Well of Lies (live) posted on PledgeMusic.com!

1797518_10152279460782594_35962604_nFlyleaf has posted on their Facebook page:

We are finalizing plans for the studio and in the meantime we are sharing a live version of Well of Lies with everyone who pre-orders the new album at www.pledgemusic.com/flyleaf

“Well of Lies was written about the struggle between light and dark in our lives. We can so easily believe lies of desperation, insecurity and fall into depression. But that is not the life we were created for. We are created for abundance, joy, peace, strength and love. We have a light inside of us if we call on God’s name. In my life, even when things get hard with my relationships, career, etc. I know I have already been given everything I need in God. There is nothing this world can provide for me that is greater than knowing that truth. Castles will crumble, money will be spent, friends/family may betray you, but God never will. This song is about trusting that inner strength that has been given to us.”

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