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New Videos, Pictures - 18 Comments

Brittany, Ali, and I all had a great time at the Family Values show in Hartford this past weekend, and we’ve got some new pictures up in the gallery from that. To everyone that sent in entries for the scrapbook, the band really enjoyed it.

Several new videos were also added. Interviews from Musik Base, Revolution TV, and Current TV. Also there’s four new live videos up from a performance in 2005 from The Call. Thanks to Chris for sending those in.

Brittany and I will be hitting a couple more dates on the tour so there’ll be lots more Family Values related pictures, interviews, and videos coming up soon.

A Fresh Updating Face - 18 Comments

So… Brittany’s off in dreamland because she works like a slave these days, which means I’ll be bringing you folks the update tonight. To start off with, we’ve got three new videos from the Six Flags performance up on the video page, so check those out. Thanks again to Francine for sharing that show; I start to feel like something’s missing if I go too long without working on a Flyleaf live show, ha.

Next, some additions were made to the gallery. A new shot was added from the Cornerstone Festival, as well as some from Loud Park and a few fan candids.

The chart history page was also updated with some new numbers.

An incredible acoustic version of Supernatural was released on Rhapsody a couple days ago, but as of press time here, it didn’t seem to be available any longer. Justin is our resident Rhapsody person so if it ends up being available after all, we can point our collective blame fingers at him =). In any case, it’s worth keeping an eye out for.

On a different note, the staff page was updated the other day with a couple things about yours truly. I’m probably not as exciting (or as pretty…) as Brittany, but hey, there’s something up there if anyone ever happened to wonder.

Video stuff from the video nerd - 10 Comments

I had to try my hand at updating Flyleaf Online while Brittany communes with the bears and moths (her favorite) for a few days, so I have, as promised, put up the performances of I’m So Sick and Fully Alive from the Jimmy Kimmel show that aired tonight. Check those out on the Video Page. They’re a little large, but some low quality versions will be coming sometime in the near future. Also coming up soon will be a video of the Memphis, TN show from July 5th at The Complex. If we’re lucky, I’ll have that up by the end of the week. I’ve been awake for 24 hours, so now that I’ve finally gotten the night’s work done and uploaded, I really think it’s time to crash. Enjoy.