2 thoughts on “Between the Stars out TODAY!

  1. Marty

    I’ve tried repeatedly to listen to this album and I just cannot get into it. It’s not about Kristen vs. Lacey, I just have not found this album to be Flyleaf at its finest. To me, the lyrics and melodies aren’t that strong and the production isn’t that tight. I hope it grows on me and that other Flyleaf fans are digging it, but not so much on this end at this point.

  2. Mars


    I’m with u Marty.
    But for me, it’s just no longer the same. I can’t get the new girl and her voice. Sorry Kristen. It’s like you guys put a Popsinger behind these hard guitars and rock sounds. In my mind, it doesn’t fit.

    I was listening because I loved Laceys voice. Now she’s completely gone.
    I wish the best for u guys, but u lost me as a Fan. :'(


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