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How He Loves Contest - 38 Comments

Dirick did an awesome new acoustic instrumental for How He Loves in honor of the news that it will be going on the EP. Since we’re all so excited about it, I’m throwing an impromptu contest, because HEY, I can do that.

Rules & Information:

– Record yourself (audio AND/OR video) singing along to Dirick’s instrumental.
Here are the lyrics if you need them.
– Post it on YouTube.
Send me a link with “How He Loves Contest” as the subject if you want to keep it private, or post it in the comments for everyone to see!

The winner will receive a copy of Flyleaf’s DVD Beneath the Surface. Everyone in the entire universe can enter. I’ll pay shipping costs to Kazakhstan if necessary. Dirick and I will choose the most wonderful cover of this song together, and post it as an update if the winner allows.

Deadline is November 10, 2010, Memento Mori’s first birthday. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. We’re not expecting studio quality. Just make it heartfelt and full of love, friends. Annnnnd if you were wondering, you start singing along at 20 seconds in. Enjoy!

Unite and Fight Human Chain FM Contest - 7 Comments

Join FLYLEAF & STORY OF THE YEAR in helping World Vision to fight the Human Trafficking of children across the world and you could win tickets to a UNITE & FIGHT show near you! Check out our contest page at:

Just email a pic of you & your friends, with hands joined in a “HUMAN CHAIN” to The fan responsible for creating the longest “HUMAN CHAIN” in their market will win 2 tickets to see the nearest show on THE UNITE & FIGHT TOUR! AND THE FAN WITH LONGEST OVERALL CHAIN WILL WIN THE GRAND PRIZE: An acoustic guitar, signed by all 5 members of Flyleaf!

So email us with the subject line “UNITEANDFIGHT”, attach your picture and include the location and date of the show in your area. Click here for tour dates & locations! And don’t forget to share your pic with your friends on Twitter and Facebook to help raise awareness!

In4merz “Missing” Contest - 5 Comments

The UK Street Team for Flyleaf is running a contest where you can win a Missing Picture disc and CD. All you have to do is join the street team, tell your friends about the Missing video, and share a photo from the UK tour on FaceBook. To enter, go to this page. While you’re at it, do some of the other missions. You can actually win some cool stuff over there. :)

Round 2 of MM Album Cover Contest, Pictures and Pre-Order! - 20 Comments

Voting for the second round of the Memento Mori Album Cover contest is up. Go cast your vote for your favorite album cover! Remember to read the rules and to have fun! :)

Also — don’t forget to pre-order your copy of MM on iTunes. If you pre-order the deluxe edition, you get 4 bonus tracks, plus two iTunes exclusives (Bittersweet & Stay). Pretty exciting!

Thanks to Franklin, we have some pictures from the first date of the Memento Mori Tour!

Memento Mori Album Cover Contest - 24 Comments

The polls have been opened up for voting! Please read the rules and consider all of the entries carefully before you vote. You do have to register on Flyleaf Fans to vote, but you don’t need to post to have your vote qualify. We’re doing it there so we can keep track of everything that needs to be kept track of.

Feel free to make comments on various entries (please stay positive), and enjoy yourselves. :)

Happy voting everyone!

New Layout & Contest - 37 Comments

Hey everyone! I added a new layout. Sorry to the boys about the pink, but the sites been going for like 4 years now and I haven’t done it before. I just had to…one time. I promise I won’t do it again. :) If anything looks weird, just hit F5 to refresh.

To those itching for a new contest, one has been added. Click here for details. It’s one where you guys think up a new album cover for Flyleaf. I figure since we know a lot more about the new album now than we did a few months ago, this kind of contest might be fun. Prizes include a Beneath the Surface DVD, the new Flyleaf album when it is released and a Music as a Weapon EP. Enjoy!

Contest, Charts, Videos, Icons - 5 Comments

Congratulations to Karla, Candy, and Derrel for winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the Flyleaf Online Karaoke Contest. The winners have been notified through email. Thank you to everyone who joined, and everyone who voted. Everyone did really awesome. :D The next contest will be up soon.

In the second week of sales for the Special Edition CD/DVD, Flyleaf sold over 10,100 copies. That brings them up to 930,000 shipped. They’re also currently #88 on the Billboard Top 200 chart.

In the media section, 3 more videos from the MySpace Secret Show in Raleigh, NC were posted. You can view those here. Thanks again to Spree for shooting those videos. I also added a few new icons to the icons page from the new photoshoot. If you guys have anything to donate to the media section, feel free to hit me up. I’ll post it in the next update.

Demand / Contest / Charts / Gallery / Videos / Article - 14 Comments

The results are in for the FLYLEAF College Competition

1) Marshall University (472 people)
2) Liberty university (429 people)
3) Glendale Community College (380 people)
4) Texas A&M (379 people)
5) California State University, San Bernardino (357 people)

The Flyleaf Karaoke Contest Voting has begun. Please read the rules before casting your vote. Good luck to everyone that entered. :D

The band section has been updated with some new chart numbers. All Around Me has peaked at #6 on the Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart, and the album recently went up to #59 on the Top 200 which is awesome. In addition to that, a new interview with Jared was posted on the articles page.

A few more videos have been posted up from the Hartford FVT show that Ali recorded. Thanks again to her, and to Caleb for editing.

Also — not really huge news, but Doug [AM/Octone’s ST manager] let me redesign the header banner for the Flyleaf Street Team, which I thought was cool. If you haven’t joined up there yet, you should consider it. FanCorps has just released a store system where you can exchange store credits for Flyleaf related items. It’s still in it’s beginning stages, but it’s a cool concept. There’s also a lot of other new stuff, but you can read about it if you join.

New Layout / Charts / Discography / Videos / Gallery - 25 Comments

Okay — now that all the kinks have been worked out with the new layout, it’s time to update.

The karaoke contest submission portion has ended. Thank you to everyone who entered for the contest. Keep a look out on the contest page for details of what’s to come next as far as judging.

In the band section, the discography got completely redone. The old setup didn’t mesh well with the new layout, so it had to be reconfigured. In doing that, I also updated the singles page with some new stuff. I also created a new page to keep track of all of Flyleaf’s current merchandise. On that page you can find CD’s, posters, watches, hoodies, shirts, etc. In addition to that, the chart history page was updated as always.

The media section was updated with some new videos from the Hartford Family Values show. A big thank you to Ali for shooting that and to Caleb for editing.

European Tour - 15 Comments

Flyleaf will be embarking on a large European tour spanning over 15 countries in early 2008. They’ll be touring with Korn and Deathstar. All of the dates that have been announced have been posted on the tour page. Also, some miscellaneous headlining shows in the US have been posted as well for late 2007.

Flyleaf is nominated in the CCM Reader’s Choice for Best Band of ’07 and Best Hard Music of ’07. To vote for the band, visit this link and fill out the survey.

Just a reminder to everyone who wants to enter the Flyleaf Online Karaoke Contest; the contest ends on September 30, 2007. So get your submissions in before the deadline if you want to be up for some cool prizes.

Contest / Charts / Tour / Gallery - 29 Comments

The new Flyleaf Online contest has now started. Since you guys requested it, the theme is a karaoke contest. I provided 3 karaoke tracks for everyone to sing along to, and all the details are on this page. An instrument related cover contest might come along in the future, as well as the other ideas you guys suggested. Thanks for all of the ideas. :]

I also tweaked the layout a little and made it a little more colorful with a new header image. I hope everyone enjoys it a little more now.

The band section was updated with some new chart numbers as well as some new tour dates that the band will be playing in September.

Flyleaf Wiki / Videos / Charts / Contest / Gallery - 34 Comments

Today we’re introducing a new project to the site called the Flyleaf Wiki. I worked on it for about 5-6 hours, customizing the layout and adding all of the pages up. It’s mainly a reference for the band history/lyrics/etc. I’ll be fleshing it out when I get more time, but it’s also a project for you guys. Feel free to sign up and contribute to the pages if you want. Just make sure that whatever you post is true. I’ll be keeping an eye on it to make sure that it stays on the right track, but it’d be awesome if you guys helped. :D

Aside from that big, new chunk of site, the charts and video pages have been updated. Thanks again to Chris for donating the videos from The Call, and to Caleb for editing them and setting all the streams up.

As a sidenote, I wanted to get an opinion on a possible new contest. I want to offer bigger prizes this time around (T-shirt/MAAW EP/Flyleaf Watch/Poster/etc) but I’m unsure of what the theme could be. I was thinking maybe a karaoke contest, Flyleaf Banner making contest or maybe a MySpace Layout contest. Something along those lines. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas of things you might want to do. If so, feel free to post it in the comments.

Also — we have a special treat in the gallery. Joel from Flyleaf’s road crew has given us permission to post some of the photos he’s taken of the band on the road over the past few years. So a big thank you goes to him for that.

Holidayssss, Chart History, Wallpapers, Contest, Gallery - 30 Comments

To everyone who celebrated — I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Some of you might have noticed Lacey singing with POD on MTV on New Years Eve. Took me by surprise, or else I would have let everyone know about it. I’ve heard that you can find the performance on MTV’s site, but it’s just loading a big black page for me. We’ll try to get the video for everyone who missed it though.

Onto the contest winner(s). I put up a page where everyone can see/download the wallpapers that people entered for the MAAW EP contest. After much deliberation, I decided to go with 3 winners instead of 1. Maggie is the grand prize winner, and gets the package listed on the contest page. Maria and Jennifer are the runners up and will be receiving MAAW EPs as well. A sincere thank you to everyone who entered. Everyone did really awesome. I’ll probably add a new contest within a week with similar prizes.

In the band section, the chart history was updated. The band sold over 16,000 records last week with the holiday which is pretty impressive. Congratulations to them on that.

On the media page, I also added a donated wallpaper page. Feel free to contribute your own Flyleaf wallpapers if you have any. Credit is always given.

The Flyleaf Fanlisting got a makeover a few days ago. If you haven’t already, feel free to join. It has well over 400 members now.

A big thank you to Chris for sending in all of his Flyleaf pictures. :D

Stuff - 19 Comments

There hasn’t really been much in the way of new Flyleaf stuff in the past few days. They’ll be wrapping up the Music As A Weapon tour in the next few days, and then taking a well deserved break from the end of December until early February. When the tour ends (in approximately 2 days), I’ll be putting up the MAAW EP on the radio for everyone to enjoy.

The contest to win an EP and various other Flyleaf stuff is ending in little over a week. So be sure to get your entries in before the deadline.

The video page was updated with three new videos. Two are a continuation of the Nokia Theatre set thanks to Ali and Caleb, and the other is the I’m So Sick performance from the Carson Daly show. It’s different than the previously shown performance, and it’s nice quality. A huge thanks to Mike for uploading that for the site. He’s a life saver.

Three albums in the gallery were updated. Click the respective thumbnails to go to the albums.

Major thanks to Revenant Media for donating the pictures on their site. I still have a bunch more to add, but there’s so many that it might have to wait until tomorrow.

Contest, Discography, Gallery - 5 Comments

The first contest to win a MAAW Tour EP has opened. It’s a wallpaper contest that’s free to anyone who wants to enter. All the information as far as rules and entry info is included on that page. Good luck to everyone who joins!

In the band section, I updated the EP page and the sampler page with information on the MAAW EP and the new ST sampler. I’m working on getting correct lyrics for Justice and Mercy and the Christmas Song. I know I’d probably butcher them if I tried to figure some of them out.

The gallery has gotten a few new uploads. Click the pictures to be taken to the respective albums:

Pictures, Chart History and Flytrap contest - 7 Comments

Although it has one of the cheesier names/descriptions ever seen on the internet, this Buzznet contest called “Flyleaf Groupies” where you can watch the band from the “Flytrap” on stage sounds pretty cool. If that’s something you’re interested in, you should enter.

For everyone who hasn’t noticed yet, Pride (In The Name Of Love) has been added to the Flyleaf radio. I also added the informational radio song page thinger up for everyone to check out. It basically describes the origin of each song on the radio, and how to purchase it or download it if it’s available.

The chart history page has gotten it’s weekly update.

The gallery has also been updated with the following stuff:

Gold Record, Contest, Gallery and Videos! - 5 Comments

It’s official! Flyleaf’s debut album has gone gold. Congratulations to Jared, Pat, Sameer, Lacey and James on all of the great things that have happened in the past few years.

MTV2 is sponsoring a contest where you can meet the band on the Chicago stop of the Music as a Weapon tour. You get an all access pass for the show, and afterwards you get to go bowling with them. You can enter the contest here.

Site updates include a snazzy new navigation dropdown feature thanks to Caleb. The chart history page has been tweaked to include new numbers and the gold certification memo. In addition to that, the last of the videos from the Six Flags show have been added. Another big thank you to Francine for sending the DVD and to Caleb for editing.

The gallery has been updated with the following:

Fully Alive Video Newsss - 27 Comments

On Monday July 24, MTV2 will be showing a “Making of the Video” with Flyleaf for Fully Alive. A 15 second promo for the show, which shows some of the video, has been already playing on MTV2. So if you watch that channel, keep a look out for it. The site will have the show and the video up a day or so after it airs for anyone who doesn’t have the channel.

There’s a contest happening over on where you can win a Meet and Greet with Flyleaf on their tour bus at Family Values. There will be 5 winners, and 10 who will receive an autographed Flyleaf album.

MTV2 All That Rocks is airing on July 30th, which is coming up pretty soon. So keep voting for Flyleaf as the New Breakout Band.

On the video page, more songs from The Complex were put up. The rest will come with the next update, and then the Juanita’s videos will be added in blocks. So watch for those soon. The full Jimmy Kimmel performance of Fully Alive was also added thanks to Kelly Carter. It was ripped from a LQ stream on Kimmel’s website, so forgive the quality.

A bunch of photos from The Complex were added thanks to Preston Rodgers. A few more from Cornerstone were added as well which were photographed by The Stir.

Not much else has been going on since Flyleaf has been on a well deserved vacation from touring. Things will probably pick up when Fully Alive is released in a few days, and the Family Values Tour starts up. In the meantime, if anyone has requests or ideas as far as new things you’d like to see, drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.