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According to, Flyleaf’s EP will be called Remember To Live and will have the following tracklisting:

– 1 Justice & Mercy (Violent Love Version)
– 2 Okay
– 3 Amy Says
– 4 Dear My Closest Friend
– 5 Light In Your Eyes
– 6 Believe In Dreams
– 7 Arise (Ben Moody Mix)

HECK YESSSSSSSSSSSSS is all I really have to say if this is correct. :D

The Beard Is Gone - 9 Comments

As evidenced below in the video from Flyleaf’s show in San Antonio a couple days ago, we can see that the beard is no longer. I think we all need to have a moment of silence for the entity known as Pat’s Beard. I know we’re all mourning in these hard, sad days, but just know my friends, that it’ll get better with time. We all grew to know and love it over the past year, and now that it’s gone, it feels like our hearts are broken. But we can cling to the hope that it may come back some day.

In memorium, please enjoy this video below with me:

How He Loves Contest - 38 Comments

Dirick did an awesome new acoustic instrumental for How He Loves in honor of the news that it will be going on the EP. Since we’re all so excited about it, I’m throwing an impromptu contest, because HEY, I can do that.

Rules & Information:

– Record yourself (audio AND/OR video) singing along to Dirick’s instrumental.
Here are the lyrics if you need them.
– Post it on YouTube.
Send me a link with “How He Loves Contest” as the subject if you want to keep it private, or post it in the comments for everyone to see!

The winner will receive a copy of Flyleaf’s DVD Beneath the Surface. Everyone in the entire universe can enter. I’ll pay shipping costs to Kazakhstan if necessary. Dirick and I will choose the most wonderful cover of this song together, and post it as an update if the winner allows.

Deadline is November 10, 2010, Memento Mori’s first birthday. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. We’re not expecting studio quality. Just make it heartfelt and full of love, friends. Annnnnd if you were wondering, you start singing along at 20 seconds in. Enjoy!

Mexico City Pictures // Supernatural Instrumental - 13 Comments

Here are some photos from Flyleaf’s show in Mexico City. Lacey is sporting some new hair for those of you that get excited about that sort of thing. :)

A new acoustic instrumental for Supernatural has been put up here. Thanks again to muh boy Dirick for that. It’s kindasorta really beautiful, so enjoy!

And last but not least, the album count for Memento Mori has been updated. If you haven’t purchased it already, you should probably do so. SUPPORT THE BAND. That’s what cool people do. :)

Broken Pieces // BB Instrumental // Merch Stuff - 12 Comments

Thanks to Timothy for the screen caps! It saved me a lot of time, so I appreciate it a lot. I also added another new instrumental for Beautiful Bride thanks to Dirick.

There’s also some newish merch that can be ordered online. A new girls t-shirt from this leg of the U&F tour as well as some stickers/buttons and some shirts from So check them out and order some stuff if it strikes your fancy!

Instrumentals // Photos // EP Info - 29 Comments

My friend Dirick is pretty fantabulous at guitar, and he knows virtually every Flyleaf song ever. So he’s going to make some instrumental tracks for you good folks to sing along to. He started with Arise acoustic because everybody loves that one. Feel free to make requests in the comments to pressure him into doing your favorite song. :)

I’ve added some information about the Untitled November EP to the EPs page of the lyrics/discog section with some confirmed tracks and the known lyrics for those songs. The lyrics may change, but it’ll do for now until we know more. :)

EP NEWS // Arise // Ask Lacey // New Interview with Lace - 9 Comments

Sameer confirmed that the untitled EP that they’re working on will be released in November! Very very exciting. I can hardly wait to hear what they’ve come up with. :D

Also — listen to Sameer and request Arise on your local radio station! Anyone who has heard this song knows that it’s absolutely beautiful and the world en masse would benefit GREATLY from hearing this song, it’s message, and getting to know Flyleaf’s music. Request request request! I did, and will frequently. You can click the banner on the right side of the page to be taken to a website where you can look up your local rock radio station! :)

Lacey is inviting fans of Flyleaf to ask her anything at all on Advice, questions about the band, anything; “Letters to Lacey” is an open line of communication. Just fill out the form at and Lacey will pick five questions each month to answer.

Lacey also did an interview recently where she talked about the band’s involvement with World Vision, and their fight against human trafficking. To get involved, as you may already know, you can txt the world Unite to 20222 and $10 will be added onto your phone bill. You can do this up to three times.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Broken Pieces video!

Studio “Okay” - 16 Comments

While Flyleaf was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Lacey was working on the vocals for a new version of their song Okay, which has never been recorded before. The song has been around for years and years as the opener to their song Tina live. If you’ve never heard the song before, below is the old version in its entirety. Mostly the band played only the first verse, but a while back they did a two verse version and we were lucky enough to get the video. Lacey’s mic cuts out at the end, but you get the idea. :)

I love Okay, so I’m really excited to see how it comes out in full song form.

New Music! - 17 Comments

The band is recording new music with Mark Lewis while they’re on the road! I don’t believe it’s for a new full-length album like people have been hoping on some of the forums I read, but I think we can hope at the very least for an EP later on this year. ;) So exciting!

I’m going to be going through all of our photos that we took at the shows this past week. So look for those later on tonight. It was cool meeting a lot of you guys at the shows. :D Thanks for saying hi.

New Radio Songs, Desktops and Videos! - 8 Comments

I added some acoustic videos to the pro-shot live video page including the Buzznet videos Lacey and Pat did, the Pentagon videos the whole band did, and the recent 103.9 acoustics that Lacey and Jared did.

In addition to that, I added a page for Laura’s wallpapers. She’s super talented at making desktops, so go check those out.

Last but not least, I added the singles from Memento Mori and Broken Pieces to the radio. Enjoy!

Tomorrow marks the first date of the upcoming tour. So if you attend any dates and have videos/pictures to share, send ‘em in! You’ll get full credit for whatever you share. :)