take input from all these different artists and put them into your playing and put them into your art without even thinking.

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Interview: Flyleaf’s Pat Seals talks Kristen May, Who We Are and Black Jelly Beans - 2 Comments

The difficulty of touring and especially promoting an album recorded with a different singer was not lost on the band, and they considered a number of options, before ending up with new EP, Who We Are. “We did consider whether we should put Kristen on one of the tracks, and push it to radio. But we figured, since we’re this far along, let’s just make some new music instead, and give the fans something fresh. (Who We Are) is a bit of a move forward. It’s still Flyleaf based, still guitar, bass and drums, still has loudness, but there’s also a pop based sensibility to it. The new EP has a song called “Something Better” on it, plus 5 live tracks, with Kristen singing, from the previous records.”

Now we don’t often get the chance to talk woodcarving during rock interviews, but it’s a passion for Pat which has also translated into the artwork. “Yes, welcome to the middle ages. My sister is a printmaker, and she introduced me to it, and i’ve been addicted to it ever since. It’s a good way to turn all my stupid ideas into something positive instead of talking someone’s ear off.”

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Photos from Chicago 03/10/2013 & new interview with Jared! - Leave a comment

Thanks so much to Chris Davis for the photos from Chicago!

HHM: Seeing as this is Kristen’s first tour with Flyleaf what are some differences you’ve noticed in your live show?

Hartmann: No one really knows who she is so it’s kind of like fans are seeing us for the first time again – it’s like they’re examining us and analyzing it in their head “Do I like this? Do I hate this?” but by the end of the night people are really excited and into the show by the time we start playing songs like “All Around Me” and “I’m So Sick” I think that’s been the biggest difference: they’re our fans but it’s kind of like they’re becoming our fans over again.

HHM: Were there any challenges getting in sync with the new lineup?

Hartmann: Well we didn’t practice very much before this tour and prior to it we had only played one show. It was like becoming a band again; trying to meld together – I think touring is going to be the best thing for that and it’s just getting better and better.

HHM: How did you guys decide on Kristen as your new singer? Can you tell me a little about the process?

Hartmann: Once Lacey told us she was going to step down we kind of secretly reached out to potential singers that we liked and auditioned a couple; Kristen ended up being a really great fit.

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Artist Direct Interview with Sameer - 1 Comment

Not only have they dropped their best album yet–of the same name–but they’re also beginning a new chapter with singer Kristen May.

In this exclusive video interview, Flyleaf sat down to talk to about the new album, illuminating us about the song “Green Heart” (it’s about the ill-advised love of and pursuit of money) and more.

We nabbed time with guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya, who was forthright and candid.

EP NEWS // Arise // Ask Lacey // New Interview with Lace - 9 Comments

Sameer confirmed that the untitled EP that they’re working on will be released in November! Very very exciting. I can hardly wait to hear what they’ve come up with. :D

Also — listen to Sameer and request Arise on your local radio station! Anyone who has heard this song knows that it’s absolutely beautiful and the world en masse would benefit GREATLY from hearing this song, it’s message, and getting to know Flyleaf’s music. Request request request! I did, and will frequently. You can click the banner on the right side of the page to be taken to a website where you can look up your local rock radio station! :)

Lacey is inviting fans of Flyleaf to ask her anything at all on Advice, questions about the band, anything; “Letters to Lacey” is an open line of communication. Just fill out the form at and Lacey will pick five questions each month to answer.

Lacey also did an interview recently where she talked about the band’s involvement with World Vision, and their fight against human trafficking. To get involved, as you may already know, you can txt the world Unite to 20222 and $10 will be added onto your phone bill. You can do this up to three times.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Broken Pieces video!

Video Interview! - 11 Comments

Flyleaf have always worn their hearts on their sleeves.

In fact, there’s a raw and real honesty at the core of every song that the band’s written from their debut Flyleaf to their latest offering, Memento Mori. Memento Mori sees the band allowing fans closer than ever before with tracks like “Missing” and “Again,” marrying poetically, profound lyrics and unforgettable hard rock hooks. The album remains a focused affair with a story sitting at the center of each song—all you have to do is open yourself up to it…

Flyleaf have evolved immensely since their debut, and their story continues to inspire fans worldwide. Right now, the band’s in the midst of their “Unite & Fight Tour” alongside 10 Years and Fair to Midland. “Unite & Fight” means a lot to the quintet, and they decided to tell us all about it backstage at the tour’s Anaheim California stop.

However, Flyleaf frontwoman Lacey Mosley and guitarist Jared Hartmann shared a lot more than insight into the tour. Lacey went way back and told us one of the reasons she started playing and so much more…