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Sameer Interview with! - Leave a comment

1. Your debut album sold over 1 million copies, did you have any idea at the time that it would do so well?

I didn’t have any idea how the debut album would be received. We are thankful that so many people connected with the message in the songs. Hearing their stories of how the songs impacted their lives for the better reiterates to us that Flyleaf is doing what we’re supposed to be doing.

2. Flyleaf is constantly touring the globe, how do you cope with being in each others pockets for such long periods at a time?

To cope with living on top of one another on tour you have to either really like the people you are with, or have the highest level of tolerance for shenanigans and bodily odors. If you boast both attributes you were born to tour. No question.

3. I see that you guys are tracking some new tunes for a new album, can the fans expect a similar sound to that of your last release New Horizons?

Flyleaf’s sound grows and evolves with us as we grow older and experience more life. On our new album you will hear sounds that remind you of New Horizons, Memento Mori, and our eponymous debut, but at the same time hear something that is altogether something fresh and new.

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TLA Photos from FlyleafOnline & other ramblings! - Leave a comment

This show was pretty unique and special, and I’m glad I got to see it. Joel (Flyleaf’s retired drum tech) was on drums for the evening, and the two guitarists from Stars In Stereo subbed in for Sameer. I forget exactly why James and Sameer were away, but it was undoubtedly for a very good reason. It was the only Flyleaf show that they played with only 2 of the original members as far as I know. It was kinda crazy and a funny realization as I was standing there watching the show! But everyone did such a great job, and it was cool to see what they did with it.

I’m working on a new look for the site, and will be updating the discography with the new songs/album info. If there is anything y’all would like to see, please let me know! I live to serve. <3

James Culpepper Talks about the New Album on - Leave a comment

Tell us about the new album. How will it compare to past albums?

This will be our 4th full length album. However, it will be our first with Kristen. The songs are really coming together great — with sounds that you have not heard from us yet. I feel that overall it may not be as dark as some of our past records, but there will still be some heavy moments. We have a nice group of songs to pick from, and I can’t wait to get it recorded.

How has the band adapted with new singer Kristen May? What all does she bring to the table?
Adapted? She fit right in. With Kristen only having been with us for just over a year now, I couldn’t imagine a better first year. She has been so great to have on the road. Aside from an amazing voice and strong performer, she has been a very big part in the writing for the new record.

Tell us about your fan interaction opportunities on
Pledgemusic has opened up good opportunities for us to connect with our fans. We have been able to share news about the record and song writing as it happens. Also we have been able to share our hobbies and things we enjoy outside of music. We are blessed to have so many fans that support us, and to hear how Flyleaf’s music has affected people’s lives has been encouraging.

Did you write all of the new songs as a band or were they written before Kristen joined?
All five of us have been involved in writing the songs for the new record. We always write as a band.

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Flyleaf reached their goal!! 103% on PledgeMusic - Leave a comment

Flyleaf made it! Their project has been fully funded, and they now are set to make their new record!

Dear friends and pledgers,
We did it! We reached our goal on !! With your help, we are able to go and record an album we are ecstatic about. Thank you for sharing your love, generosity and stories on the pledgemusic website with us. This journey has been so exciting so far and we can’t wait to continue it as we enter the studio! Many more updates to come. Once again, thank you for making our dreams come true! You’ve lifted us up and encouraged us to get into the studio and ROCK!

All our love::
James, Pat, Kristen, Jared and Sameer

Even though I’m not a band member, I’m still so thankful for every single person who pledged money to make this record happen. Flyleaf is a band that means so much to me. I would be a totally different person if I hadn’t discovered their music 9 years ago. Through those years, I’ve met and talked with tons of folks who share that same sentiment. Their music, and the members as people have done so much for us fans, so it’s amazing that we were able to give back this way.

So THANK YOU GUYS! I’m so excited to hear this new album, and very grateful that we’ve got so much more to experience with Flyleaf. <3

There are 4 days left to pledge so we can make this Flyleaf album happen! - Leave a comment

Flyleaf is at 90% with only 4 days to go, so please consider pledging to make this new record happen! Based on the updates the members of Flyleaf have been posting, this new record is going to be so inspiring, beautiful and completely worth every penny we are putting forth to support them. Sameer posted an amazing clip of him singing City Kids yesterday, and it’s just…incredible.

The minimum pledge is $10, which guarantees you a download of the album (less than what iTunes will charge you when it comes out), and you get access to all the things Flyleaf has been posting. The updates have included Pat’s artwork, amazing videos (interviews as well as performances), homemade hats, scarves & ornaments, and so many other awesome things. The updates will continue during their recording process, and through the release of the album. Considering all that, $10 isn’t all that much to pay. So PLEDGE today! Flyleaf’s music is so important to so many people, and we need to show them that we believe in them.

PledgeMusic Updates! 40% of the goal reached, 480+ Flyleaf pledgers! - Leave a comment

Flyleaf has reached 40% of their album-funding goal through, and over the last few days, Flyleaf has posted about 10 updates. The most recent update includes a video interview about the record with both Flyleaf and the producers of the record, as well as a lengthy clip of Marionette, which is one of the new songs Flyleaf has written.

To see these exclusive updates, you should pledge! Nearly 500 of us have so far, but we need more! Let’s help Flyleaf blow past that 100% mark, and let’s show them how much we believe in them! Judging from the clip of Marionette alone, this record is going to be absolutely incredible.

Pledge to pre-order Flyleaf’s New Record! - Leave a comment

Hello and welcome to the exclusive pre-order of our new album!
Here is where we take you on the journey: From day one in the studio straight thru to the record release show and beyond, here is where the magic will happen.

It’s quite simple really… this is a preorder. But one like no other. It’s where we’ll be dropping exclusive videos from the recording process and the road, where we’ll be streaming demos and finished tracks, where you’ll be able to download them, where we’ll be posting exclusive photos, blogs and more. The album will be officially released in the late Spring/ early Summer of 2014, but you’ll be the FIRST to get it!

You, our loyal fans, have meant the world to us. You’ve maintained allegiance through thick and thin, and through recent changes. Your faith has never wavered.

This is the best way that we can honor your allegiance. Releasing the album with your help and guidance, with open doors, and open arms.

“They” say the music industry is dead.

Let’s prove to THEM that with the power of true fans, the business of making music is alive and thriving.

Ready? xoxo Flyleaf

Click HERE to pledge. I just signed up for the liner notes one, and I’m sure I’ll do more soon. :D I can’t wait to see what sort of videos and exclusives we’ll get. The Christmas single “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear” sounds excellent and the new songs in the video posted on the page sound amazing. If it’s any indication what we’ll be getting when the new record arrives, I’m excited!

Congrats to all those who back Flyleaf for this album. And SUPER congrats to those who respect the band enough not to post the exclusives on twitter, tumblr and other sites on the internet. Although sharing is caring in most cases, it’s respectful to refrain from posting every song, video and exclusive on the web. It makes people not want to support the band if they can get it all for free. Thanks for understanding! <3