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All Around Me Video, Chart History, Pictures, Videos - 37 Comments

Some news about the All Around Me video has been released. The director of the video will be Paul Fedor. He’s done videos like Evanescence’s ‘Lithium’, Seether’s ‘Fine Again’ and POD’s ‘Youth of the Nation’. For a complete list of his music videos, visit this page.

In the band section, I updated the chart history page numbers with stats from Christian Rock charts. Perfect is currently #1 according to, so congratulations to Flyleaf on that.

The wallpaper section was updated with one new desktop made by Beckie. In addition to that, three new videos were added to the video page. One of those is I’m Sorry from the White Rabbit, and the other two videos are from Kat Hartmann. The first is of Jared sending a message to the fans, and the other is of the band before they go on stage in Oklahoma.

FVT Dates, Videos, Charts, All Around Me & More - 28 Comments

Everyone has most likely heard about Lacey’s voice and the postponed tour dates by now. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and hope that her voice will make a full recovery soon. All of the dates that were affected were updated on the tour page. In addition to those, the Family Values 2007 venues/dates were added to the page as well.

On April 17th, All Around Me was released to alternative rock radio stations. Be sure to call up to request the song at your local station to lend your support to the single. There still hasn’t been news about the video plans, but I’m sure we’ll hear something soon.

The chart history page was updated with new numbers. Flyleaf has hit over 600,000 albums sold, so a big congrats to them. :D

In the media section, 6 videos were added. Thanks to Michael for sending in his videos from the White Rabbit show. Two videos were added in the miscellaneous section thanks to Kat Hartmann. There’s one of Lacey explaining the story of Cassie, and another of Pat getting ready for a show. In addition to that, 2 more of the Did Somebody Say Rock Star? videos were added up. Big thanks to Caleb for getting all of those set for the site. He’s the bestest.

Also, I’d like to give a hearty welcome to Ali, who is going to be joining the Flyleaf Online team. She’s incredibly talented, she’s a big Flyleaf fan, and she’s a good friend of Caleb and I. So we asked her to join our ranks, and she did [‘cuz she’s awesome]. She’ll be posting updates for you guys whenever she gets a chance, so keep a look out for her. *tosses confetti for Ali*

Tour, Fanart, Fanclub, Etc. - 79 Comments

The second leg of the Justice and Mercy tour has been announced. All of the dates have been posted on the tour page. The May 19th date has been posted differently all over the net. In the Flyleaf mailing list email, it’s listed as The Station. On their MySpace blog, it’s listed as Irving Plaza in Clifton Park [which isn’t in Clifton Park], and on Kill Hannah’s MySpace [who they will be touring with during the second leg] it says they’re playing at Northern Lights in Clifton Park. So if you’re planning on attending any three of those dates, keep a look out until it’s confirmed.

Flyleaf will be launching an official fanclub sometime in May according to their ticketing site and various announcements today. “Fan Club members will receive access to a member’s only website with exclusive content, chat servers, contests and promotional opportunities throughout the year.” There isn’t much information floating around about it, but I’ll let everyone know more about it when I find something.

One new article was posted earlier on this week. It gives some information on the new album. According to the article, seven new tracks have been written for the record, and they’re hoping to begin recording sometime this summer for a late 2007/early 2008 release.

Four new pieces of fanart have been added in the media section. Thank you to Ali, Michael and S.Vetter for donating those. They all came out beautifully.

In the gallery, a bunch of pictures were added from the White Rabbit show in San Antonio taken by Ali. The reason you see acoustic guitars and darkness is because lightning struck outside the venue right before Flyleaf’s set and blew the electricity. They were troopers and brought out the acoustics to continue the show [without speakers or microphones]. I saw a few videos that a fan named Michael sent in, and the entire crowd was singing along to every word. It looks like everyone had a blast. I’ll add the videos and a ton more pictures in the next few days.

Family Values 2007, Audio, Pictures, Setlist - 32 Comments

Flyleaf has been confirmed to appear on the Family Values Tour 2007 with Korn, Evanescence, Atreyu, HellYeah and Trivium. The tour is set to hit the following cities: St. Louis, MO / Albuquerque, NM / Atlanta, GA / Bakersfield, CA / Boston, MA / Buffalo, NY / Camden, NJ / Chicago, IL / Columbus, OH / Dallas, TX / Denver, CO / Detroit, MI / East Rutherford, NJ / Hartford, CT / Houston, TX / Indianapolis, IN / Irvine, CA / Kansas City, MO / Miami, FL / Minneapolis, MN / Oklahoma City, OK / Orlando, FL / Phoenix, AZ / Pittsburgh, PA / Sacramento, CA / San Antonio, TX / San Francisco, CA / Scranton, PA / Tampa, FL / Toronto, ON / Washington, DC. As soon as dates become available, they will be posted so keep a look out.

The Justice and Mercy tour officially kicked off a couple nights ago. The band has been playing three new songs on the tour, and thanks to Kat Hartmann, the setlist from the Memphis show can be posted.

Red Sam
Breathe Today
Justice and Mercy (new)
Fully Alive
I’m Sorry
All Around Me
Believe in Dreams – Acoustic
Have We Lost (new)
Again (new)
So I Thought
I’m So Sick
There For You

Kat said the setlist might be different for upcoming shows, but it still gives you a good idea of what to expect if you’re seeing the band perform on this tour.

In the band section, a few new articles were added. Those would be the Domain Cleveland interview with Lacey and The First Page with Sameer. The discography has also been updated with the new song titles.

The media section was updated with one new interview on the audio page. In addition to that, one new very nice drawing was added to the fanart page.

New Single Info, Pictures, Wallpapers - 17 Comments

The new single has finally been confirmed. All Around Me will be going for alternative radio adds on April 17th. No word yet on the video, but it’ll be posted here as soon as it’s official. Perfect will be pushed towards Christian rock radio sometime soon as well.

The ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ cover was added to the radio for everyone to listen to whenever they want.

In the media section, I uploaded two new wallpapers. A beautiful new piece of fanart drawn by Cherry was also added.

Over 200 pictures were added to the gallery in the past week or so. Most of them are HQ. It’d take me forever to list them so just click the thumbnails and enjoy the big pictures. :D

Australia blog, News, Pictures, Audio, Video - 17 Comments

For everyone who doesn’t frequent MySpace or the official board much, Jared wrote a blog about their time in Australia. It includes a couple of really nice pictures.

Some related news — Octone has merged with A&M records. So Flyleaf will be moving over to that new label instead of just Octone. Everyone can read more about it here.

I recently updated the chart info page with a new number for Fully Alive. It looks like it’s gone up 3 slots to #31 on the Hot Modern Tracks chart.

In the audio section, I uploaded the audio from Flyleaf’s cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit. The direct link to download that is here. In the video section, the video from the performance was also added.

In the gallery, some HQ scans of the I’m So Sick international single have been uploaded as well as some HQ shots from the I’m So Sick set. In addition to that, the gallery has another new layout thanks to Tran. Click on the respective pictures to be taken to the galleries.

Tour Dates, Yahoo Cover and Pictures - 30 Comments

Before I leave to take a mini-vacation in Cape Cod, I figured I’d update the website. :D

Flyleaf is appearing on Yahoo’s Cover Art with a cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. You can view that here. It’ll be available for download here in a few days. Lacey cut her hair again and has a lip ring in. There are pictures of the Yahoo performance in the gallery for everyone to see.

Some small changes were made to the layout. I got kinda bored, so I decided to change it up a bit. In addition to that, the tour dates were updated with a bunch of new dates. Some of those are Acquire the Fire dates for anyone who was curious about which shows they were going to play.

Videos, Pictures and Blog from Jared - 11 Comments

The official MySpace was updated with a blog yesterday by Jared. Everyone should pop over there and see what he had to say.

As far as site updates go — I switched around the sidebars a little. Now the merch part has links to where you can buy the first full sized Flyleaf poster, preorder a guitar tab book, and other stuff too. I got one of the posters, and it’s really nice. I’ll let everyone know about the tab book when it comes out.

The video section has been heavily updated in the past few days, with big thanks to Ali, Resident Hero and Caleb. First off, one live acoustic of I’m So Sick from Japan has been added here. Lacey prefaces the performance with an explanation of I’m So Sick, and Pat plays guitar. The live shows page was updated with the last videos from the Nokia Theatre that Ali shot. Andddd last but not least, a page full of Resident Hero videos was added here. Ryan White was kind enough to send some of the ‘Did somebody say Rock Star?’ videos, and their video for Vendetta Black that features Lacey on a DVD. In total, there are 4 videos. I added a little info about RH too. Everyone should check them out. Thank you to Caleb for encoding and fiddling with the pages.

The gallery has a brand new layout. I also disabled guest commenting because the spam was a little more than I could keep up with. In addition to that, I reset the view counts on all the pictures by mistake…because I’m awesome. Ain’t nuthin’ but a number anyway. Several albums were updated too.

All of the James Minchin photoshoot outtakes are now in much higher quality so enjoy. :D

Justice and Mercy Tour, Pictures, News - 27 Comments

Hey everyone — long time no see. The Flyleaf front has been kind of quiet lately, but I finally come bearing news. Flyleaf will be headlining the “Justice and Mercy” tour starting in late March. The tour page has been heavily updated with a bunch of new dates. Octone says that the support for the tour will include Skillet, Dropping Daylight, Resident Hero and ‘others’. According to Kat Hartmann, they’ll also be going overseas to the UK to play some dates with Stone Sour and some Acquire the Fire shows. I’m not sure of the exact dates, so those aren’t up yet.

Also according to Kat, the band recently spent about 10 days recording with producer Mark Lewis at James’ house. Some new songs and very different acoustic versions of the ones we already know were recorded, and might pop up on a CD or at live shows.

As far as site updates go, three new interviews were added. Those interviews are Christian Music Planet with Lacey # 2, Fashion 18 with Sameer and Mish Mash Interview with Lacey.

Yesterday, I updated the gallery software…which none of you probably noticed but that’s okay. A few albums were also updated.

Random Sidenote: The site should look decent and centered in all browsers now. I take no credit. Caleb and his awesomeness made that work. Go him. *<8D

Yeah, soooo… - 23 Comments

I know the site looks a little wacky right now. We’re attempting to center it and work out the cross-browser kinks (except Caleb’s doing it all because I suck). Sorry to IE users for the time being. It looks really crappy. :X Aside from that, I uploaded new rotating headers. I’m a fan of the MTV Amy Cooper pictures. She photographed the band real well.

There has been talk of Flyleaf possibly touring with Skillet in the spring. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about it, but I haven’t heard anything concrete from the label yet. If it gets confirmed, I’ll post the dates here as soon as possible.

As some of you might know, Lacey does guest vocals on Resident Hero’s song Vendetta Black. Lacey and Rockstar Pat are featured in the video which can be seen here.

The video section was updated with two more videos from the show Ali taped at the Nokia. In addition to that, the songs that Lacey sang with POD on New Years Eve in Times Square were also added. Thanks to Ali for ripping those, and to Caleb for coding.

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures. It’s always very much appreciated.

Holidayssss, Chart History, Wallpapers, Contest, Gallery - 30 Comments

To everyone who celebrated — I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Some of you might have noticed Lacey singing with POD on MTV on New Years Eve. Took me by surprise, or else I would have let everyone know about it. I’ve heard that you can find the performance on MTV’s site, but it’s just loading a big black page for me. We’ll try to get the video for everyone who missed it though.

Onto the contest winner(s). I put up a page where everyone can see/download the wallpapers that people entered for the MAAW EP contest. After much deliberation, I decided to go with 3 winners instead of 1. Maggie is the grand prize winner, and gets the package listed on the contest page. Maria and Jennifer are the runners up and will be receiving MAAW EPs as well. A sincere thank you to everyone who entered. Everyone did really awesome. I’ll probably add a new contest within a week with similar prizes.

In the band section, the chart history was updated. The band sold over 16,000 records last week with the holiday which is pretty impressive. Congratulations to them on that.

On the media page, I also added a donated wallpaper page. Feel free to contribute your own Flyleaf wallpapers if you have any. Credit is always given.

The Flyleaf Fanlisting got a makeover a few days ago. If you haven’t already, feel free to join. It has well over 400 members now.

A big thank you to Chris for sending in all of his Flyleaf pictures. :D

MAAW EP & Over 600 New Pictures - 44 Comments

The acoustic Fully Alive, the Christmas Song and Justice and Mercy have been added to the radio. Whoever bought the EP while it was on sale at the shows, you rock. To everyone who didn’t get a chance to, I hope you enjoy listening.

Over 600 new photos were added to the gallery yesterday. Yes, over 600. I hope you enjoy those too. :D

Again, a big, huge thanks to Revenant Media for a lot of these pictures.

Stuff - 19 Comments

There hasn’t really been much in the way of new Flyleaf stuff in the past few days. They’ll be wrapping up the Music As A Weapon tour in the next few days, and then taking a well deserved break from the end of December until early February. When the tour ends (in approximately 2 days), I’ll be putting up the MAAW EP on the radio for everyone to enjoy.

The contest to win an EP and various other Flyleaf stuff is ending in little over a week. So be sure to get your entries in before the deadline.

The video page was updated with three new videos. Two are a continuation of the Nokia Theatre set thanks to Ali and Caleb, and the other is the I’m So Sick performance from the Carson Daly show. It’s different than the previously shown performance, and it’s nice quality. A huge thanks to Mike for uploading that for the site. He’s a life saver.

Three albums in the gallery were updated. Click the respective thumbnails to go to the albums.

Major thanks to Revenant Media for donating the pictures on their site. I still have a bunch more to add, but there’s so many that it might have to wait until tomorrow.

Voicemail, New Tour Dates, Fanart, Gallery and Videos - 12 Comments

Flyleaf is participating in this nifty thing where you can sign up to get voicemail messages from the band while they’re on the road. To sign up for it, you all can click here. It’s pretty cool, and they do send the messages. Pat sent out a message last night. He basically summarized the tour and the goings on in their lives. So everyone sign up and listen to messages.

The band will be heading out on a small tour with Three Days Grace in early February. The tour dates are posted on the marquee and on the tour page. To all fans that are interested in going, I encourage you to take advantage of the presale that artistarena is holding. The username and password are “flyleaf” and “tickets” respectively.

In the media section, some new fanart pieces were uploaded. One drawing from Ali and one vexel from Stephanie. Both came out beautifully, so check them out. Also, a big thanks to Ali because we now have another set of videos coming. She recorded the Dallas MAAW show on her camera because she rocks. Thanks to Caleb for editing and uploading.

Edit:A German MTV interview featuring Lacey and Jim Root of Stone Sour was put up on the video page also.

Thanks to Dacia for sending in the new pictures in the gallery.

Tour Dates, Gallery, Chart History - 17 Comments

The lyrics for Justice and Mercy and the Christmas Song are now up in the discography. Also, in the band section, there are some new Australian tour dates as well as some new numbers for the chart history.

The contest is going well. I’ve gotten a bunch of great entries. Thanks to everyone who has made a wallpaper thus far. *puts on cheesy advertising voice* To everyone else, enter for your chance to win! :D

In the gallery, a few new additions were put up. Some from the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland were added, as well as some from a radio show there. A couple more from Flyleaf’s buzznet page, and a Japanese article from Rockin’ On magazine were also put up.

Contest, Discography, Gallery - 5 Comments

The first contest to win a MAAW Tour EP has opened. It’s a wallpaper contest that’s free to anyone who wants to enter. All the information as far as rules and entry info is included on that page. Good luck to everyone who joins!

In the band section, I updated the EP page and the sampler page with information on the MAAW EP and the new ST sampler. I’m working on getting correct lyrics for Justice and Mercy and the Christmas Song. I know I’d probably butcher them if I tried to figure some of them out.

The gallery has gotten a few new uploads. Click the pictures to be taken to the respective albums:

Holiday EP, Gallery, Fanart - 20 Comments

Looks like the Holiday EP for charity is happening. The shipment got mixed up with some Barry Manilow because J Records is awesome. The CDs ended up making it to the band a little late. So if you went to the first few dates of the MAAW tour, you probably missed out on being able to purchase it. I believe the tracklisting is as follows:

1 – Fully Alive (Acoustic)
2 – Much Like Falling
3 – Justice and Mercy
4 – Lacey’s Christmas Song

So finally, after many questions and much anticipation, those songs are being released. I encourage you all to buy the EP’s at your shows as they’re for charity, and include rarities. Only 1,000 EPs are being made, so don’t hesitate. I’ll see if I can pick up some to give away as contest prizes in the future for everyone who might miss out on this tour.

As far as site updates go, the fanart page got a new drawing added to it. Michelle is the artist of that one, so thanks to her for sending it.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone that celebrates! :D

Pictures, Chart History and Flytrap contest - 7 Comments

Although it has one of the cheesier names/descriptions ever seen on the internet, this Buzznet contest called “Flyleaf Groupies” where you can watch the band from the “Flytrap” on stage sounds pretty cool. If that’s something you’re interested in, you should enter.

For everyone who hasn’t noticed yet, Pride (In The Name Of Love) has been added to the Flyleaf radio. I also added the informational radio song page thinger up for everyone to check out. It basically describes the origin of each song on the radio, and how to purchase it or download it if it’s available.

The chart history page has gotten it’s weekly update.

The gallery has also been updated with the following stuff:

Gold Record, Contest, Gallery and Videos! - 5 Comments

It’s official! Flyleaf’s debut album has gone gold. Congratulations to Jared, Pat, Sameer, Lacey and James on all of the great things that have happened in the past few years.

MTV2 is sponsoring a contest where you can meet the band on the Chicago stop of the Music as a Weapon tour. You get an all access pass for the show, and afterwards you get to go bowling with them. You can enter the contest here.

Site updates include a snazzy new navigation dropdown feature thanks to Caleb. The chart history page has been tweaked to include new numbers and the gold certification memo. In addition to that, the last of the videos from the Six Flags show have been added. Another big thank you to Francine for sending the DVD and to Caleb for editing.

The gallery has been updated with the following:

Article, New Tour Date and Signing, Gallery Updates - 48 Comments

Edit: The video page was updated with two more performances from the Six Flags show. Brittany’s been a busy worker bee lately so I hadn’t had a chance to tell her they were ready for the new update. Enjoy. –Caleb

Hey everyone — glad you’re liking the new layout. I’ll see what I can do about adding the acoustic Supernatural to the radio.

In the band section, I added a new interview up that Pat and Sameer did while they were in Germany. They talk about making the record, and their time in Germany amongst other things.

The tour page was updated with a new date that the band is playing in New Hampshire. They’ll be doing a live show at Newbury Comics in Manchester and they’ll be signing autographs after the show. The show starts at 5PM and it’s free so get there early to get a good spot.

The video section is complete. Now you can stream every video on the site. Big, gigantic, enormous thank you to Caleb for doing the live shows page for me. He rules sometimes. :D

In the gallery, I uploaded an album of pictures from Flyleaf’s shows in Germany. I’m not sure which pictures are from where though, so I’ll have to sort them when I find out.