Flyleaf has a Tumblr!

Flyleaf has an official Tumblr now! You all should like and follow and reblog and spread the word. <3

2 thoughts on “Flyleaf has a Tumblr!

  1. Desert Rose (you don't need to know my real name...)

    Er, sorry to be a bother, but, what is the song Circle about? I’ve herd it’s about Jesus Christ and his sacrifice, but the way the song says, “His beautiful arm was bloody and cut off,” makes me think otherwise. I’ve also herd it was dedicated to the military, but the song makes it seem like the author of the song knew him personally. I just wanted to know what the song meant to all of you, as a group or in separate. Thanks for your time.

    1. mristen kay

      flyleaf wrote circle about how they learned how to measure the circumference of a circle when they were just a group of friends from a small town in texas.


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