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Before They Were Flyleaf, Missing Single, Pictures, Article! - 26 Comments

I love when people upload things from way back when! Look at this interview from 2002 from when the band was Passerby. It’s short, but so great. Thanks to Laura for linking it.

This is the artwork for the Missing single which should be out very soon. No exact date for a US release, but I’m betting it’s within the next couple of weeks. Below are some photos I shot at the Prudential center on February 19, 2010:

DVP: When did you know you had something special going on as a group?

James: I think the first practice. “I just knew we should keep working at it.

Pat: “I think it was one of your first shows. I was playing with my old band and I remember watching ‘em from the crowd. Then we had to go on and I remember the next day at school all the people in high school were going, ‘Hey, did you guys hear that other band?’ And I was like, ‘We played, too!’ he laughs. “They made everyone in the room stop, which was pretty rare.”

DVP: How do you keep your voice going?

Lacey: In the beginning I didn’t do anything. I’d just pray about it.

Read more here. The interviewer asks some really good questions towards the end.

FormSpring, Gallery and YouTube! - 16 Comments

I’m sure a lot of you have played around with the FormSpring site before. It’s a pretty interesting thing, so I thought I would start up a page for, where you can ask questions about the band, site, etc. You can click on the link to get to the page, or type in your question on the side bar. In running the website for 5 years, I’ve picked up on some facts & trivia along the way. Maybe you can find out something cool you didn’t know before! Personal questions about the band won’t be answered, but that goes without saying. Let’s keep it fun. :D

Tons of pictures can be seen below! I have a ton more to add as well, so stay tuned if you’ve sent in photos and you don’t see them up yet. If you’ve taken pictures at a show and want to contribute, you can email them to

Laura stumbled upon this video where the band talks about their driving force, almost quitting, and how the scrapbooks that you guys have all contributed to have helped them keep going. I thought it was really awesome that Lacey mentioned it.

Rescheduled Show & Looney Tunes Videos/Pictures - 7 Comments

The Poughkeepsie show tonight has been rescheduled because of all the snow. I haven’t seen it posted anywhere on Flyleaf’s sites, but it’s legit. We saw them yesterday at the Looney Tunes in-store, and their tour manager confirmed that it was rescheduled. You can view the venue’s site for more information.


So instead of seeing the band play a headliner today, I’m going to work on the site! I will be posting the pictures and video from the Looney Tunes acoustic event last night, and finding some stuff that I know I have from the last few shows that I haven’t uploaded. So stay tuned. I’ll post as everything gets uploaded. :) For the record, Looney Tunes is the coolest record store I’ve been in lately. Go there if you live in the area. The band’s setlist for the performance last night was (click for performance videos):

1. Again
2. All Around Me
3. Justice and Mercy
4. Arise

Lacey @ The Grammy Awards - 27 Comments

Here are some photos from tonight’s Grammy Awards. The show just started, but here are some pictures from the red carpet. Lacey was nominated twice along with Third Day for her vocal work on the song Born Again. They didn’t win for the two Lacey was a part of, but Third Day did win for Best Rock Or Rap Gospel Album, so congratulations to them! Click the pictures below for some more shots. I’ll add more as they become available.

OMG SO MUCH STUFF - 10 Comments

Updates include:

– Over 400 new photos
– Video info for Beautiful Bride
– Updated chart information
– New acoustic audio for download (including Justice and Mercy/Again/Arise)
– Official video downloads for Again & Beautiful Bride
– New acoustic performance videos for download including Again, Justice and Mercy, Arise and more!

Also! Big congratulations to the winners of the Memento Mori album cover contest! Dirick and Ricardo both had awesome entries, and they’re going to get some cool prizes in the mail pretty soon. :D All of the entries will be added to a special page of very soon.

Interview with Lacey - 2 Comments

Below is an intereview with Lacey. It’s mainly about her life. I thought it was interesting. It says it was published in July. But this is the first time I’ve seen it.

You had a rough childhood, didn’t you?

I lived with my mom, a single mom with six kids. We grew up kinda poor. I got picked on a lot at school. My family always taught me about the Lord, but I dealt with serious depression that started when I was 10. I began questioning how a loving God can let bad things happen the way they do, because I had a 3-year-old cousin who was murdered. That was the year I decided I just didn’t believe anymore.

How did that influence your teen years?

I started going down a really negative path and tended to relate to dark things more. I got deeper into destructive behavior. When I was 16 I felt like I hit a wall and everything was crashing down around me. I was fighting with my mom every day, and I moved to live with my grandparents in Mississippi. I didn’t care about anything. I was a bad kid. I just laughed at everything and everybody and was really hateful. -Source

Also be sure to check out the video interview with Lacey and Sameer posted by Brittany below =).

Round 2 of MM Album Cover Contest, Pictures and Pre-Order! - 20 Comments

Voting for the second round of the Memento Mori Album Cover contest is up. Go cast your vote for your favorite album cover! Remember to read the rules and to have fun! :)

Also — don’t forget to pre-order your copy of MM on iTunes. If you pre-order the deluxe edition, you get 4 bonus tracks, plus two iTunes exclusives (Bittersweet & Stay). Pretty exciting!

Thanks to Franklin, we have some pictures from the first date of the Memento Mori Tour!

Pictures, Video Info, Lyrics, FAQ! - 41 Comments

A bunch of new pictures were added to the gallery. In addition to that, the video information, MM lyrics, and the FAQ were all updated! Enjoy!

Hopefully I’ll see some people at the NYC and Boston listening parties. :D I’ll be the one walking around with weird makeup, blonde hair and dramatic black clothing most likely. If you see me, feel free to say hi!

Don’t forget that Memento Mori is available for pre-order on iTunes starting at midnight! You get 2 b-side tracks that you can’t find anywhere else! (Bittersweet and Stay). You can also hear all of the 30 second previews. Everything pretty much sounds awesome. YAY!

iTunes Pre-Order & New Promos - 21 Comments

As of October 6, 2009, Memento Mori will be available for pre-order on iTunes. By pre-ordering the album through there, you receive Beautiful Bride as an instant gratification track, the whole album when it comes out, as well as two bonus tracks. Sounds pretty awesome right?

More new photoshoot pictures were added. Thanks to Laura for finding these!

Dont forget to catch the premiere of Flyleaf’s video for Again premiering across MTV Networks on September 30, 2009!

Interviews, Icons and Galleries, Oh MY! - 17 Comments

In addition to the pictures, a few new icons from when the band was in the studio have been added. I also caught the video interview page up by adding 6 interviews that you all may or may not have seen. I’m in the process of adding more older videos to the site. I’ll edit this post with more as it’s done! :)

I also added a poll to the sidebar of the site asking what older Flyleaf song you guys would like to see played live this fall. Cast your vote. Who knows? Maybe the band will see it and take it into consideration! ;)

Flyleaf in the Studio Picture Slideshow - 16 Comments

Pretty cool, dontcha think? I also added the band’s official video player/kyte chat program. No matter where the Kyte chat code is posted, it shows up with the same Flyleaf-y chat. So use it to talk with other Flyleaf fans, and watch the band in the studio while you’re at it. Post it on your MySpace, Facebook, or pretty much anywhere. My username on there is ‘flyleafbrittany’ if you happen to see me online. :)

Audio, Fanart, Charts, Pictures, Wallpapers - 15 Comments

We just got back from seeing Flyleaf at Soulfest, which was pretty great. It was our first time seeing them at a Christian Festival. Lacey had a lot of great stories that she told during the show about Fully Alive, Believe in Dreams, and their cover of You Are My Joy. Instead of singing I Love You, Lord, they opened with Oh Lord, To You. You can watch that here.

As far as site updates go, the chart history page has been updated. In addition to that, I added the Denver show to the live audio page, and a couple clips of Lacey on Open House on the radio audio page thanks to Noel.

About 3 new wallpapers were uploaded thanks to Elise and Shane. You can view those here. A few new pieces of fanart were also uploaded thanks to Wesley.