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With New Frontwoman, Flyleaf Looks to the Future - 1 Comment

In an exclusive interview with New Jersey Newsroom, Flyleaf Guitarist Jared Hartmann sat down to discuss a wide range of topics regarding the band’s new singer, their current tour, fan response so far and future plans for new music.

Hartmann started off the interview updating fans on the recent changes and Flyleaf’s current events, “Big news, we have a new singer Kristen. This is our first tour together so we’re trying to figure things out and become a band. It’s the first time we actually toured in two and a half years. So it’s good to be back out on the road and we get to see our fans. That’s been really exciting, it’s been a great experience getting back out.”

The reality of continuing without Sturm presented no easy hurdle since she played an integral role in the band’s sound and success.

For Flyleaf fans, rest assured, the focus isn’t on replicating, replacing or forgetting about Sturm’s contribution. Flyleaf’s approach represents a pure honesty in adding on to the legacy Sturm helped establish.

New vocalist Kristen May keeps the legacy alive by adding her own incredible style to Flyleaf’s catalog as she carves her own path with a distinctive combination of brash power and delicacy.

Hartmann describes the process of working with May as a way of returning to their roots, “We’re reinventing ourselves right now. With Kristen joining the band, it’s a new element. We’re really excited about the future.”

With May on board, Hartmann expects this tour to serve as a preview for what the future holds for curious fans, “We did our first show with her in October, we did one little show and video taped it so the fans could get a taste of what we were working on.”

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Lehigh Valley High Acoustics - Leave a comment

“We’re really excited about her and I think our fans are going to like her,” Seals says. “It’s been a very inspirational shot in the arm, so to speak. She’s so professional and focused. It’s hard to keep up.”

Seals admits that the change in front women has come with a few challenges.

“I’m not going to lie. It’s hard to convince (fans) to try to listen to a totally different voice, a totally different person,” Seals says. “But the songs are still ours, though the more our fans see footage of Kristen and encounter her, they seem to latch on.”

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Live Setlist - Leave a comment

Looks like folks will be getting a pretty great amount of songs this tour! Here’s the setlist from the February 19th show of the Flyleaf/Drowning Pool tour:

Red Sam
Call You Out
New Horizons
Great Love
Fire Fire
Swept Away
Bury Your Heart
I’m Sorry
Broken Wings
Fully Alive
Cage on the Ground
All Around Me
I’m So Sick

Artist Direct Interview with Sameer - 1 Comment

Not only have they dropped their best album yet–of the same name–but they’re also beginning a new chapter with singer Kristen May.

In this exclusive video interview, Flyleaf sat down to talk to about the new album, illuminating us about the song “Green Heart” (it’s about the ill-advised love of and pursuit of money) and more.

We nabbed time with guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya, who was forthright and candid.

Whussup guys? Photos // New Horizons // Tour Dates - 10 Comments

Hey there — it’s been a while. How have you guys been? :] I’ve been getting back into the swing of Flyleaf-y things the past few weeks, and thought HEY LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN. So it’s happening. Let’s get to it!

The lyrics for New Horizons have been added to the Lyrics/Discog section of the site. Not entirely official, so they’ll probably get tweaked as time goes on. But they’re my best interpretation.

I also updated the tour date section to reflect the last two shows played, and all of the Drowning Pool co-headliner shows. Caleb and I went to the Rich Caldwell tribute show in May in Dallas. Here are the shots Caleb took that night:

There’s a ton more to do! Some of which I have written down, and other stuff that I probably won’t think of. So feel free to recommend stuff in the comments that you’d like to see.