Flyleaf’s Kristen May: Ready to Begin (Again)


Congratulations on the WE LOVE Award. You guys won that one handily. How does it feel that Flyleaf, with just an EP, still has such a command of the audience out there?

I just think is has so much to do with Flyleaf’s fans. Our fans are amazing and they stay engaged and interested in what we’re doing. The band didn’t tour or do much for two years before I joined. The fact that they still have so many Facebook fans and Twitter followers and people that everyday are interested in what we’re doing is amazing. It’s a true blessing for sure.

I’m sure the momentum and the cries for new music are hitting a fever pitch, so it sounds like your timing is good. Congratulations on the PledgeMusic campaign. It sounds like you were successful there, but you guys decided to sort of buck the trends of like Kickstarter and Indiegogo and go with PledgeMusic and it was successful. What was beneficial about going about it that way?

Actually PledgeMusic is something I’ve been interested in for a while. My band [Vedera] stopped playing around the same time that Lacy left Flyleaf, and so I was just kind of writing some music for myself. I was looking at Kickstarter and PledgeMusic because I didn’t have a label at the time.

I was really interested in the way that they engaged the fans and they offer experiences that people don’t normally offer, and I really like the way it put the power in your hands and the fans’ hands and not really needing a label. It was quite liberating for me.

When Flyleaf was talking about doing that because we just parted ways with Octone–the record label that were previously on–it just seemed like the perfect fit and just the people at PledgeMusic, they are just legit and they care about putting it back in the artist’s hands.

The whole structure was created by an artist himself. We just got the sense of the passion there and we always like to partner with people that have the same passion that we do. Thankfully it turned out to be a really cool experience and allowed us — you know how the industry can kind of slowdown in December and January, but we kept pushing through with stuff and we could do it from our home, so that was really nice.

Creatively, how different is it to do an album this way without a label kind of looking over your shoulder? Do you guys feel freer than ever in a sense?

I think we do. We’re not sure exactly what we’ll do moving forward. We may partner with a label for certain marketing aspects and whatnot. Eventually it will be maybe nice to have a label involved, but I think for us, definitely for me during writing, it was really nice to not have anyone looking over our shoulder because that was when we kind of decided to part ways with Octone.

So we had the opportunity to just write whatever we felt, and that was really freeing for us and I think it comes out in the songs. You can tell that we felt free in writing those.

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