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Well of Lies (live) posted on! - Leave a comment

1797518_10152279460782594_35962604_nFlyleaf has posted on their Facebook page:

We are finalizing plans for the studio and in the meantime we are sharing a live version of Well of Lies with everyone who pre-orders the new album at

“Well of Lies was written about the struggle between light and dark in our lives. We can so easily believe lies of desperation, insecurity and fall into depression. But that is not the life we were created for. We are created for abundance, joy, peace, strength and love. We have a light inside of us if we call on God’s name. In my life, even when things get hard with my relationships, career, etc. I know I have already been given everything I need in God. There is nothing this world can provide for me that is greater than knowing that truth. Castles will crumble, money will be spent, friends/family may betray you, but God never will. This song is about trusting that inner strength that has been given to us.”

Pledge to pre-order Flyleaf’s new album and get access to this beautiful recording of Well Of Lies along with several other videos, songs, and artwork exclusives!

New Radio Songs, Desktops and Videos! - 8 Comments

I added some acoustic videos to the pro-shot live video page including the Buzznet videos Lacey and Pat did, the Pentagon videos the whole band did, and the recent 103.9 acoustics that Lacey and Jared did.

In addition to that, I added a page for Laura’s wallpapers. She’s super talented at making desktops, so go check those out.

Last but not least, I added the singles from Memento Mori and Broken Pieces to the radio. Enjoy!

Tomorrow marks the first date of the upcoming tour. So if you attend any dates and have videos/pictures to share, send ‘em in! You’ll get full credit for whatever you share. :)

Okay! Updates. - 8 Comments

I updated a lot of pages on the site today, soooooo I’m just going to make a list. :)

Live Audio (RTR Show)
Letters from the Commander
Live Videos (added streaming pages)

Woo! For the record, I’ll be going to the Boston, Jermyn, Sayreville, Columbus and Chicago dates of the upcoming tour. Feel free to say hi. I’m only slightly awkward. Promise.

World Vision Donation: Free Song - 18 Comments

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“When we were recording the song “Set Apart This Dream” for our new cd, “Memento Mori,” I was thinking about the innocence that is so easily and often stolen from so many kids.  Today, there are 2 million children around the world who are victims of sex slavery.  We named this tour  Unite and Fight because sometimes we have to fight violence with peace and that takes unity.  We have to fight thieves who steal children and sell them with generosity.  This also takes unity.  It’s our way of bringing a bit of attention to a grave matter.  All of us who are in a safer place have the ability to help lift some of the burden of such a heavy and disgusting injustice.  If you text UNITE to 20222, $10 will be added to your cell phone bill and a donation will be made to World Vision’s effort to rescue the victims of sex slavery.”

I’m pretty sure most of you already have Memento Mori, but here is the link to follow to download “Set Apart This Dream.” Makes me have so much more appreciation for the song and the band. I think it’s a wonderful cause. Please donate if you can!

OMG SO MUCH STUFF - 10 Comments

Updates include:

– Over 400 new photos
– Video info for Beautiful Bride
– Updated chart information
– New acoustic audio for download (including Justice and Mercy/Again/Arise)
– Official video downloads for Again & Beautiful Bride
– New acoustic performance videos for download including Again, Justice and Mercy, Arise and more!

Also! Big congratulations to the winners of the Memento Mori album cover contest! Dirick and Ricardo both had awesome entries, and they’re going to get some cool prizes in the mail pretty soon. :D All of the entries will be added to a special page of very soon.

Flyleaf ARISE & Again acoustic in Orlando + INTERVIEW - 38 Comments

If I’m not mistaken, this is the very first time Arise has surfaced on the internet in its entirety. What do you guys think? I know it’s hard to imagine what the song will be like in full studio form after seeing the acoustic version, but it’s really so beautiful. Anyone who went to a listening party too can agree with that, I’m sure. I love the acoustic version too. Anyway, let everyone know what you think in the comments!

More news, videos, pictures, etc to come soon! I’ll probably be working on the site all day, so hopefully I’ll have more tonight. :D

Audio, Fanart, Charts, Pictures, Wallpapers - 15 Comments

We just got back from seeing Flyleaf at Soulfest, which was pretty great. It was our first time seeing them at a Christian Festival. Lacey had a lot of great stories that she told during the show about Fully Alive, Believe in Dreams, and their cover of You Are My Joy. Instead of singing I Love You, Lord, they opened with Oh Lord, To You. You can watch that here.

As far as site updates go, the chart history page has been updated. In addition to that, I added the Denver show to the live audio page, and a couple clips of Lacey on Open House on the radio audio page thanks to Noel.

About 3 new wallpapers were uploaded thanks to Elise and Shane. You can view those here. A few new pieces of fanart were also uploaded thanks to Wesley.