There are 4 days left to pledge so we can make this Flyleaf album happen!

Flyleaf is at 90% with only 4 days to go, so please consider pledging to make this new record happen! Based on the updates the members of Flyleaf have been posting, this new record is going to be so inspiring, beautiful and completely worth every penny we are putting forth to support them. Sameer posted an amazing clip of him singing City Kids yesterday, and it’s just…incredible.

The minimum pledge is $10, which guarantees you a download of the album (less than what iTunes will charge you when it comes out), and you get access to all the things Flyleaf has been posting. The updates have included Pat’s artwork, amazing videos (interviews as well as performances), homemade hats, scarves & ornaments, and so many other awesome things. The updates will continue during their recording process, and through the release of the album. Considering all that, $10 isn’t all that much to pay. So PLEDGE today! Flyleaf’s music is so important to so many people, and we need to show them that we believe in them.

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