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Lots of site updates, wallpapers and photos! - Leave a comment

So I updated the gallery layout so it looks just as supa dupa fly as the main page. As far as photos go, I added a batch of high resolution versions of Flyleaf’s newer logos here. Feel free to use those in graphics, or to promote the band on the web! In addition to that, I uploaded some photos from 96 Rock Acoustic (03/06/2013) and more from the Chili Cookoff.

I also went through the site today and updated a lot of things! First off, in the Flyleaf Info section, I updated the Flyleaf Biography with their most current bio. I also added some new information to the Flyleaf FAQ regarding Kristen joining, and some New Horizons/Who We Are song meanings. Information and lyrics for the songs on the Who We Are EP have been added to the discography. I have lyrics for the new album songs (Marionette, Thread, City Kids, Set Me On Fire, etc), but I’m not sure if it’s time to post them since a lot of those songs are PledgeMusic exclusives. I’ll ask around and get back to you guys. ;)

I also created some new wallpapers with some of the new promotional pictures in high resolution for your desktop! I hope you enjoy. <3

1920 x 1080

1920 x 1080

TLA Photos from FlyleafOnline & other ramblings! - Leave a comment

This show was pretty unique and special, and I’m glad I got to see it. Joel (Flyleaf’s retired drum tech) was on drums for the evening, and the two guitarists from Stars In Stereo subbed in for Sameer. I forget exactly why James and Sameer were away, but it was undoubtedly for a very good reason. It was the only Flyleaf show that they played with only 2 of the original members as far as I know. It was kinda crazy and a funny realization as I was standing there watching the show! But everyone did such a great job, and it was cool to see what they did with it.

I’m working on a new look for the site, and will be updating the discography with the new songs/album info. If there is anything y’all would like to see, please let me know! I live to serve. <3

Photos from Chicago 03/10/2013 & new interview with Jared! - Leave a comment

Thanks so much to Chris Davis for the photos from Chicago!

HHM: Seeing as this is Kristen’s first tour with Flyleaf what are some differences you’ve noticed in your live show?

Hartmann: No one really knows who she is so it’s kind of like fans are seeing us for the first time again – it’s like they’re examining us and analyzing it in their head “Do I like this? Do I hate this?” but by the end of the night people are really excited and into the show by the time we start playing songs like “All Around Me” and “I’m So Sick” I think that’s been the biggest difference: they’re our fans but it’s kind of like they’re becoming our fans over again.

HHM: Were there any challenges getting in sync with the new lineup?

Hartmann: Well we didn’t practice very much before this tour and prior to it we had only played one show. It was like becoming a band again; trying to meld together – I think touring is going to be the best thing for that and it’s just getting better and better.

HHM: How did you guys decide on Kristen as your new singer? Can you tell me a little about the process?

Hartmann: Once Lacey told us she was going to step down we kind of secretly reached out to potential singers that we liked and auditioned a couple; Kristen ended up being a really great fit.

Read the full interview at the source!