#tbt Arise live video from Anaheim 2013

Okay so I don’t usually do these throwback posts, but I’ve been digging through the Flyleaf youtube tag to kind of do a best of the best mp3 compilation of Kristen live to tide myself over until the new record comes out. And I found this! What a beautiful performance. Arise is the kind of song that evoked such a powerful feeling from me the second I heard it…it just gave me good music chills. And that never faded no matter how many times I heard it. I know a lot of people identify with Arise and find hope in this song, because it’s such a beautiful thing. Every single time I hear it at a show, I get all teary at the end when the whole crowd sings along. Because I’m a super huge sap. Don’t judge.

I really feel like this video captures what it’s like to see Flyleaf live, and captures the feeling of the song. So I thought I’d share with you guys! Enjoy. <3

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