Sameer Interview with!

1. Your debut album sold over 1 million copies, did you have any idea at the time that it would do so well?

I didn’t have any idea how the debut album would be received. We are thankful that so many people connected with the message in the songs. Hearing their stories of how the songs impacted their lives for the better reiterates to us that Flyleaf is doing what we’re supposed to be doing.

2. Flyleaf is constantly touring the globe, how do you cope with being in each others pockets for such long periods at a time?

To cope with living on top of one another on tour you have to either really like the people you are with, or have the highest level of tolerance for shenanigans and bodily odors. If you boast both attributes you were born to tour. No question.

3. I see that you guys are tracking some new tunes for a new album, can the fans expect a similar sound to that of your last release New Horizons?

Flyleaf’s sound grows and evolves with us as we grow older and experience more life. On our new album you will hear sounds that remind you of New Horizons, Memento Mori, and our eponymous debut, but at the same time hear something that is altogether something fresh and new.

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