Flyleaf reached their goal!! 103% on PledgeMusic

Flyleaf made it! Their project has been fully funded, and they now are set to make their new record!

Dear friends and pledgers,
We did it! We reached our goal on !! With your help, we are able to go and record an album we are ecstatic about. Thank you for sharing your love, generosity and stories on the pledgemusic website with us. This journey has been so exciting so far and we can’t wait to continue it as we enter the studio! Many more updates to come. Once again, thank you for making our dreams come true! You’ve lifted us up and encouraged us to get into the studio and ROCK!

All our love::
James, Pat, Kristen, Jared and Sameer

Even though I’m not a band member, I’m still so thankful for every single person who pledged money to make this record happen. Flyleaf is a band that means so much to me. I would be a totally different person if I hadn’t discovered their music 9 years ago. Through those years, I’ve met and talked with tons of folks who share that same sentiment. Their music, and the members as people have done so much for us fans, so it’s amazing that we were able to give back this way.

So THANK YOU GUYS! I’m so excited to hear this new album, and very grateful that we’ve got so much more to experience with Flyleaf. <3

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