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Texan alt-rockers Flyleaf have announced a new album and a pledge campaign.

Flyleaf have announced that they are set to record their new album via Pledge Music. The platinum-selling band are heading back into the studio on April 22, to record their as-yet-untitled fourth album with Linkin Park/Good Charlotte producer Don Gilmore. It will be their first full-length album recorded with new singer (and ex-Vedera frontwoman) Kristen May, who made her debut on last year’s Who We Are EP. Kristen replaced longstanding Flyleaf vocalist Lacey Sturm in 2012, after she amicably parted ways with the band.

For more information head or to make a pledge make sure you head here.

If you pledge to pre-order the new record you will receive access to downloads, behind the scenes videos, tracks & more!

The album is scheduled for release late summer/early fall 2014.

Nothing we didn’t already know, but it’s good to see bigger outlets picking up on these things!

In addition that little article, I’ve uploaded some videos to the video section of all of the 4 LiveStream performances that Flyleaf did, and the full download of entire thing with all of the questions/answers/performances/etc. I also added some acoustic videos that include Something Better, All Around Me, and Call You Out from a radio performance at The Buzz. Enjoy! :]

Sameer Interview with! - Leave a comment

1. Your debut album sold over 1 million copies, did you have any idea at the time that it would do so well?

I didn’t have any idea how the debut album would be received. We are thankful that so many people connected with the message in the songs. Hearing their stories of how the songs impacted their lives for the better reiterates to us that Flyleaf is doing what we’re supposed to be doing.

2. Flyleaf is constantly touring the globe, how do you cope with being in each others pockets for such long periods at a time?

To cope with living on top of one another on tour you have to either really like the people you are with, or have the highest level of tolerance for shenanigans and bodily odors. If you boast both attributes you were born to tour. No question.

3. I see that you guys are tracking some new tunes for a new album, can the fans expect a similar sound to that of your last release New Horizons?

Flyleaf’s sound grows and evolves with us as we grow older and experience more life. On our new album you will hear sounds that remind you of New Horizons, Memento Mori, and our eponymous debut, but at the same time hear something that is altogether something fresh and new.

More at the source!

James Culpepper Talks about the New Album on - Leave a comment

Tell us about the new album. How will it compare to past albums?

This will be our 4th full length album. However, it will be our first with Kristen. The songs are really coming together great — with sounds that you have not heard from us yet. I feel that overall it may not be as dark as some of our past records, but there will still be some heavy moments. We have a nice group of songs to pick from, and I can’t wait to get it recorded.

How has the band adapted with new singer Kristen May? What all does she bring to the table?
Adapted? She fit right in. With Kristen only having been with us for just over a year now, I couldn’t imagine a better first year. She has been so great to have on the road. Aside from an amazing voice and strong performer, she has been a very big part in the writing for the new record.

Tell us about your fan interaction opportunities on
Pledgemusic has opened up good opportunities for us to connect with our fans. We have been able to share news about the record and song writing as it happens. Also we have been able to share our hobbies and things we enjoy outside of music. We are blessed to have so many fans that support us, and to hear how Flyleaf’s music has affected people’s lives has been encouraging.

Did you write all of the new songs as a band or were they written before Kristen joined?
All five of us have been involved in writing the songs for the new record. We always write as a band.

Read more at the source!

With New Frontwoman, Flyleaf Looks to the Future - 1 Comment

In an exclusive interview with New Jersey Newsroom, Flyleaf Guitarist Jared Hartmann sat down to discuss a wide range of topics regarding the band’s new singer, their current tour, fan response so far and future plans for new music.

Hartmann started off the interview updating fans on the recent changes and Flyleaf’s current events, “Big news, we have a new singer Kristen. This is our first tour together so we’re trying to figure things out and become a band. It’s the first time we actually toured in two and a half years. So it’s good to be back out on the road and we get to see our fans. That’s been really exciting, it’s been a great experience getting back out.”

The reality of continuing without Sturm presented no easy hurdle since she played an integral role in the band’s sound and success.

For Flyleaf fans, rest assured, the focus isn’t on replicating, replacing or forgetting about Sturm’s contribution. Flyleaf’s approach represents a pure honesty in adding on to the legacy Sturm helped establish.

New vocalist Kristen May keeps the legacy alive by adding her own incredible style to Flyleaf’s catalog as she carves her own path with a distinctive combination of brash power and delicacy.

Hartmann describes the process of working with May as a way of returning to their roots, “We’re reinventing ourselves right now. With Kristen joining the band, it’s a new element. We’re really excited about the future.”

With May on board, Hartmann expects this tour to serve as a preview for what the future holds for curious fans, “We did our first show with her in October, we did one little show and video taped it so the fans could get a taste of what we were working on.”

Read more at the source!

Flyleaf struggles with ‘Christian rock’ tag - 8 Comments

Pat Seals sounds uncomfortable.

The friendly, soft-spoken bassist for the alt-metal act Flyleaf is supposed to be enjoying a few days off in his Texas home before joining his bandmates in Calgary for the Rock the River West tour this Saturday. Instead, he’s being forced to choose his words carefully after being asked about the strange world of Christian entertainment.

“I think there are a lot of business people out there who can see how to make money very easily,” says Seals. “As much as the Christian industry has helped us, as well as the secular industry, it smacks of ‘We can sell this product to a lot of people.’ I think that’s how it arose. I guess the U.S. — particularly in the Midwest and the South — is so predominantly Christian that there is a ton of people there.

“I don’t know,” Seals adds sheepishly. “I feel like I’m digging myself in a big hole here.”

“Our band’s message, in my opinion, is the message of Christ and how he’s affected our lives,” Seals says.

“It’s not a sales pitch. It’s that truth as filtered through our experiences. We try not to deny that life is difficult, or hard or ugly. We try to make an attempt to be honest about ourselves and not present it as just a product.”

Read the whole article at the source.

Annual Articles - 8 Comments

Oh, lookie. Laura isn’t dead! Haha. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. But I’m back with some articlesss. Yayyyz! ;)

Flyleaf, another band that Will Graham has worked with, has earned his respect because they too “walk the walk.” He shared a story about an event that Flyleaf played at that brought tears to my eyes.

The first is an interview from Will Graham, and he talks briefly about Flyleaf. Read that here.

The next is just a standard article that asks about touring, their music, etc. So you can read that by clicking this link.

And finally, the A&M Octone website features an article that was in Kerrang! However, I don’t know if it’s the one that we’ve been waiting for. So that’s here.

That’s all I found for my daily adventure onto the websites. I hope you enjoy; there isn’t much Flyleaf news happenin’.

Before They Were Flyleaf, Missing Single, Pictures, Article! - 26 Comments

I love when people upload things from way back when! Look at this interview from 2002 from when the band was Passerby. It’s short, but so great. Thanks to Laura for linking it.

This is the artwork for the Missing single which should be out very soon. No exact date for a US release, but I’m betting it’s within the next couple of weeks. Below are some photos I shot at the Prudential center on February 19, 2010:

DVP: When did you know you had something special going on as a group?

James: I think the first practice. “I just knew we should keep working at it.

Pat: “I think it was one of your first shows. I was playing with my old band and I remember watching ‘em from the crowd. Then we had to go on and I remember the next day at school all the people in high school were going, ‘Hey, did you guys hear that other band?’ And I was like, ‘We played, too!’ he laughs. “They made everyone in the room stop, which was pretty rare.”

DVP: How do you keep your voice going?

Lacey: In the beginning I didn’t do anything. I’d just pray about it.

Read more here. The interviewer asks some really good questions towards the end.

All Around Me PLATINUM! & Article & PA Chat! - 9 Comments

HUGE NEWS! All Around Me has officially gone PLATINUM. Flyleaf has sold over 1,000,000 singles throughout the US, which is absolutely amazing. Yay!

With recent successes, attracting an audience should be the easy part. The band’s self-titled first album had four successful singles: “I’m So Sick,” “Fully Alive,” “All Around Me” and “There For You.” It followed with songs featured on the video game “Guitar Hero.”

“That’s strange,” Bhattacharya admits. “But it’s been a great advertisement. Lots of kids have heard our songs on ‘Guitar Hero’ and then come to the shows. Having new fans like that re-energizes us.”

Also energizing the band lately has been the release of its second album “Memento Mori.”

“The title may seem morbid, “remember your mortality,'” Bhattacharya said, “but we think it’s uplifting, and we hope others see it that way, too.”

Read the rest here.

According to the Passerby Army, Flyleaf will be doing a live chat on the fan club this coming Tuesday. Read below for details:

This coming Tuesday, February 2 from 3-4PM EST you can catch the members of Flyleaf for a LIVE chat before they go into soundcheck for their upcoming show at The Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington, WV!

Flyleaf: Embracing Mortality - 6 Comments

Here is an article, thanks to Melissa for finding it. It mentions the head-injury that Pat gave Lacey during the ShockHound performance. If you haven’t seen it, there is a video player on the page the interview is on; just wait until the end. Along with somethings about Memento Mori and other details.

It took Texas rockers Flyleaf four long years to release the follow-up to their mega-successful self-titled debut. But with their new Memento Mori debuting at number eight on the Billboard 200, it’s pretty clear they haven’t lost any steam in the interim. That’s probably because they’ve never really slowed down — the Texas quintet have spent the bulk of their “off time” between albums on a relentless touring schedule, including dates with the likes of Korn, Stone Sour, Disturbed, and the Deftones.
    Though they’ve never made a secret of their faith, the band has successfully avoided becoming pigeonholed as a “Christian band.” Part of this certainly has to do with their choice of “secular,” tourmates; but the powerful rock sound of their hits “I’m So Sick” and “All Around Me” — not to mention frontwoman Lacey Mosley’s impressive vocal chops — have also elevated their material far above and beyond Christian radio’s generic Jesus-song fodder.
   Mosley and bassist Pat Seals recently sat down with ShockHound to recount their warzone adventures, tell us why Memento Mori feels more personal than their first record, and explain why they believe it’s important to live with an awareness of death.
    They also treated us to a raucous Shock Session, which ended in Mosley suffering a startling hit to the head in the last seconds of their final song, courtesy of Seal’s bass. But she’s doing okay — and apparently, this is not the first time it’s happened. -Interview Here.

Starpulse Article - 11 Comments

Here is an article/interview with Sameer about recording Memento Mori. Thanks to Nicole to finding this!

Sure, sure. I have heard it all already. Everyone I know that is a fan of Flyleaf is upset that the band made the decision to take the road less traveled for them, one with less screams and a tad less aggression on their new album, Memento Mori. Yeah, their self titled album was teeming with a certain kind of rawness, a certain power all its own. This time out they took the path of melody and concentrated more of their hooks than anything else and guess what, it worked perfectly. Memento Mori is a great next step for the band, a natural progression if you will. So those that are miffed, rest assured the band has not changed – if anything they have gotten much better. -More

Happy Holidays! And an Article! - 7 Comments

I hope everybody is enjoying their holidays, whichever you all may celebrate!

The following is an article. It’s from October but I just found it.. so yea! I also thought it was worthy with this newish band picture. It’s new to me atleast! Haha.



Flyleaf has been living the dream but with its sophomore album, the Belton-born band turns its focus to, well, death.

“We cry and laugh at the same things,” said frontwoman Lacey Mosley. “We are all going to die the same death.”

Whether in a small, Central Texas town or all the way across Europe and Asia, guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya said mortality connects everyone.

The band members realized these truths after their five-year tour around the world, promoting their debut, self-titled album that went platinum last year. The second record, “Memento Mori,” releases Nov. 10 on A&M/Octone Records, and the band performs Wednesday on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. -More here!

Inspiration for ‘Set Apart This Dream’ - 6 Comments

Flyleaf Guitarist Inspired by Hugo, Eldredge Books

An avid reader, Flyleaf guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya was so moved by Victor Hugo’s ‘Les Miserables’ and John Eldredge’s ‘Wild at Heart’ that he wrote a song about them. The result is ‘Set Apart This Dream,’ which appears on ‘Memento Mori,’ the band’s sophomore effort that debuted at 8 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

“I’d say six years ago, I read ‘Wild at Heart’ by John Eldredge, and then like a couple years after that I read ‘Les Miz’ by Victor Hugo,” Bhattacharya told Noisecreep via telephone from New York City. “I think those books could have gone together. It’s about men stepping up and women feeling like … I don’t know. It was really amazing about how those books came together. It really spoke to me.” -Read More

Article and Two Interviews. - 7 Comments

Flyleaf Has Much Love for Girls, Guys and God

“Where are all the girls in this place?” Flyleaf vocalist Lacey Mosely asked at a recent tour stop in Pittsburgh. “Let me hear your voices.” You can guess what the response sounded like. The band then tore into ‘Set Apart This Dream,’ a song about a little girl’s dreams of a better life in the hereafter.

Not one to leave anyone out, the diminutive Mosley (she clocks in under five feet tall) asked before playing new song ‘Circle': “Where are the all the guys here? I want you to know that I believe in you.” -Read More

Here is an interview with Jared:

Q: Where do you see the future of music heading and where do you see yourself in that picture?

Jared: Its hard to say everyone brings new elements to the music each time we write so it will always be changing. I see myself in Flyleaf for the long haul I guess if it ended tomorrow I would go to culinary school. -Full Interview

Also, this is an inteview with Lacey.

What was the writing process like for Memento Mori?
Sameer [Bhattacharya, guitar], Pat [Seals, bass] and I just wanted to write in response to life. We’ve been writing songs for this record since before the first record came out. We have a new song at least every couple of months, but it’s kind of been a long process. Between the three of us, and since we’ve been on tour all these years, we usually pick a song to play onstage during soundcheck. We play it in the venue and kind of figure out how we want to play it. It’s definitely different from the way we wrote our first record because we weren’t on tour; we were just in James’ [Culpepper, drums] garage and had other jobs and stuff. So this is a little more concentrated, I think. That made a difference in the process. “Tiny Heart” was written before the first record, and “In The Dark” was written right at the end. It’s definitely structured over a period of time. At the last minute, though, we were still writing. -Full

Metal Underground Article (Pat is awesome, read it.) - 8 Comments

Nichole: I don’t want to harp on the topic of Christianity, but perception is that a lot of metal listeners don’t typically rally behind openly devout bands. Do you think the growing success of Flyleaf and other Christian groups like Skillet is changing that perception?

Pat: I would hope that bands like Flyleaf and Skillet change the perception of “Christian bands,” but I would also hope that people would view us as just a band with something they believe in that drives their music, versus a band that is safe for Christians to enjoy. Our faith in Jesus is the centerpiece of our Flyleaf and our personal lives, but it is not our goal to simply churn out music for churchgoing parents to buy for their kids to prevent them from listening to Metallica and Eminem. Our greatest desire is for people to really ingest and contemplate the message in our music, and the best and usually only way to make that happen is to create the most honest, genuine, and appealing music that we possibly can make, given our abilities. I feel like Skillet does this to a “t,” as well as Blindside, the Chariot, and many others.

Nichole: What music influenced or inspired you growing up?

Pat: Growing up, my dad’s music really influenced me. He played the acoustic guitar and listened to a lot of folk and Americana-ish music that has since stayed with me. Simon & Garfunkel, Jim Croce, etc. was usually playing in the kitchen before I discovered Weezer, Green Day, Bush, Deftones, and a brief but embarrassing ska phase.

Nichole: Where do you see you and your music going in ten years?

Pat In ten years, only time will tell. We might be too fat to play by then. I’ve been eating cookies all night for the past week and a half.

Read the whole thing here!

Article! - 7 Comments

Here is a new one! Whoo!

Texas-based rock band Flyleaf has risen from humble beginnings in Temple, Texas, to an internationally recognized delight. To commemorate this feat, the band is releasing their second full-version album “Memento Mori” Tuesday.

“It feels like yesterday,” said bassist Pat Seals of the band’s quick rise to success. Flyleaf formed in 2002 and after playing local shows, got some attention at the South by Southwest Festival in 2003. The band released their first self-titled album in 2005 and has been on the go since then with tours and traveling.

I think Brittany has been beating me to posting all the articles lately.  Heh. Anyways. Can’t wait for tomorrow! The album we’ve all been waiting for is almost here! YAY! =D

2 New Articles! - 4 Comments

Flyleaf bassist Pat Seals said he didn’t want to be a bassist. He wanted to be a guitarist.

“I really started playing bass at church,” Seals said during a telephone interview from Los Angeles. “We ended up needing a bass player and no one wanted to do it. And I was, ‘I know all the songs. I want to play guitar, but I guess I’ll do this.’ ”

Little did Seals know that the bass would become his livelihood.

Read the full article here.

If this Texan hard-rock band had really wanted to avoid being typecast as a Christian rock band, it would have avoided naming its second album (to be released on Nov. 10) “Memento Mori.” The Latin phrase, Flyleaf bassist Pat Seals explained, is a common theme in Medieval art and means “remember you will die.” In ancient Rome, during parades of victorious generals, the generals’ slaves would also be displayed, reminding onlookers that mortality can never be eluded, and that sometimes the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

“We chose the title because we’ve had a few deaths in the family for the band,” Seals said. “Although it’s tragic, it makes you really happy to be alive.”

Guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya quoted 1 Corinthians 13:13, a scripture that conveyed the message of the album: “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” Despite raising questions of mortality, the concept album is meant to be uplifting and love-inspiring. “Everything we learn here will be applied in the afterlife,” he said.

Read the full article here.

Pat With The Gauntlet Interview! - 3 Comments

The Gauntlet: Hey Pat, how’s everything?
Pat: It is pretty good. I am at home just goofing around. I think we are going to go practice later on.

The Gauntlet: Practicing for the tour?
Pat: That is right. We are trying to get it in the ball park so we don’t embarrass ourselves. We have done a lot of practicing but it has been a lot of short practicing and farting around. We spent about two weeks practicing pretty hard, then Lacey, Jared and Sameer went out on the road for a little bit for the Memento Mori press tour. They did some interviews and the listening parties. That put a monkey wrench in the practice schedule, but now we have a little more time.

The Gauntlet: How did you get out of going?
Pat: I think I was originally supposed to do it. I did most of the acoustic performances with Lacey on the last album. One day we did this acoustic radio thing for the album and it was just setup so badly. I kept trying to play and broke a string. I used this guys electric guitar and it just sounded awful. After that I said that I should not be the one doing this as I am the bass player and the two other guitar players are better than I am. I respectfully bowed out of that and let the people that know what they are doing do it. I am glad I did that though. We have been getting good reports of the other guys performing.

To read the whole interview, click here.

New Article! =] - 6 Comments

Below is an article that is very recent. Lacey talks about going home after touring and such. Click here to view the full article.

You can miss a lot when you’re on tour for nearly seven years.

For Lacey Mosley, the lead singer of Flyleaf, going on tour meant not being able to watch her younger sister, who was 10 when Lacey left, grow up.

With the impending release of Memento Mori, Flyleaf’s long-awaited second album, she and guitarist Jared Hartmann opened up to MTV News about life away from the tour bus and the meaning behind their new music.

Mosley, who is from Arlington, Texas, said it was weird coming back home after being on tour for so long because the small town she grew up in got so much bigger. While most of us would love a seven-month vacation — especially after what seemed like seven straight years of working — Mosley couldn’t stay away too long. Even during her break she said she and the band continued to work on the album, and that staying at home with nothing to do made her feel restless at times.