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Flyleaf will be playing a secret show on September 12, 2007 at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, NC. If you’re in that general area, you should consider going to the show. It’s absolutely free of charge. The ST has had us promoting the show, so that’s how we know it’s official. Otherwise, it’s been a well kept secret. Go to the show and support the band if you’re nearby!

In other news, the official merch site has been updated with new shirts and a new hoodie. The band also has a page on where they post voicemail messages from the road.

The band section has been updated with new tour dates and some new numbers on the chart history page.

In the media section, I finally added the audio from the Rolling Stone Acoustics since they’re no longer available for purchase. In addition to that, some new videos were added. 3 new live videos from Atlanta thanks to Spree, and 1 amazing interview from Music Choice’s Fresh Crops thanks to Josh.

In the internet section some new affiliates were added including a brand new Flyleaf site called Flyleaf Web. So go show Justin some love and visit his site.

A reminder to those who want to donate something to the Scrapbook Project: I’m going to be putting another book together between this and next weekend to give to the band at the Scranton, PA Tink’s show on September 18th. So if you want to be included in the next book, please email me your submission soon.

Charts / FAQ / BFTP / Wallpapers / Rock the Deuce / Tattoos / Gallery - 27 Comments

Lots of site updates today guys. Prepare yourselves. :P

In the band section, the chart history page has been updated as always with new numbers. The band is up to #11 on the Top Modern Rock Track chart, and up to #65 on the Top 200. The album has been on that chart for 75 weeks so far, which is awesome. In addition to that, the FAQ has been updated with information about Tina, and more about Lacey’s tattoos for those of you who are interested. The Blast From The Past page has also been heavily updated.

In the media section, 11 new wallpapers were added on the donated page. Thanks to everyone that sent some in. :D On the video page, we put up Flyleaf’s appearance on Rock the Deuce. That can be found in the interview section. Spree also sent in some amazing live videos from the Atlanta Family Values date that we’ll be adding up in a couple days. So look forward to those. The audio section also got a facelift. It’s much easier to navigate now. I’m thinking about having a feature where you guys can stream each audio file as well as being able to download it. If you’re interested in that feature, let me know in a comment and I’ll see what I can do. :]

The fan section was updated with a couple of new tattoos from Cate. In addition to that, the Flyleaf fanlisting has over 600 members now. If you haven’t joined already, you should check it out. :]

As far as miscellaneous site updates go, I upgraded the gallery software and modified the templates. Now it has updates at the bottom of the main page, and a chunk of statistics. I also added a form to the bottom of the right sidebar where you can sign up for the Flyleaf Online Newsletter. Every month or so, I’ll be sending out updates on the band that include videos, pictures and anything else relevant. So feel free to sign up for it. :]

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Thanks to everyone who sent in stuff for the karaoke contest. Everyone is doing great so far. The prizes are a lot cooler this time around, so if you haven’t already, check out our contest and consider joining. :D

Jared posted a new blog on the band’s MySpace where he talked about the new album amongst various other things. For those of you who don’t visit their MySpace, here’s what he had to say about it:

Lacey started writing a new song using Garage Band. It sounds really cool so far. We’ll all get together and work on it when we get a chance, she only has 2 or 3 lines written, but it seems cool so I’m excited about working on it.

As for when our new cd will come out, we’re really not sure right now. Hopefully we will get to start recording it at the beginning of next year, and we’ll have it out early 2008 – it’s just so hard to tell though because we are touring so much. We have been working on writing a lot though and we have about six or seven songs we’re working with and a couple of more ideas to go from. Maybe we’ll get to put one or two of our really old songs on the new album, and we’ll change them a bit. We really don’t know…but we’re REALLY looking forward to getting to write it.

In addition to that, the charts page has been updated. The band is up to #17 on the Hot Modern Rock chart, #66 on the Top 200, and #20 on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. They’ve also sold over 702,000 albums, and shipped over 743,000. They’re getting up there towards platinum, so that’s awesome. :D

The gallery got a makeover a few minutes ago. It’s now purple and features a new photoshoot picture of the band.

Contest / Charts / Tour / Gallery - 29 Comments

The new Flyleaf Online contest has now started. Since you guys requested it, the theme is a karaoke contest. I provided 3 karaoke tracks for everyone to sing along to, and all the details are on this page. An instrument related cover contest might come along in the future, as well as the other ideas you guys suggested. Thanks for all of the ideas. :]

I also tweaked the layout a little and made it a little more colorful with a new header image. I hope everyone enjoys it a little more now.

The band section was updated with some new chart numbers as well as some new tour dates that the band will be playing in September.

Flyleaf Wiki / Videos / Charts / Contest / Gallery - 34 Comments

Today we’re introducing a new project to the site called the Flyleaf Wiki. I worked on it for about 5-6 hours, customizing the layout and adding all of the pages up. It’s mainly a reference for the band history/lyrics/etc. I’ll be fleshing it out when I get more time, but it’s also a project for you guys. Feel free to sign up and contribute to the pages if you want. Just make sure that whatever you post is true. I’ll be keeping an eye on it to make sure that it stays on the right track, but it’d be awesome if you guys helped. :D

Aside from that big, new chunk of site, the charts and video pages have been updated. Thanks again to Chris for donating the videos from The Call, and to Caleb for editing them and setting all the streams up.

As a sidenote, I wanted to get an opinion on a possible new contest. I want to offer bigger prizes this time around (T-shirt/MAAW EP/Flyleaf Watch/Poster/etc) but I’m unsure of what the theme could be. I was thinking maybe a karaoke contest, Flyleaf Banner making contest or maybe a MySpace Layout contest. Something along those lines. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas of things you might want to do. If so, feel free to post it in the comments.

Also — we have a special treat in the gallery. Joel from Flyleaf’s road crew has given us permission to post some of the photos he’s taken of the band on the road over the past few years. So a big thank you goes to him for that.

Scrapbook/Charts/Article/FAQ/Tattoo/Gallery - 15 Comments

To the couple people who had a question about the scrapbook project, I wanted to clear something up. There will be an indefinite amount of books as long as you guys keep sending in stuff for them. So don’t feel like you’re too late because you missed the first one. :D

In the article section, a new interview/article was posted where Lacey talks about the 2007 FVT, her early life, and her musical influences. The frequently asked questions got updated with the meaning to Perfect. In addition to that, the chart page was updated again. All Around Me is up to #20 on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

Other than that, a couple of new fan tattoos have been added, as well as Shiloh’s story. So everyone should check those out.

Scrapbook Update/Tattoos/Chart/Gallery/Wallpaper - 16 Comments

The scrapbook project was a big success. Over 50 people entered something for the book, and the very first one is completed. I spent around 12 hours putting it all together yesterday. It will be delivered to the band this Sunday at the Hartford, Connecticut show. Caleb, Ali and I will be attending that show if anybody wants to shout us a h0lla.

The band section has been updated with more new numbers on the chart history page. According to, Flyleaf has the #1 Christian and Gospel album right now. All Around me is also moving up the charts consistently. So congratulations to them.

A new wallpaper was added up thanks to Courtney. Also, a new fan tattoo was put up as well. Thanks to Debra for submitting that.

Article/Charts/Tour/Video/Big Gallery Update - 19 Comments

Thank you to everyone who commented on the new layout and suggested things for the new fan section. I appreciate all the kind words and I’ll definitely look into getting some of the sections setup that people requested. :D

In the band section, a new interview with Lacey was posted. It’s a fairly recent interview where she talks about the Justice and Mercy tour as well as the upcoming FVT. Some tour dates were edited, and a bunch were archived. Also, some new numbers were updated on the chart page. Flyleaf had a big sales boost this week and are currently #105 on the Billboard Top 200.

The media section was updated with 3 new videos. One is an interview that the band did with IMF. The other two are live videos. One is Again from Chambersburg and the other is Justice and Mercy from Camden.

I setup the beginnings of the fan tattoos page. I’ve still got a couple to add. If you have a tattoo that pertains to Flyleaf, feel free to shoot me an email with a picture and your story.

New Layout, Gallery, Chart History, Video - 31 Comments

Alrighty — The new layout is up. It took a long time to put together, so I hope everyone enjoys it. With this new layout, we’re introducing a new section. It’ll be a section dedicated to fan interaction. Right now there isn’t much of anything in it, but I have ideas. I’ll be adding polls/project ideas/art/tattoos/etc. If anybody has any ideas that they’d like to see included, feel free to comment with them.

As far as actual site updates, the chart history page was updated as always with new numbers. In addition to that, an edited version of the All Around Me video was added to the video section. It’s a new HQ version replacing the much larger DVD file.

Name Flyleaf’s Fanclub, Audio, Charts, Gallery - 13 Comments

Flyleaf has opened a new contest that allows you to name their new fan club. Read below for details:

Flyleaf needs a name for their new official fan club. Email your suggestions for a name to and you could win a free lifetime membership in the Flyleaf Fan Club and an acoustic Parkwood Guitar signed by Flyleaf!

You can email as many suggestions as you like, and the band will personally pick their favorite. Please send all submissions to before June 27, 2007 at 10:00am EST.

The band section has been updated with new numbers on the chart history page. In addition to that, the FAQ has been updated as well as the video information page.

In the media section, two recent live shows were added to the audio page. One is from Irving Plaza and the other is from the Tweeter Center. I’ll be adding up some new live videos soon. We just have to get them encoded and uploaded. I believe there are about ten.

AAM Video, Charts, Photo - 92 Comments

Sorry about the absence of updates. I took a vacation to the south and had minimal internet. But I’m back, so updates will resume as scheduled. :D

First off, Flyleaf will be featured on Fuse’s The Sauce on May 16th. I don’t have Fuse, so I’m not sure how soon I’ll be able to get a video. If anyone wants to grab a high quality rip for the site, I’d be forever appreciative and give a Flyleaf related gift to the first person who gets it to me.

The All Around Me video has been shot. According to Exodite on Flyleaf Fans, the video is performance based with lots of spilling paint everywhere. He spoke with Pat at a recent show. A picture from the set posted by hl9ac in the comments confirms this.

Click on the picture for a larger version. No word on a release date yet, but it’ll be posted here as soon as we hear.

The lyrics to the new song Again were posted here in the band section. Thanks to Tyler for getting those and sending them in. Also, the chart history page was updated with new numbers. All Around Me has landed on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart on at #35.

The video page was updated with the last acoustic video from the White Rabbit in San Antonio as well as the last two videos from Kat Hartmann. One of those videos is of Lacey giving a tour of the bus, and the other is of Jared showing everyone how Pat warms up before shows. Enjoy!

FVT Dates, Videos, Charts, All Around Me & More - 28 Comments

Everyone has most likely heard about Lacey’s voice and the postponed tour dates by now. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and hope that her voice will make a full recovery soon. All of the dates that were affected were updated on the tour page. In addition to those, the Family Values 2007 venues/dates were added to the page as well.

On April 17th, All Around Me was released to alternative rock radio stations. Be sure to call up to request the song at your local station to lend your support to the single. There still hasn’t been news about the video plans, but I’m sure we’ll hear something soon.

The chart history page was updated with new numbers. Flyleaf has hit over 600,000 albums sold, so a big congrats to them. :D

In the media section, 6 videos were added. Thanks to Michael for sending in his videos from the White Rabbit show. Two videos were added in the miscellaneous section thanks to Kat Hartmann. There’s one of Lacey explaining the story of Cassie, and another of Pat getting ready for a show. In addition to that, 2 more of the Did Somebody Say Rock Star? videos were added up. Big thanks to Caleb for getting all of those set for the site. He’s the bestest.

Also, I’d like to give a hearty welcome to Ali, who is going to be joining the Flyleaf Online team. She’s incredibly talented, she’s a big Flyleaf fan, and she’s a good friend of Caleb and I. So we asked her to join our ranks, and she did [‘cuz she’s awesome]. She’ll be posting updates for you guys whenever she gets a chance, so keep a look out for her. *tosses confetti for Ali*

Holidayssss, Chart History, Wallpapers, Contest, Gallery - 30 Comments

To everyone who celebrated — I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Some of you might have noticed Lacey singing with POD on MTV on New Years Eve. Took me by surprise, or else I would have let everyone know about it. I’ve heard that you can find the performance on MTV’s site, but it’s just loading a big black page for me. We’ll try to get the video for everyone who missed it though.

Onto the contest winner(s). I put up a page where everyone can see/download the wallpapers that people entered for the MAAW EP contest. After much deliberation, I decided to go with 3 winners instead of 1. Maggie is the grand prize winner, and gets the package listed on the contest page. Maria and Jennifer are the runners up and will be receiving MAAW EPs as well. A sincere thank you to everyone who entered. Everyone did really awesome. I’ll probably add a new contest within a week with similar prizes.

In the band section, the chart history was updated. The band sold over 16,000 records last week with the holiday which is pretty impressive. Congratulations to them on that.

On the media page, I also added a donated wallpaper page. Feel free to contribute your own Flyleaf wallpapers if you have any. Credit is always given.

The Flyleaf Fanlisting got a makeover a few days ago. If you haven’t already, feel free to join. It has well over 400 members now.

A big thank you to Chris for sending in all of his Flyleaf pictures. :D

Tour Dates, Gallery, Chart History - 17 Comments

The lyrics for Justice and Mercy and the Christmas Song are now up in the discography. Also, in the band section, there are some new Australian tour dates as well as some new numbers for the chart history.

The contest is going well. I’ve gotten a bunch of great entries. Thanks to everyone who has made a wallpaper thus far. *puts on cheesy advertising voice* To everyone else, enter for your chance to win! :D

In the gallery, a few new additions were put up. Some from the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland were added, as well as some from a radio show there. A couple more from Flyleaf’s buzznet page, and a Japanese article from Rockin’ On magazine were also put up.

Pictures, Chart History and Flytrap contest - 7 Comments

Although it has one of the cheesier names/descriptions ever seen on the internet, this Buzznet contest called “Flyleaf Groupies” where you can watch the band from the “Flytrap” on stage sounds pretty cool. If that’s something you’re interested in, you should enter.

For everyone who hasn’t noticed yet, Pride (In The Name Of Love) has been added to the Flyleaf radio. I also added the informational radio song page thinger up for everyone to check out. It basically describes the origin of each song on the radio, and how to purchase it or download it if it’s available.

The chart history page has gotten it’s weekly update.

The gallery has also been updated with the following stuff:

Coming Soon To Theatres - 8 Comments

Edit: I found what looks to be the tracklisting for the Family Values Tour DVD and CD. From what I understand the two will be sold separately. On the CD, Flyleaf will have tracks for I’m So Sick and Pride (In The Name Of Love) with Richard Patrick, and on the DVD they’ll have I’m So Sick and Something I Can Never Have. The DVD and CD should be released on December 26th according to the FVT site. You can sign up to promote the release here.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m still alive and kickin’. The Flyleaf world has been a little quiet as of late with the band overseas, so I’ve been doing some stuff behind the scenes. A big feature is going to be unveiled in the near future. I’m not sure how near, because it’s proving to be a lot of work, but hopefully everyone will enjoy it once it’s ready. I’m also fiddling with a new look for the site with a slightly different setup. If anyone has thoughts on what they’d like to see on it, feel free to send an email with suggestions.

Onto the updates (which are few, but better than nothing)! The chart history has been updated. They’re up to about 421,000 albums sold now.

The video page has a couple new additions. Continued thanks to Francine and Caleb for those. Speshul thanks to Caleb for updating for me when I was real tired. Work has been kicking my butt as of late.

Anddddd in the gallery, some more from the Cornerstone Festival were added as well as a few of Flyleaf with fans.

Also, a biiiiiiiiiiig, giant happy birthday to Pat and Jared. *<8D

A Fresh Updating Face - 18 Comments

So… Brittany’s off in dreamland because she works like a slave these days, which means I’ll be bringing you folks the update tonight. To start off with, we’ve got three new videos from the Six Flags performance up on the video page, so check those out. Thanks again to Francine for sharing that show; I start to feel like something’s missing if I go too long without working on a Flyleaf live show, ha.

Next, some additions were made to the gallery. A new shot was added from the Cornerstone Festival, as well as some from Loud Park and a few fan candids.

The chart history page was also updated with some new numbers.

An incredible acoustic version of Supernatural was released on Rhapsody a couple days ago, but as of press time here, it didn’t seem to be available any longer. Justin is our resident Rhapsody person so if it ends up being available after all, we can point our collective blame fingers at him =). In any case, it’s worth keeping an eye out for.

On a different note, the staff page was updated the other day with a couple things about yours truly. I’m probably not as exciting (or as pretty…) as Brittany, but hey, there’s something up there if anyone ever happened to wonder.

Videos, Pictures, and News — OH MY! - 34 Comments

It appears that the little birdy rumor of a brand new official Flyleaf myspace layout was true. Go take a look at it. It’s pretty awesome.

It looks like the Glens Falls Civic Center date has disappeared from the MySpace. Since it’s the day before Thanksgiving, I’m guessing they’re going home to spend time with their families. So if you’re going to that date only for Flyleaf, you might want to wait a little bit until you buy tickets. Speaking of those — tickets are now on sale for most of the dates.

In the band section, the chart history was updated. They’re up to #13 on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart for Fully Alive.

The video section has a few new videos. A super high quality Carson Daly video was added thanks to Mike, and the LQ is thanks to Scott at Caleb encoded both for the site, so I a-pre-she-ate that. A couple of Francine’s videos from the Six Flags show were also put up. Caleb also encoded those for the site, so I a-pre-she-ate that too.

In the gallery, a bunch of albums were updated. Click on the respective thumbnails to view them.

Loads of Pictures and Chart History - 2 Comments

In addition to the over 100 pictures added in the past couple days, the chart history was updated. The band is nearing gold status with about 450,000 CDs shipped and 392,600 sold. From what I understand, gold status comes with shipping 500,000 albums, so they’re really close. They’ve also moved up to #14 on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

Thanks to Francine, we’re going to have some video from the Six Flags show. She sent out the DVD the other day, so we’ll start adding those up as soon as they arrive and get chopped up for the site.

Life is like a box-a choc-o-lates. [/random] - 13 Comments

I really don’t have much to update, but I probably should try to anyway. I’m going to be without an internet connection from July 10-13. I believe that Caleb will be ripping Jimmy Kimmel and posting the video as soon as possible so nobody will be missing out on that. For anyone who’s wondering, they’ll be doing Fully Alive for the performance.

A tidbit about the MTV2 All That Rocks show: The performance is of Fully Alive and it was apparently taped at The Pound on May 13, 2006. Anna, who attended the show, said that’s what Lacey told the crowd. Don’t forget to vote vote vote. It’d be super awesome if they won.

In the band section, the chart history page and the tour dates were updated.

The audio page was updated with the X1063 Interview. The interview includes two acoustic performances done by Lacey and Pat. The version of I’m So Sick acoustic is very different than the normal. It’s a nice change, I think.

On the video page, the Rolling Stone acoustic videos were added in non-realplayer format. Those are really well done, so I encourage everyone to check them out.

The gallery was updated with a photo from The Complex thanks to Caleb, some from Ziggy’s thanks to Justin, and a bunch of promotional photos from Download Festival.

If anyone has anything they need to send to my email, feel free, but I’ll probably be delayed in responding/updating. ‘Til then, enjoy Caleb’s Jimmy Kimmel update in a couple days. If he slacks and doesn’t add it right away, make a lot of comments saying ‘hurry up’ so he’ll get a move on. 8D